Big Data Technology: Business Of McDonald's

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Big Data Basics

INFS 5095


Assignment 2

(Internal and External)

Develop a proposal for management of a nominated organisation to implement Big Data capabilities. Include a high-level architecture and recommendations of which Big Dattechnologies and methodologies should be introduced and why.

This assignment is giving you practice in bringing together the knowledge you have acquired in this course, applying it to a business need and being able to communicate that. Imagine that you are presenting your proposal to the senior management team of your chosen organisation. Assume that the audience know little about big data, but they want to make better use of their data which is why you have been invited to submit a proposal.

However, the assignment is not just a sales pitch  you must demonstrate that you know what you are talking about, back up your arguments with evidence, communicate new concepts and demonstrate to the audience that you would be worth engaging.

You are being assessed on demonstrating your understanding and applying it, not just finding and presenting information of ‘experts’. This assignment requires you to work things out yourself as well as making use of research.

Nominated Organisations

Choose one of these:

·    Bunnings Hardware

·    McDonald’s

·    Salvation Army

Or choose your own, but check with the lecturer first. Please do not contact the organisation.

Business priority

Identify a key business priority of your chosen organisation - this shows the audience you understand their needs. You can use their strategic plan or annual report to identify this. Some priorities will be issues or threats the organisation is facing, some will be opportunities or initiatives they are pursuing. Big data is useful in both situations  specially to discover opportunities and issues the organisati

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Management Proposal 
Big Data Capabilities

Executive Summary

The objective of the study as being a line with enhancing knowledge about the big data technology along with the application of it within business and communication strategies it enables. For this purpose, this study has considered the business of McDonald's, which is one of the leading global brands that have acknowledged the utility of big data approaches. At the initial stage, the study has emphasised an assessing the key business priority of the considered brand to shed light on the big data approach they acknowledged. Furthermore, this study also has analysed the information and sources related with the big data approaches of the management of McDonald's. Henceforth, this study has emphasised on the big data technologies with the prior inclusion of the big data visualisation examples. the consideration of both this assessment and outcomes have allowed this study to present more critical understanding about the utility of big data technology for the management of McDonald's. Eventually, the study has intended to analyse the big data adoption challenges and governance in order to understand the critical outcomes of the implementations of big data technologies in McDonald’s.

About McDonald’s

The business of McDonald's is one of the recognised ones across the world, which has succeeded to manage effective service qualities for their Global customers. This organisation has been founded in 1974 and has already managed to develop of water supply line with their global suppliers, employees and franchises to create opportunities of employment and industrial growth. the management of McDonald's uses to invest about £43 million every year on training and development for the purpose of ensuring effective business profession and decision making Strategies for sustainability goals (, 2018). In addition to it, the management of this organisation has also empowered the local business men and women into their businesses in each country as a part of their organisational vision.

Key Business priority

As a business priority, the management of McDonald's as always emphasised on the community issues, under which they always have intended to support arrange of community activities along with their business profits. As a global business organisation, the always have prioritised competitive advantages to their value addition Strategies and sustainability goals, on the basis of which they emphasized on their supply chain and distribution line always. Besides, you also have prioritised the consumer needs in terms of tastes and costs for the purpose of developing effective business prepositions (, 2018). However, the also aligned their corporate social responsibilities with these efforts in order to ensure sustainability advantages for the long-term businesses in the Global markets. In addition to it, they also have enabled litre faking pectorals along with football matches and charity events to encourage people in social efforts.

Big data approach

The preservation of data plays crucial roles for the business organisations by allowing them to collect, process, and report large volumes of data. With the emerging needs of database operation and security, the necessity of acknowledging big data has become indispensable to the Global Business organisations. In most of the cases, the preservation of big data is also recognised as a big step towards business intelligence as well. The consideration of big data approach is also recognised as a major step for business Communications as well as the Business expansion calls for the business organisation, with the help of which they can empower care sustainability approaches. The major concerns related with big data approach include the priorities on data information and knowledge, importance of data, business intelligence, and business impact.

