B01DBFN212/ BIT 208 The Design, Building, Querying And Testing Of Relational Database Assessment Answer

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COURSE:Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of IT
Database Fundamentals
Unit Code:
B01DBFN212/ BIT 208
Type of Assessment:
Individual Project

Course Learning Outcomes addressed:

To gather, critically analyse, manage and present in meaningful ways information and data, and
To act as an ethical practitioner while demonstrating skills in data analysis, database design, system design, web design and software development and testing.
To implement and document user experience analysis, design and testing.
Assessment Task:
The design, building, querying and testing of a relational database


This assessment is an individual Project. The actual scenario for carrying out the following tasks will be available on Moodle by week 8.

Tasks to be completed

Given the above information:

  1. Create a complete ERD with all entities and relationships.
  2. Convert the ERD to a set Relational tables in at least 3NF and draw a dependency diagram.
  3. Create a database using MS ACCESS - with primary keys, foreign keys and other attributes mentioned for each entity using proper constraints.
  4. Create a form to input/update data.
  5. Input some significant data in each table showing your understanding of the scenario.
  6. Create three Queries.
  7. Create a report.
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