BHAT3002 Event Management Report Assessment A1 Answer

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UnitBHAT3002 Event Management
Assessment TypeReport – Individual
Assessment NumberA1
Assessment WeightingEvent Management Report (1000 words) 25%
Alignment with Unit and CourseUnit Learning OutcomeGraduate Attributes Assessed
ULO 1 Discuss the concepts of Events & AttractionsGA 1: Communication
GA 2: Collaboration
GA 3: Research
GA 4: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
GA 5: Ethical Behaviour GA 6: Flexibility
Assessment DescriptionVenue Report
Appropriate venue selection is critical to the event success. Students are required to develop an indoor event brief for a fundraiser, charity ball, conference, wedding or exhibition. You need to research two Melbourne venues appropriate for an indoor event and choose the most appropriate venue for their client event.The client report will include the following information in a business report format:
  1. Draft an event brief for an event (including what is the event, when is it been held, how many guests, why is it been held, format of the event) and present in table format.
  2. Draft a venue site inspection checklist in a professional table format
  3. Present a brief summary of both selected venues (Images can be used)
  4. Present a comparison summary table of the two venues selected including justification, location, style, floor plan, catering, beverages, audio visual, staging and lighting, transport available (Table format)
  5. Put forward your final venue recommendation justifying your final selection and using academic sources to support your answer. (500 words – report format)

Must include a minimum of two academic sources and must reference chosen

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