BCO224 Financial Markets: Benefits Of Investing In Mutual Fund Or ETFs Assessment Answer

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  • The assignment consists of 2 questions
  • Concepts included are in UNIT 5 Mutual Fund Industry
  • The assignment will be accepted in WORD format ONLY. It is mandatory to submit an EXCEL file where you explain the different calculations you made. So, both files have to be submitted.
  • Calculation results HAVE TO be explained and the calculation steps explained This task is worth 20% of your overall grade for this subject.

It assesses the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the role of financial markets and financial institutions
  • Understand the primary classes of mutual funds available to investors and the benefits of different investment funds
  • Understanding NAV calculations


Submission file format: Word Document with all the answers plus the EXCEL file used to perform your calculations


  1. Assume you are an investment advisor. Your client is unsure what are the main benefits and reasons for investing in a Mutual Fund or an ETFs
    1. Explain the main differences and similarities between each other
    2. Explain what are the main advantage and disadvantage of investing in mutual funds or ETFs
    3. Explain the main difference between active and passive management
  2. Go to https:// www.morningstar.com 
    1. What information does provide the Morningstar Style Box®?
    2. Morningstar assigns a Rating to each Mutual Fund. What are the criteria they use to assign this rating?
    3. Use the information provided above (style box and ratings) to choose 5 different mutual funds/ETFs (5 funds/ETFs per each portfolio) to prepare 3 portfolios for 3 different types of investors:
      1. Aggressive
      2. Moderate
      3. Conservative
  3. In half a page for each portfolio, explain:
    1. The rationale behind choosing the given funds/ETFs per each portfolio
    2. The criteria chosen to build each portfolio
  4. Follow up the prices for all 3 portfolios for a week. Calculate the return for each portfolio at the end of the week. Explain your results.
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