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Subject Code and NameBEG609: Business Events in a Global Context
AssessmentEvent Concept Business Pitch
Individual/GroupGroup Proposal
Length2,000 Words and Infographics
Learning OutcomesThis assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:
c. Illustrate the various management systems, procedures and design involved in planning and operations for MICE.
d. Assess the broad and specific skills needed to become an effective professional in the organization and staging of MICE.


Develop an event concept proposal for a 1 or 2-day MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Convention, Exhibition) that is designed with originality, attractive yet feasible, to be held at any chosen location worldwide within the next 5 years. Your proposal must include the components stated in the following guidelines. This business proposal pitch will showcase your ability to conceptualize the elements needed to design an event experience, skills in event planning and application of event theories adapted from the unit.

Proposal Guidelines:

Title Page

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures (If applicable) Introduction:

  • Event background and purpose (e.g. Entertainment – music, art, cultural; goodwill, awareness; political; business etc.)
  • Target market and demographics
  • Chosen destination (SWOT analysis)

Main Body: (include pictures throughout the proposal to enable examiner’s better

understanding of concepts)

  • Event theme décor (furniture, lighting, set-up)
  • Event Layout (digitally presented utilizing any digital software of student’s choice,

legends required with labelling)

  • Stage Design (if applicable)
  • Event schedule (From the start of the programme until the end of the programme including bump-in and shut down for crew)
  • Permits and Licenses needed (e.g. Local Government, State Government, Government, OH&S, Entertainment License etc.)
  • Marketing and revenue strategy
  • Designing the event experience (pre-event, during and post-event) and augmented product
  • Sponsorships tier (Minimum of three) and potential partners (Minimum of three)
  • One futuristic technological concept must be introduced in your proposal Conclusion
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Answer :

Subject Code and Name: BEG609: Business Events in a Global context

Assessment: Event Concept Business Pitch

Individual: Group Proposal

1.0 Introduction 

The particular assignment will focus on the conduction of an event based on waste management and recycling expo. The event will be conducted at the ICC Sydney, and the name chosen for the event is "A better Tomorrow”. 

1.1 Event Background: 

The event will aim at ensuring business continuity towards waste, recycling and recovery sector of resources. The particular event will be comprised of 2 days of live experience in regards to the promotion of opportunities and ideas for waste management and recycling process. The primary purpose of the event is to take the initiative of offering new connectivity, strategic ideas and solutions for building a sustainable, stabilised and profitable financial output. The event will detail the impact of circular economy in maximising the value of the resources, reducing waste and delivering positive outcomes for operations of the business (Abdulredha, Kot, Khaddar, Jordan & Abdulridha, 2018). Then the event will focus on minimising of wastes and recycling products.

Furthermore, the event will ensure to make the packaging of products in Australia 100% reusable in the upcoming years. The event will also take the initiative of harnessing the wealth from the residual waste by encouraging public- buying in. Reduction of food wastes and transforming avoidable wastes into valuable items tends to be the purpose of this event as well. The event will also be detailing sessions about how technological advancement can resolve the issues associated with food waste. The event shall also be focusing on reducing the waste that is sent to landfills. Emphasis will be given on collaborating with the event partners towards the attainment of a shared vision for minimising environmental degradation and leading a change of behavioural pattern in the industrial context (Sarkar, 2016). 

1.2 Target market and demographics: 

Selection of proper target market is very much essential as it assists in directing the resources to the potential consumers in regards to product interest and brand loyalty. The event will be expected to attract 500 or more visitors every day. In this context, the event will be primarily be targeting the business personnel and entrepreneurs of different companies, who have the capability of bringing sustainable changes for reducing the degrading environmental impact. The chosen demographics for the target market are between 28-50 years of age. The youth generation falling within the age category of 18-24 years will also be a potential target market for the event as youth are liable for bringing sustainable changes with a shift in their behavioural pattern to minimise waste production (Cheng, Zhang & Thompson, 2018). 

