BIS1001 Foundations Of Information Systems Assessment 1 Report Answer

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Question :

Assessment 1: Report and Presentation

Assessment Details:

You are to deliver a business report that focuses on health insurance services. You have noticed that many busy people are unable to buy their health insurance in store. Many health insurance services have also enabled online orders to operate a business during the COVID19 pandemic. So, services are being delivered from companies to individuals or families during this time. You are to design a creative website of your choice for the online health insurance company. You need to attract potential customers and existing customers interested in purchasing their required services via your website. You are required to address the following:

  1. Choose an online health insurance company of your choice.
  2. Explain the reason behind your decision to run online services.
  3. Create a website for your online business. Include as much information as possible, such as selecting insurance, purchasing insurance, payment methods, claiming, processing steps, and other information you want to include appropriate to the online health insurance company.
  4. Identify and briefly discuss your target market for a health insurance company.
  5. Identify and discuss technologies that you can use to communicate with customers to promote your online services. This could happen through social media or applying enterprise systems.
  6. Make a list of all expenses incurred in running an online health insurance business.
  7. Identify and discuss key employees’ positions and responsibilities with an online business.
  8. Discuss the challenges that you need to consider when running an online business.

Please register with and create a free online business using Wix. You are required to submit the report together with the link to your online business. Please do not publish your website. The report submission is due Monday of week 5, and the presentation will be held in class in week 5. The group presentation is 15 minutes, and all group members need to present the report findings.

You are required to use PowerPoint slides for the presentation.

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