BIS1001 Foundations Of Information Systems: Case Study Assessment 4 Answer

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Assessment Brief: BIS1001 Foundations of Information Systems 

Assessment 4: Case Study

Word count / Time provided:
3000 Words
Unit Learning Outcomes:

Assessment Details:

The case study will assess your knowledge of key content areas in information systems. For successful completion of the case study, you are required to study the material provided (lecture slides, tutorials, and reading materials), engage in the unit’s activities and the discussion forums). The prescribed textbook is the primary reference, along with the recommended reading material. By completing this assessment successfully, you will be able to identify key aspects of information systems. This will help in achieving ULO3, ULO4, and ULO5.

Case Study- Secure Bank (SB) IT Strategic Plan

Secure Bank (SB) is a fictitious small-sized regional bank with 25,000 customers. It provides a full range of banking products, including Home loans, savings accounts, and insurance products. SB has 15 branches that customers can come to set up accounts or make a transaction. It also has an agreement where its customers can use other banks ATMs for a small fee. It has a small call centre that can handle complaints and general questions about accounts, but it only operates between 7 am and 9 pm on weekdays. SB has seen a 30% decline in cash-based transactions through ATMs in the last five years and a corresponding increase in electronic transactions, e.g., online and card-based transactions. It has several legacy systems that hold historical transactions that must be maintained due to legal requirements to maintain access to the information. They are becoming hard to maintain due to a lack of employees with skills in these outdated technologies. The business vision is to “Be the most secure national bank in the country”. The core element of this assignment is the development of an IT strategic plan with features of innovation, planning and implementation of a true revolutionary organization in 2026.

As a CIO (Chief information officer), your task is to design an IT Strategy to position the bank for future growth while maintaining security over the next five years. Your IT strategic plan must include but not limited to:

  1. Explain the background of the case study with the objectives of the report
  2. Describe types of infrastructure that the Secure Bank require (Infrastructure theme)
  3. Explain Data Management (DM) for Secure Bank (DM theme)
  4. Describe Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Secure Bank (CRM theme)
  5. Clarify IT governance for Secure Bank
  6. Explain how Secure Bank will deal with risks, security and privacy issues

Assignment Format

Submission:Only through Canvas

Length:3000 words max (+ or – 10%)

Font size:12pt (min) Times Roman

Line spacing:1.5 or double line spacing

Cover sheet:APIC standard coversheet

Referencing:Use Harvard referencing only

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