The priority on data information and knowledge referred set the description on the figures and facts related with the company procedures and business prepositions. It is usually summed up as a regular priority, with the help of which the management of a business organisation can keep the records of the data along with the environment of the components. In the most common instances, the big data approach helps the data to become information after prior processing of the organisational context with the effective conclusion of business purposes and relevance. In most of the cases, it helps the business corporations to analyse the daily sales data buy revealing patterns and trends in relation with the spelling components. On the other hand, knowledge refers to a set of beliefs derived from the assessment of obtained data or information. In the words of El Naqa et al. (2018), the importance of data relies on the ability of data processing with the prior incorporation of effective change requirements of the organisations. In this context, this value is developed on the prior basis of the competitive market demands and business environmental conditions within a particular industry or market. Furthermore, the big data approach also promotes the incorporation of business intelligence that helps the business organisations to empower their insightful decision making strategies based on technical and technological needs from the competitive market consumers. For this purpose, the management of a business organisation always emphasises on acknowledging diverse business intelligence tools in order to gather data and process them into information from diverse sources. In most of the cases, these are outcomes help the business organisations to develop report for the father utilities and paper competitive advantages. Eventually, the big data approach intense at the acknowledgement of business impact based on the outcomes generated from the financial data analysis and long-term assessment of The Reserve information by the business managers. In this context, they use to focus on the improvements of the usability, remote access ability, quality, self mobility, and intelligence of the data for further usages.

In this context the management of McDonald’s had strongly acknowledged the big data approaches what their details services, which are extended up to more than 34,000 outlets. in addition to it, they also have facilitated just services with the big data approaches to serve more than 69 million people around 120 countries each day (Nicolaou, 2017). Thus, it has become evident for the management of McDonald’s to acknowledge the big data approach in order to preserve data about their sales figures, as they use to witness the traffic of more than 62 million customers regularly by selling about 80 burgers every second. It is explicit amount of data that mean to be preserved for the preparation of annual report and insured decision making ability for the father business strategies. In addition to it, they also need to preserve the data related with their annual reports, as they use to generate annual revenue of $27 billion every year to the global food and beverage market with an employment rate of more than 750,000 people. However, the management of McDonald’s also needs to emphasis on preserving the data related with their suppliers and distribution as well under their big data approach. besides being helpful for the organisation in terms of empowering business proposition and value addition strategies, the Big data approach of the management of McDonald’s also help the Global food and beverage industries to generate labourers data with cost information as well.

Information and sources

The organisation of big data is mostly witnessed with massive difficulties, and it needs to deal with vast amount of data related to the depositary frameworks. In the most common instances, the business organisations that facilitate big data approaches need to focus on extensive planning in relation with data mining. For this purpose, they use to emphasis on massive technological intervention, which actually helps them in managing the maintenance and security of the preserved data. In the words of McIntyre et al. (2014), the big data approach refers to almost a one-size-fits-all solution, with the help of which the management of business organisations focus on collecting, preserving, utilising and planning data for the business proposition. In this regard, the management of McDonald’s has also emphasised on their data mining strategies buy recognising diverse big data information and sources. In this context, they also have prioritised effective mining Strategies and technologies in order to find the Treasure for each type of data information sources. The fundamental vision to acknowledge the data information and sources is aligned with maintaining unique organisational goals and emphasize on effect evaluation strategies to impact on the competitive business markets. Eventually, the requirement of data information and sources is also found align with effective decision making Strategies and long-term sustainability business objectives. In this regard, the management of McDonald’s has acknowledged five major data information and sources and their big data approach. these information and sources include media has big data source, cloud as big data source, web as big data source, iOT as big data source, and database as big data source.

Media has big data source

Media is recognised as one of the major data source for the management of McDonald's, as it allows them to keep records of images, videos, podcasts, and audios. as per the observation of Wu et al. (2014), the media data source helps the management of McDonald's to ensure the provision of valuable insights in relation with the customer preferences as well as the changing market trends globally. Besides, it enhances the piece of the date of reservation, by allowing the management to ensure fastest way towards business approaches. The reason behind the paste of data preservation approaches under the big data approach is aligned with the effectiveness of media in self-broadcasting, cross-physical promotions and overcoming demographic barriers. eventually, it ensures effective in depth overview of the business data by assessing the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with the help of which the management of McDonald's has become capable of recognising their target audience, data draw patterns, and conclusions towards effective decision making strategies.

Cloud as big data source

Cloud is considered to be the timeliest big data source under any big data approach of an organisation. This is the reason why the management of McDonald's has acknowledged it over the traditional data sources. Cloud data sources have helped the management of this organisation in accommodating both the structured and unstructured data along with the enhancement in ensuring the provision of real time business information and data always. besides, the acknowledgement of cloud big data sources has also enhances the only demand insights of information followed by ensuring effective attributes towards data scalability and flexibility (Daas et al. 2015).  The major reason behind this success is aligned with the effective outcome of cloud big data in storing and Sourcing within the private or public clouds through servers and networks.

