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Information about Australian School of Management 

It is Australia’s leading management graduate school with over 1,400 students studying in the campus together. 

Australian School of Management is a great attraction for visionaries from all over the world who are not afraid to dream big by using their imagination and putting those into action. 

With more than 30 years spent teaching quality education in Australia, the professors of the university assist the ambitious under-graduates for the challenges they would help in a rapidly changing world by doing the full-time or part-time MBA and Executive Education courses. Each of the courses is recognized internationally for its thoroughness, significance and the exceptional practical use provided by the local and international course participants.

The undergraduate specialization Bachelor's and Associate degree as well as Diploma prepares students to have a thriving career in event or hotel management. The postgraduate degree offered to students of International Hotel Management is designed with the special thought for those who wish to work on the hospitality industry, in future. The course also works wonders for those who want to build their experience in all the relevant matters of the hotel industry. 

All the faculty members of the Hotel Management School are all the best in the subject that they teach. The regular professors are all highly qualified individuals and the guest lecturers are all people who are not only great dignitaries in their field but have ample life experience to give the students the best lesson in life to fall back on. But just because the school is already a perfect one it does not stop them from making various changes that are all in favor of the students.  

But just because the school is already a perfect one it does not stop them from making various changes as they comprehend well the necessity when it comes to educating their students The bunch generates a strong education interest among students all around the world offering them providing them with attractive employment choice. 

For the well fare of the students the faculty and the staff of the management school is happy to tread the extra mile for their students whenever they feel it is needed. 

A crash course on the courses offered in Australian School of Management

The university has a few faculties in its campus that supports both research as well as teaching activities. No one teach its students about the world of business like that of the Australian School of Management. With the choicest candidates chosen to be the members of faculty are all pick from the point of view of how helpful they are going to be for the students. Not only the teaching faculty but also the staff members of the school are extremely helpful and understanding when it comes to educating their students. 

The school offers degree courses in –

  • Bachelor of Business 
  • Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management 
  • Associate Degree of Business 
  • Associate Degree of Business in Hotel Management 
  • Diploma of Business 
  • Diploma of Business in Hotel Management 

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