Benefits Of High Density Housing

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With increasing populations, especially in urban centres, space in many areas is limited, and demand for housing is high. As a result, millions of people globally are living in high density accommodation such as apartment blocks. This often involves living in a smaller space compared to a free standing house, and having multiple, sometimes hundreds, of different individuals and families living close to each other in the same building. This can have benefits and drawbacks, for local governments, law enforcement, business owners, property developers, community organisations and of course, the residents themselves. 

Essay Question

High density housing is beneficial for residents. Do you agree?

Sources: You will choose one article from the reading list, and one article from the library search. You Library Search article must be:

  • based on the primary research of the authors
  • published in a peer reviewed journal (check this on ulrichsweb)
  • published fewer than 5 years ago

Reading List: Choose one article from this list.  

Cho, M, Ha, TM, Lim, ZMT & Chong, KH 2018, ‘“Small places” of ageing in a high-rise housing neighbourhood’, Journal of Aging Studies, vol. 47, pp. 57-65

Gan, WQ, Sanderson, WT, Browning, SR & Mannino, DM 2017, ‘Different types of housing and respiratory health outcomes’, Preventive Medicine Reports, vol. 7, pp. 124–129

Kerstens, J & Pojani, D 2018, ‘Urban living preferences of youth international migrants: an investigation of Asian students in Australia’, Australian Planner, vol. 55, no. 1, pp. 36–45

Park, SH, Lee, PJ & Lee, BK 2017, ‘Levels and sources of neighbour noise in heavyweight residential buildings in Korea’, Applied Acoustics, vol. 120, pp. 148–157

Essay Development Assessment (EDA) Instructions

Students are required to submit a 500 word partial research essay. It needs to include the introduction and one body paragraph. Students will also need to submit an essay plan for the rest of the essay. 

In week 1, students will be able to download the essay question and the reading list from Moodle. 

Students are to use two journal articles as evidence for their argument. One article must be chosen from the reading list and the other article must be found in the library. 

Assessment Components

500 word Part Essay 

The Structure of the research essay is as follows; 


  1. Background
  2. Definitions
  3. Thesis
  4. Preview with two preview points

Body Paragraph 1:

  1. Claim
  2. Justification
  3. Specific Reason 1
  4. Evidence (selected from one of the journal articles)
  5. Critical Comment
  6. Specific Reason 2
  7. Evidence (selected from the other journal article)
  8. Critical Comment
  9. Concluding Sentence

Essay Planfor Body Paragraph 2 

Students will need to complete and submit an Essay Plan for the second main body paragraph. It should include the following parts (in full sentences): 

  1. Claim 2
  2. Justification
  3. Specific Reason 1
  4. Specific Reason  2

Reference List: Based on the Harvard System of Referencing (not included in the Word Count)

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Key Feedback Areas

  • Structure
  • Cohesion and coherence
  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Argument and use of sources and evidence 
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Answer :

High density housing is beneficial for residents. Do you agree?



With the increase in the population and the inclination of the people towards the areas that are well equipped with the needed facilities is resulting in the phenomenon of high density housing. When the pages of history are leafed through, it is found that the concept of high density housing is not new and in ancient times too it was encouraged for numbers of good reasons.


 Though the term high density housing itself seems unpleasant in hearing but if the other side of the phenomenon is considered, the brighter part is also available.


 High density housing as the name suggests, can easily be witnessed in the urban areas where the space is limited. 

Preview with previous points

 This shrinkage of living space has many good things to offer to both the residents and the governing or development bodies.

The residential areas, quite resembling to the bee hives, has turned from free standing homes to multistory building and small flats (OJALA, et al.  2016).

Body Paragraph 1:


 High density housing has made it easier for the development bodies to carter the needs of the residents (Winston, 2017).


 Keeping in mind the high density housing areas, it becomes easier for the development bodies to plan and manage the needs of the people in terms of infrastructure and transportation. Not only the planning and management that becomes easier but the cost of maintenance of public properties also comes down (Winston, 2017).

Specific reason 1: 

Management of infrastructure and transportation 


OJALA, H.M.A.A., Niemelä, J. and Yli-Pelkonen, V., 2016. Impacts of residential infilling on private gardens in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In Green Landscapes in the European City, 1750–2010 (pp. 105-120). Routledge.

Sarkar, C. (2017). Residential greenness and adiposity: findings from the UK Biobank. Environment international106, 1-10.

Sarkar, C., Webster, C. and Gallacher, J., 2017. Association between adiposity outcomes and residential density: a full-data, cross-sectional analysis of 419 562 UK Biobank adult participants. The Lancet Planetary Health1(7), pp.e277-e288.

Critical comment

This high density housing provides a solid base for the revenue income for the government authorities in terms of taxes and it makes it easier to cover the cost of infrastructure and transportation. 

Specific reason 2: 

High revenue source in terms of the tax for the government 

Critical comment

Another brighter side of high density housing is that it results in less traffic as people living in these areas tend to have only one vehicle due to the space limitations (OJALA, et al. 2016).

Concluding sentences

Having understood the different dimensions of the term high density housing, there is nothing wrong in saying that this way of living in a hive for humans has honey to offer to both government and the development bodies.

Body Paragraph 2:


High density housing does a great good to the residents also

Justification: it is not only the government that gets benefitted from high density housing but the residents of high density housing also the recipients of many benefits. To name a few, it can be said that high density housing attracts many employers and investment projects because of the population factor. In comparison to the dispersed housing, high density housing results in high value of properties of the area. Another factor that can be taken into account is the connectivity. People living so close and especially within a space that be easily covered for service, maintenance, repairs, education and basic needs are another brighter sides of high density housing (Sarkar, Webster,  and Gallacher, 2017).

Specific reason 1: 

Easy employment and investment sources

Specific reason 2: 

High property values


After considering both the factors it will not be wrong to say that high density housing has its benefits too and it’s perfectly ok if this phenomenon gets an encouragement. The crux of this report is that high density housing has several benefits and this should be used appropriately to take proper to carter the needs of the residents.