Web as big data source

Web is considered as another major big data source, which has white spread across the globe because of effective and easy access ability. In most of the cases, the data in the web is commonly available for any individual to access just like the business organisations. It makes the information priority with effective communication strategies that helps their customers are the other stakeholders to develop in-depth knowledge about their organisations. According to Vitolo et al. (2015), web data source also ensures the quick transactions of informational insights along with the provision of diverse benefits and usability. The management of McDonald's has also acknowledged date for the purpose of developing their big data infrastructure as well as the repositories in order to empower leverage big data.

iOT as big data source

iOT big data sources or also known as machine generated content has become another major preference for the business organisations around the world. It refers to the maintenance of categorical and valued data sources through electronic devices. In this context, the capacity of Sourcing in this big data source uses to depend on the sensor abilities in order to ensure the provision of accurate and real time information. According to Giese et al. (2015), the reason behind the emerging momentum of this big data source is aligned with the growing numbers of usages off the Smartphone, come, or technological devices in mass scale.

Database as big data source

Lastly, the management of McDonald's has also enabled database big data sources, as they found it to be effective in amalgamating both the modern and traditional data sources in order to acquire data in relevance to their business. in the words of Bello-Orgaz et al. (2016), the acknowledgement of database big data source has allowed the management of McDonald's to develop a hybrid data model with low investment and information technology infrastructure cost. With the help of this data source, they have succeeded to provide insights from the extraction of the data related with business profits.

Big data technologies

With the emerging needs of big data approaches, most of the business organisations around the world are ensuring their faith on using the most convenient big data Technologies in accordance with their business propositions. The major competency of the big data technology is expanding the inclusion of mainstream customers from the Global competitive markets by acknowledging their demands with effective growth potential. The most commonly used big data technologies includes predictive analytics, NoSQL databases, search and knowledge discovery, stream analytics, in-memory data fabric, distributed file stores, data visualisation, data preparation, data integration, and data quality. As per the observation of Storey and Song (2017), the management of McDonald's has focused on acknowledging the standardised Global Technologies of NoSQL databases and search and knowledge discovery. In this regard, they have succeeded to emphasize on their key values of business followed by ensuring positive approach towards maintaining documents and craft databases for their businesses effectively. In addition to it, the NoSQL database technology has also helped them in anticipating the outcomes and enhances decision-making strategies for the future business objectives as well. on the other hand, the acknowledgement of search and knowledge discovery why the management of McDonald's as also allowed the management to incorporate effective tools and technologies to support the self service extraction for the obtained information of their business. in addition to it, it is also liable to enhance insights from the large database or repositories of both structured and unstructured data, with the help of which the management of McDonald's can recite the data in multiple sources including streams, APIs, file systems, databases, applications, and other mobile platforms.

Big data visualisation examples

The business of McDonald's is primarily recognised as a burger joint, who had to impress the big data Technologies and approaches in the recent past of business years in order to emphasize their artificial intelligence towards making more values and competitive advantages in the global markets. However, they had to emphasize on acknowledging that in Big Data visualisation in this context in order to promote the benefits of their considered big data approaches. in the words of Chen and Zhang (2014), the most commonly recognised big data visualisation examples include Facebook usage popularity, Hurricane Sandy, browser market share, perpetual ocean of NASA, Asteroid discovery, Flickr maps, BP oil spill, Instagram photos, Bling Geoflow excel tool, and social persona through interest group. as per the present business context of McDonalds is concerned, the most convincing data visualisation example the need to acknowledge is the Instagram photos are the Facebook usage popularity since the business strategy of this organisation is solely dependent on the young generation people.

Big data adoption challenges and governance

The process of big data adoption is not as easy as it seems fill the entire technology is dependent on effective application strategies of the users. Thus, most of the business organisations Around the World need to develop prior applications initially in order to consolidate all the obtained data into a single platform and intent to analyse them to receive insights that can effectively drive business efforts. However, 38.2% of the big data followed by the analytics applications used in contemporary customer-facing departments have been found witnessing massive challenges in their big data adoption processes (Riggins and Wamba, 2015). The most commonly witnessed date adoption challenges and governance include Data privacy, governance and compliance, Legacy system integration through big data technology, lack in big data skills, and high cost of big data tools. These retardation challenges are mostly derived from the governance of the organisations, which are mostly aligned with the components of voluminous data, shortage of data scientists, data governance and security, obtaining real-time insights, and organisational resistance. For the purpose of resolving this challenges and ensuring effective business propositions, the management of McDonald’s has emphasized on certain positive and gradual strategies, such as setting the vision, implementation, value creation, value capture, and looking forward.