1.3 Chosen Destination: 

The chosen destination for the particular event is ICC Sydney, which is a convention and exhibition centre established in the year 2016 at Sydney

  • Spacious exhibition centre 
  • Possible to use for multipurpose event 
  • Visitors get the best experience as the staffs in the venue is highly skilled and trained
  • Huge sitting capacity 
  • High cost for an event compared to other venues 
  • Not possible to arrange a small scale event 

  • To lower the cost to increase the number of events staged in centre 
  • To increase the sitting capacity for accommodating a large crowd for expos 
  • Sitting capacity is limited and therefore a large scale event where attendees are more than 20,000 is difficult to manage in ICC Sydney 
  • Due to higher cost, only high profile events are possible 

Table 1: SWOT Analysis

(Source: ICC Sydney, 2020)

The exhibition centre is spacious by nature and can be used for multipurpose event space. The exotic location gives access to most of the cosmopolitan cities located in Australia. The locational facilities will tend to attract visitors (Abdulredha, Rafid, Jordan & Hashim, 2017). The talented team members of the exhibition centre will ensure the fact that the visitors endure the best experience in terms of facilities and amenities. The amalgamation of theatre, convention and exhibition centre at ICC Sydney offers huge spaces for conduction of the event successfully along with a touch of picturesque beauty. The abundance of sitting capacity and interior design makes it an ideal choice for the event makers to promote a sustainable approach. The additional services and maintenance of the overall area will be a treat to watch from the visitor's perspective. Thus there are high chances that the event will be successful by choosing the particular destination (ICC Sydeny, 2020). However, the high cost and limited sitting capacity in case of large scale events makes it difficult for event managers to consider ICC Sydney. In such a context, lowering the price can help event managers to consider ICC Sydney for any large scale expo events. 

 ICC Sydney, the event destination

Figure 1: ICC Sydney, the event destination

(Source: ICC Sydney, 2020)

2.0 Event Theme and Décor:

At the time of planning the event, the first thing that shall be taken into consideration in the selection of the event theme. The theme will refer to the overarching ideology and conceptualisation behind the conduction of the event, which not only assists in presenting the structure of the event but also takes the initiative of inspiring guests and enforce the message of the event along with key take away (Parent & Chappelet, 2017).  The key theme of the event will be based on reducing waste and ensure the recycling process for maximum utilisation of available resources. The theme will be concentrated on providing sustainable solutions and utilise recycled waste in a smarter way (Kou et al., 2019). 

Since, the event is based on recycling expo and waste management, decorative ideas which promote sustainability will be applied. The decorative aspects of the event will revolve around an eco-friendly design; where the green will be the theme colour. The event management will take active participation in using the decorations of indoor planting and artificial carpets of grass for showing greenery. Use of natural moss and small plants will attract audience interest effectively. The decorators can make effective utilisation of recycled pallets for decorating the event and making constructive compositions. All the props used in the event will be of green and lime colour which will hint towards a feeling of freshness for the target market visiting the event (Park & Park, 2017).  

3.0 Event Layout:

A planned layout of the event has a significant influence on the outcomes of the session. After the selection of the venue and date, there is an essentiality of planning the details and designing the layout of the event. The most effective approach taken towards the planning of the event is to stay organised and methodological with the panning perspective, which focusing on each of the detailing separately. The information desk shall be placed near the entrance of the event where the visitors will be able to collect all the necessary information regarding the conduction of various sessions, their whereabouts, along with respective timings. The information desk will serve as the guidance tool for the visitors entering the exhibition centre at Sydney ICC (ICC Sydney, 2020). 

Likewise, the registration desk will serve as the heart of the event -oriented issues. It is closely associated with running the event successfully. If any anything goes wrong, they will be addressed for emergency and organisational purposes. 

The area within the exhibition centre will comprise of the company stalls selling machines related to the waste management practises. Here, the main focus will be related to recycling of available resources and minimising waste production (Zelenika, Moreau & Zhao, 2018). 

The ball room will serve as the dining area where the guests can dine and enjoy the arrangements of the cocktail party. A buffet system will be available along with cocktail counters which will serve as a refreshing aspect for the guests attending the event. 

The convention centre will allow conduction of orientation sessions by the guests and important personalities on waste management and recycling expo (Pivnenko, Edjabou, Boldrin, & Astrup, 2017). 

The Theatre area will consider illustrating various videos and conceptual ideologies on sustainable waste management and recycling process. The theatre has huge seating capacity offering a visual treat to the viewers.  

