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ICT Project Management Task 2

Case Study: Event Supplies

In 1990, Xavier and Rose Morgan set up a catering equipment hire business, Event Supplies, to supply a wide range of equipment for all types of function from a small private party to a large corporate event. Initially focussing on their own locality just outside Melbourne and supplying items such as crockery, cutlery and glassware, the small family business steadily grew in terms of both the items they offered for hire and the area they serviced. The items for hire now also include a range of tables, chairs, buffet bars, fairy floss and donut machines, warming ovens and plate stands as well as cushions, table runners, chair ties and linen napkins in various colours.

In the early 2000s, Event Supplies extended the services they offered to include a design service for themed events. Whilst respecting and embracing the richness of Australian history and culture in their event design service, Xavier and Rose Morgan have also been influenced, through the connections they have across Europe, by the latest European trends in style. The profitability of the business has always been influenced by the global economic climate so being able to diversify has enabled the business to survive in tougher economic situations. In 2019 the annual turnover of the business reached two million dollars.

Event Supplies now employs the Morgan’s two adult children. The Morgan’s elder son manages the fleet of delivery vehicles. Their second son, Will, joined the business after completing his business management degree in 2018. An internship undertaken within his degree program led Will to consider some new ways in which the family business could diversify. However, Xavier and Rose Morgan advised Will that his ideas would have to wait until he had a full understanding of the business.

In March 2020, Event Supplies were immediately impacted by the lockdown restrictions imposed following the outbreak of Covid 19. As a result of the pandemic restrictions, many customers cancelled their bookings and requested refunds. The uncertainty that followed, including the closing of the borders between various States and Territories and the various lockdowns in the Melbourne area, decimated Event Supplies business.

In order to generate some income, the Morgan’s and their Sales Manager, Trent Beadly, decided to ask Will to explain his diversification ideas in more depth. One of Will’s ideas centred around adding sales of the more exquisite crockery and glassware items, to the current business model of hiring it out. Another idea involved creating and marketing gift boxes that included an item from the range of crockery, cutlery or glassware and other types of goods such as sweet and savoury treats and/or beverages or beverage components. These could be ordered by a customer, include a special message and be sent to the customer’s chosen recipient.

The team at Event Supplies have discussed using their current website to facilitate these new ideas. However, they are concerned that potential customers may think that the products being sold may be second hand rather than new. Whilst they are keen for their reputation for exemplary customer service and quality goods to be associated with these new ideas, they have decided that a new, more user-friendly website should be commissioned. Event Supplies would also like an app to be developed so customers can place orders via their phones.

The generation of ideas inspired Rose Morgan to consider how she could share the expertise in designing themed events that she has developed over the last 15 to 20 years. Rose is unsure of the best way to deliver this type of service. So far, she has considered running workshops, which could be delivered online or face-to-face when travel restrictions allow and developing video demonstrations. Rose understands that if the video demonstrations were posted on the website and advertised on social media, they could reach a wider audience but is concerned that the personal touch, evident in their current customer service model, would be lost. Whilst running face-to-face workshops could be prone to disruption if pandemic restrictions are enforced again, the workshops may engender further options to diversify such as offering accommodation for workshop attendees who travel from further afield.

Currently, they are only using FaceBook as social media. However, they acknowledge that they should improve their social media image and become more pro-active in this medium. They intend to expand to Instagram but would like to explore using social media and video meeting software to publicise Event Supplies and use for the demonstrations. They would also like to build a low-cost studio inside their premises for the demonstrations.

Management team

Xavier and Rose Morgan
Joint CEOs
Duncan Morgan
Transport Manager
Will Morgan
Marketing Manager
Trent Beadly
Sales Manager

Project 1  Developing a new user-friendly website Project 2  Developing a customer ordering app

Project 3 – Building a low-cost studio to enable demonstrations to be undertaken Project 4  Investigating opportunities to run workshops for designing themed events

Project 5  Developing, producing and marketing video demonstrations for designing themed events

Having presented your Project Charter to Event Supplies, the management were impressed and recognised the importance of your project to ES. They have decided to accept and sign off on your Project Charter. However, they have asked for more detailed analysis and planning before agreeing to go ahead with the full project. ES have allocated $18,000 for this first phase and have requested a project report setting out a baseline plan for your project.

Project Report Structure

1. Project Background which includes the following sub-sections

  • Introduction
  • Project goals and objectives SMART Goals.
  • Project Deliverable

Elaborate on what is going to be delivered at the end of the project.

  • Strategic alignment of project.

Align your project to the strategic objectives of the organisation.

2. Project Planning Schedule which includes the following sub-sections

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Limits and Exclusions
  • Time management

Research, explain and use an appropriate online digital tool as part of presenting project time management.

3. Communication management plan

  • Follow the sample communication strategy plan template included as Appendix A.
  • You need to complete a stakeholder analysis, list communication modes and justify the inclusion of each mode to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • You are required to research communications mediums
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