BISY1003 Foundations Of Programming Assessment Answer

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UnitBISY1003 Foundations of Programming
Assessment TypePractical
AssessmentPractical Project with assignment

Alignment with Unit and Course

Unit Learning Outcome Graduate Attributes Assessed

ULO 3: Describe and discuss the GA 1: Communication elements of effective programming style GA 2: Collaboration ULO 4: Demonstrate an understanding of GA 4: Critical Thinking the software development life cycle and

apply sound programming analysis techniques

(design, coding, debugging, testing and documentation) to justify simple programming problem

Assessment Description

In this project, you will work individually to write programs which demonstrate your understanding of Topics we learned in the first 4 sessions.

Content and Structure:

You will have to write three different programs to:

  1. Accept inputs from user.
  2. Use Decision Structures (if, elif, else) to evaluate multiple expressions which produce True or False as outcome and then use Boolean Logic to process further.
  3. Use functions which passes on user inputs to a function which performs the operation and returns the result which will be displayed on the console.
  4. Use while (condition controlled), for (count controlled) loop in programs, or nested looping.
  5. Uses files – open, read/write, delete to handle data.
  6. Uses exception handling – try and except to catch and handle exceptions. Value, data Type, Zero Division, Syntax Error, Runtime Exception and others.

Program expectation:

The student must be able to explain the working of the program and its logic. The program should be indented, proper comments should be given, variable names and data types should be chosen appropriately.

The program should compile and execute to display the result.

The student must use programming constructs available in Python and follow coding standards.

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