B3C02 Sustainable Construction Assessment Level 3 Answer

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Program Name : Level 3 BTEC
Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment

Module Code & Name : B3C02: Sustainable Construction

Assignment brief
Level 3 BTEC
Diploma in Construction and the Built Environment
Unit number and title
B3C02: Sustainable Construction
Assignment title
Sustainable Construction
The purpose of this assignment is to:
The purpose of this assignment is to help students to acquire and know the features of our natural environment and the major parts of environmental area we should protect. We will focus on the adverse impact of built environment sector on natural environment. Also effort will be put in order to help the students to understand the environmental protection methods and sustainable construction techniques within the building and civil engineering area.
After graduating from the Hong Kong technical college, you are employed in your first job as an assistant environmental engineer for a well-known main contractor on a construction site. You want to enrich and expand your environmental knowledge in both construction and design work, since this is a main commercial trend in Hong Kong. You have asked by your line manager to oversee the wide range of environmental issues, such as the impact of global and local pollution. Providing a design that is sustainable and has a minimal environmental impact is now a critical factor with any construction project. You may refer to lecture notes, lessons, books, websites, local press articles etc to assist with your answers.
Task 1
As a result of some bad press and inappropriate practices on previous construction projects you have been asked to provide the following so they may be considered at the planning stage of the next construction project.
Suggest six different features of the natural environment that need to be considered at the planning stage of a project.
This provide evidence for P1
Task 2
The superstructure works have now commenced on site after completion of the foundation works. You now have been asked to consider and provide an explanation on the following. Explain four different forms of global pollution that can arise from the construction of projects.
This provide evidence for P2

Task 3
The local government environmental engineer has visited the site and made several comments regarding ‘local pollution’ from your construction site. Explain four different forms of local pollution that can arise from construction projects, especially building and building services projects, and how these may harm the local Hong Kong environment.
This provide evidence for P3
Task 4
The project manager on the construction site that you are working upon has asked you to prepare a press release outlining the following in order to keep the local community happy. Produce a leaflet explaining four key methods that could be used to protect the natural environment during from the impact of such construction work.
This provide evidence for P4
Task 5
The designer on the construction project that you are acting as a technician upon has asked you to provide an explanation upon the following that will be used to select the methods for the superstructure. The proposal is for a 20 storey block of flats on an adjacent island connected to the expressway.
Explain three different, fit-for-purpose sustainable construction techniques that can be applied to the construction work. You may approach this question through the design or the construction stages of the project.
This provide evidence for P5
Task 6
A scheme is proposed for 10 multi storey residential buildings on the hills above Hong Kong island .For this residential construction work, access the potential environmental impact that will be occur for in the whole stage of construction work, on the local natural environment.
This provide evidence of M1
Task 7
In task 4 you have provided four key methods used to protect the natural environment. Compare these four key methods used to protect the natural environment in terms of
  • cost,
  • effectiveness
  • public perception
You may like to reinforce your evidence by using examples from local construction sites.
This provide evidence of M2
Task 8
In task 5 you identified three ‘fit for purpose’ construction techniques. Taking each of these in turn undertake a comparison of each in terms of
  • cost
  • performance
This provide evidence of M3
Task 9
The managing director of your company has asked you to assist with writing the marketing information for the new multi storey residential flats. Provide a press statement that assesses the importance of addressing environmental issues for such a development. , You should approach this question in terms of the mutual benefit of the community and the reputation of the individual contractors and consultants firms.
This provide evidence of D1
Task 10
Using your answers to  task 8 and the scenario of 10 multi storey blocks of flats provide the following.
Justify the use of your chosen appropriate sustainable construction techniques for thsi development. Your justification must give a good reason why you would propose such techniques.

This provide evidence of D2

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