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Biotechnology as an Academic Subject

Biotechnology as a subject comprises of several sub divisions like agricultural biotechnology, environmental biotechnology, medical biotechnology and industrial biotechnology. 

  1. Agriculture biotechnology is focused on issues related with problems in production of food. There are instances when crops are destroyed due to pests, climatic conditions and other issues making crops unfit for people while lowering down the quality and quantity of future production of crops. These issues are studied and analysed under agriculture biotechnology to identify efficient steps of improving the quality of crop.
  2. Environmental biotechnology is associated with designing of efficient methodologies to improve overall environmental health. The studies may be in the field of pollution, global warming, climate changes, etc. focused in finding alternative ways to improve situation while using latest technological advancements. 
  3. Medical Biotechnology is another sub-division where the focus is on viruses and diseases and methods to tackle such issues. The study of medical biotechnology includes some important subjects like gene cloning, monoclonal antibodies and many more. 
  4. Industrial biotechnology targets the issues faced by industries in relation to increasing demand and decreasing fuel levels. The subject focuses on identifying measures of reducing obstacles for production of crops while meeting the increasing demand of products in the society. 

Similarly, Biochemical studies include bio-robotics, bio-process engineering, bio informatics and chemical engineering.

  1. Bio-informatics use several subjects like mathematics and computer science for analysis of biological data. 
  2. Bio-robotics is another sub-division of biochemical studies where biological information is used for developing robots that can emulate biological functions. Our Biochemical assignment help service is dedicated to provide customized writing service to students from any university. 
  3. Bio-process engineering is a field of study where several useful and sustainable products of agriculture, pharmaceuticals and chemical by applying the knowledge of biology. We have experts qualified in bio-process engineering also to provide you quality biochemical academic help services.
  4. Chemical engineering is a field of study where concepts of chemistry and engineering are applied in the manufacturing industry. We have a dedicated team of assignment experts providing best of assignment help services in the fields of Nano-technology, fuel-cells and bio-engineering too. 

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