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Australian Catholic University BIOL122  Human Biological Science 2

Assignment 2  Vodcast (oral presentation) Student Information

Overview of the vodcast assignment


Length and/or format:7 minutes

Purpose:You will have the opportunity to describe the pathophysiology and pharmacological management for a ‘person/client’ who has either diabetes mellitus or extrinsic asthma by making a Vodcast. These conditions have been identified as National Health Priority Areas according to the Australian Institute for Health and Welfare. This assignment will also help you demonstrate effective communication in oral and written English language and visual media.

Detailed description:

  • This assessment task requires you to make a 7-minute Vodcast presentation (a video with audio, written text, and pictures/diagrams) about extrinsic asthma or diabetes mellitus. The Vodcast will be assessed according to the following:
    • 1. Coverage (or depth) of the subject matter,
    • 2. Accuracy of the information,
    • 3. Clarity of presentation,
    • 4. Ability to engage the audience, and
    • 5. Referencing
  • Your Vodcast has to be about a specific ‘person/client’ who has extrinsic asthma or diabetes.
  • You will need to create your own ‘person/client’ according to the following criteria*.
Person/client’ criteria
For example
For example
Fill in for your ‘person/client’
What is their name?
Phillip Nguyen
James Mae

What is their gender?

What is their age?
65 years old
17 years old

What condition do
they have? (diabetes or asthma)
Type II diabetes mellitus
Bronchial asthma

Are they within a healthy weight range?

Do they exercise?
Walks once a week
Plays sport occasionally

What is their occupation?
Retired accountant

What is their living status?
Phillip lives with his wife
James is cared for by his single mother

What is their family medical history?
History of
cardiovascular disease
Mother has hay
fever and nut allergy

Are they pregnant?

Are they a smoker?
Regular smoker

What is their alcohol intake?
Enjoys a glass of
wine with his meal every night

What medications or
treatments have they been prescribed?#
Lifestyle changes and metformin

*The examples listed in the table above are suggestions; you need to create your own ‘person/client’.

  • You will then be required to answer a series of specific questions that relate directly to your ‘person/client’ and the condition she or he has. All of your answers must be specific for this person; marks will not be given where your presentation does not relate to the person you have ‘created’.
  • The specific questions are listed below.
  • Vodcasts are expected to stay within the 7 minute time limit. Presentations exceeding 7 minutes will incur penalties.

  • When submitting your Vodcast presentation to LEO, make sure you adapt the following naming principles: SURNAME-FIRST NAME-TOPIC. For example, if John Doe created a presentation on asthma, the file name would be “Doe-John-Asthma”. For further details, see checklist below.
  • You will need to research your topic; please ensure that you keep a record of any references that you have used.
  • You will be required to write an annotated bibliography containing 5–10 citations as part of this assignment. An annotated bibliography provides information regarding how you used the research to support your assignment.

To create your assignment:

  • Create your Vodcast with PowerPoint using the audio function.
  • It is expected that you will use some figures or visual aids to help enhance your presentation.
  • Your Vodcast should not exceed 70 MB. You will not be able to upload your Vodcast file to LEO if it is larger than 70 MB.

  • The Vodcast needs to be your own original work; you cannot include YouTube clips or other videos as part of your Vodcast, but you can generate your own video files.
  • Please be mindful that it can sometimes take 10–20 minutes to upload and submit your Vodcast file to LEO; please do not leave submission until the last minute.
  • It is your responsibility to check that your Vodcast has been submitted successfully. To do this, you will need to go to a different computer, log onto LEO, open your Vodcast, and check that you can see the visual material and hear the audio content. We have had submissions without (working) audio in the past or containing a corrupt file, which meant that these submissions attracted only a fraction of the total marks or could not be marked at all.

Check-list for this assignment

  • I have chosen the right condition [diabetes mellitus (type I, type II, or gestational diabetes) or extrinsic asthma].
  • I have created a ‘person/client’ based on the criteria listed in the table above.
  • I have researched the condition that my ‘person/client’ has been diagnosed with.
  • I have answered the specific questions that were made available in this document, and all my answers are related to my particular person/client.
  • I have used the answers to these specific questions in creating my Vodcast.
  • I have annotated bibliography at the end of my presentation.
  • My Vodcast does not exceed 70 MB.
  • My Vodcast does not contain any YouTube clips or videos other than those I have personally created.
  • My Vodcast is within the required 7-minute duration.
  • I have named my file in a way that indicates the vodcast topic (e.g., Doe-Jane-Diabetes)
  • I have checked my submitted Vodcast file using a different computer; the visual material is working, and I can hear the audio content.
  • I have read the rubric (listed at the end of this document).


You will have the opportunity to describe the pathophysiology and pharmacological management for a person/client suffering from diabetes mellitus (type I, type II, or gestational) or extrinsic bronchial asthma. We expect you to show your understanding by making explicit links between pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and pharmacological management of your person/client’s disease. When preparing your presentation, assume that your target audience is health professionals (e.g., nurses, paramedics, midwives; all of which should have roughly the same base knowledge). Your answers to the questions below will be used to grade the ‘depth’, ‘accuracy’, and ‘clarity’ sections of your Vodcast assignment (see marking rubric provided at the end of this document). At the beginning of your Vodcast, you need to set the scene within the first minute by introducing your patient. Following this introduction, proceed to answer the following questions.


You must answer all questions below:

Question 1a

Explain how both of the following are different in your patient in comparison to a healthy, non- diabetic person:

  1. Insulin synthesis and secretion; and
  2. Insulin binding to its target cells.

Question 1b

Explain the benefits of monitoring HbA1c in the management of your person’s/client’s disease.

Question 2a

Neuropathy and myocardial infarction are long-term consequences of poorly managed diabetes. Explain why they are more likely to occur in patients suffering from diabetes than in the non- diabetic population.

Question 2b

Both metformin and insulin may be used in the management of diabetes mellitus. By making meaningful references to your patient,

  1. Choose the one that is the most appropriate for the treatment of your patient,
  2. Describe the mechanism of action of your choice, and
  3. Explain what makes the drug you selected the most appropriate for the treatment of your patient.

Question 3

Define insulin resistance and explain the link between apple-type obesity and insulin resistance.


You must answer all questions below:

Question 1

Two of the major pathological changes that affect the airways during an asthma attack are bronchoconstriction and increased mucus production in the airways. By reflecting on the pathophysiolo

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