BIAE2003 Report On Innovation And Creativity: Ideas On Business Problem Solving Assessment 3 Answer

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UnitBIAE2003 Innovation and Creativity
Assessment TypeGroup (2,000 words)
Assessment Number3
Assessment NameGroup Report
Alignment with Unit and CourseUnit Learning Outcomes:
ULO 1: Examine the concepts and theoretical frameworks underpinning creativity, innovation and critical thinking
ULO 2: Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between creative ideas and business innovation
ULO 4: Analyse the transferable skills and assets required for creative thinking in business.
ULO 5: Apply the process of creative thinking to solve business problems.
Graduate Attributes:
COMMUNICATION - The ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with a diverse range of audiences.
COLLABORATION - The ability to liaise, cooperate and work effectively with others. RESEARCH - The ability to conduct thorough, accurate and targeted research.
CRITICAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING - The ability to address and solve problems creatively and in a structured and methodical way.
FLEXIBILITY - The ability to critically assess and evaluate
Assessment DescriptionThis assessment is a group assessment. Students will write a report to apply their learning of various theoretical frameworks related to innovation and creativity and reflect the use of the theory in generating ideas for business innovation and problem solving. The students are required to analyse the transferable skills and assets required for creative thinking in business. Content:
Identify a popular for its innovation and creativity, that you are familiar with and do the following:
  • Give a brief introduction of the organization’s business
  • Identify and analyse the theoretical frameworks that could be related to the organisation’s creative thinking process
  • Characterise the type of innovation and new product development within the organisation. Identify the required assets for innovation and creative thinking within the organisation.
  • Identify the key problems faced by the organisation in the process of innovation/new product development.
  • Discuss the creative methods used for problem solving within the organisation

  • What role does the market research plays in the organisation’s approaches towards new product development and innovation
  • How does the organisation incorporate customer requirements within innovation management and product development?
  • Recommendation and conclusion

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