Below is the layout developed using Microsoft PowerPoint: layout of theatre

4.0 Event Schedule: 

Scheduling refers to the art which helps to plan the activities in a way so that the event goals can be attained within the stipulated time frame (Mallen & Adams, 2017). If the schedules are managed effectively, it becomes easier to understand the realistic achievement of objectives within the time frame. Scheduling also assists in delegating the needful time required for a particular session, which is very much essential for making an event successful. Effective management of event scheduling ensures minimised financial penalties and enhanced efficiency and productivity level. Use of infographics will be taken into consideration for scheduling the event. Use of infographics will emphasise on interpretation of information visually for attracting and informing the target market regarding the conduction of events (Alves, Freire, & Vazquez, 2016). Successful usage of infographics not only assists in easy scanning and viewing of information but it also enhances the traffic, which will indeed ensure more inclusion of audiences in visiting the events. The scheduling of the events is listed below:

10AM to 10.30 am: Introductory session about the overall purpose of the event 

10.30 am to 1 pm: The session will be detailing how circular economy is helpful in maximisation of resource values, reducing waste and increasing opportunities  related to the business.  circular economy

1pm to 2pm: This session will focus on detailing information about the future aspects of the recycling process and how products could be reused for avoiding environment Degradation. 

2pm: Lunch Break: 

2.30 to 4pm: The particular session will aim at making all the packaging of the products used in Australia 100 % usable. The benefits of reusable packaging will be outlined in the session  reusable packaging

4pm to 5pm: The session will be focusing on reducing the throwing of the wastes towards Landfills. 

10am to 11 am: The session will illustrate the visual contents related to sustainability and waste management in the theatre. 

11am to 2pm: The session will detail on harnessing of the wealth from the residual wastage through aspects of public buy- ins.ublic buy- ins 

2pm: Lunch Break 

2.30 pm to 4pm: This section will detail on the technological advancement in minimising food waste. 

4-5pm: The session will focus on discussing the impact of packaging on minimising of food waste Discussion session: Industry personnel will answer the queries of the audiences in relation to recycling expo and waste management. packaging on minimising of food waste

5.0 Permits and Licences:

Generation of the permit is essential for the event. License for the event is necessary for successful conductance of the associated cause. It is essential to register for the Contractor Performance Evaluation (CPE) process so that the appropriate standards can be maintained in the event. Quality system compliance is essential in this regard along with the WHS environmental compliance to ensure the permit for the event (Muswema, Chetty, Okem, & Oelofse, 2018). 

6.0 Marketing and Revenue Strategy 

TimelinePlatformFrequencyMethod/ Activity
5-6 Months Facebook and Instagram For five days in a week and 2-3 times every day. It is essential to share the images of the waste issues along with the notification generation with news feed and written posts for target consumer feedback. 
3-4 monthsAdvertisement over TV, Radio, 
Newspaper advertisement, 
E-Newsletter  generation 
Six days per week
In different slots of a day 
Once in everyday through mail 
E-newsletter development for each individual is essential for the attendees who are interested. 
Other advertisement will attract the attention of the others. 
2 Months to the last weekEmails and link share for the event page Three days per weekPersonal invitation for the potential attendees and the guests are essential. 
Last WeekWebsite Update Seven days a weekStarting the sale of ticket and generate the responses of the people. 

Type of AttendantsCost of TicketPayment Method
Early Birds (Phase 1)$ 500Online payment development over the website 
Advanced Booking (Phase 2)$1500Online payment through the website of the event
Last Minute Booking (Phase 3)$ 2500Online payment through the website of the event

7.0 Designing event experience

Sustainable approach is essential. As the Facebook advertisement will be developed in the first stage thus certain important information can be collected from the end of people. Based on these information ticket related registration will be generated. Pre-registration of the event will be started through the website. After the confirmation the people will receive QR code.  Strategic event creation can be performed with the consideration of factors such as psychological, cognitive, emotional, social and environmental concern. 

 Event Experience Generation Infographics

Figure 2: Event Experience Generation Infographics

(Source: Australian Waste and Recycling Expo, 2020)

8.0 Sponsorship and Partners 

The major partners can be the NSW Government affiliated Planning Industry and Environment. Along with them, other industrial bodies and event coordinators along with energy solution companies can be the major sponsors (Australian Waste and Recycling Expo, 2020).    

9.0 Futuristic technological concept 

Automated Bins that can sort between liquid, plastic, metal and food waste will be shown in the expo which will be one of the main attraction as people will no need to keep separate bins for separate trash items. 

10. Conclusion 

Thus, successful conductance of the event on waste management “A better Tomorrow” in ICC Sydney is possible with the proper following of the event schedule. The marketing plan can ensure the success of the event through drawing the attention of key people and industry partners. In this regard, it is expected that the futuristic concept of recyclable and reusable products can enhance the successful sponsorship and partner affiliation.