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Basically, an audit relates to the official inspection of the financial books or accounts of a business organization. In other words, auditing is the process where an examination of the financial report of an organization is conducted by an independent auditor or a team of auditors. Auditing holds key importance in the field of finance and accountancy, making it an attractive study area among students across the globe. The aim of such a process is to identify whether the information presented in the annual reports of the Company are accurate and in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations and laws. 

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Moreover, our auditing experts are well versed with Australian auditing standards like ASQC 1, ASA 100, ASA 101, ASA 102, ASA 200, and other AUASB (The Auditing and Assurance Standards Board) standards made under Section 336 of the Corporations Act 2001. Such in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of auditing make our auditing assignment help the most preferred by students in Australia.

Auditing as an academic subject

Auditing as a subject is associated with scrutiny and verification of records and statements of accounting to evaluate and assess the authenticity of financial statements. It is a concept based on formal accounting of transactions and focuses on examining such recordings in light of code and principles of auditing. Some of the basic concepts of the audit are related to auditing, auditor, internal control accounting principles and position of an auditor as a watchdog. Here the purpose is to assess the profit and loss statement for evaluation of the balance sheet of an organization. 

Some of the concepts and topics covered by our auditing experts are:


External   Audit
Internal   Audit
Forensic   Audit
Tax   Audit
Information   System Audit
Audit   Evidence
System   Audit
Audit   follow-up and closure
Purpose   of Audits
Audit   Preparation
Analytical   Performance
Product   Audit
Environmental   System Audit
Audit   Reporting

Moreover, there are different stakeholders to the process of auditing like the organization, shareholders, government and customers of the concerned organization. This makes the process and standards even more crucial as a large number of stakeholders are looking at the audited financial statements of the company. Further, there are different types of opinion that can come from auditors’ side including unqualified opinion, qualified opinion, adverse opinion and disclaimer of opinion.

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