BISY3005/ISY3005/ISY305 Knowledge Management Assessment 3 Answer

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Unit BISY3005/ISY3005/ISY305 Knowledge Management

Assessment Type Report

Assessment Number 3

Assessment Weighting

Alignment with Unit and Course

Unit Learning Outcomes Graduate Attributes Assessed

ULO 1: Illustrate the concepts and principles of knowledge management

ULO 2: Demonstrate how knowledge management can contribute to organisational Effectiveness

ULO 3:Identify and critically assess the impacts of poor or ineffective knowledge management for businesses

ULO 4:Describe and discuss common approaches to knowledge management including capture, conversion, storage and practical application

Graduate Attributes Assessed

GA 1: Communication

GA 2: Collaboration

GA 3: Research

GA 4: Critical Thinking GA 6: Flexibility

Assessment Description

ULO 5:Explain the interaction of knowledge and Information policies and analyse how knowledge management policies are developed and used in organisations

This is a group assessment. Case studies assess students’ understanding of concepts presented in weekly lectures and tutorials by researching and analysing real life situations.

Content and Structure:

In this assignment, groups of 4 or 5 students will study recent Knowledge Management case studies and report on the organisation, technology and

Each student to present his/her section of the group report in the class by delivering a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation (10%).

The report and the presentation will address the following issues depicted in the chosen case study. Email your choice of organisations to the Lecturer for approval.

  1. Describe the organisation and explain the problem or opportunity it faced.
  2. Describe the nature of the Knowledge Management initiative that the organisation implemented including the process by which the initiative was selected.
  3. Explain and analyse any difficulties the organisation may have faced in implementing the system.
  4. Provide an assessment of how successful the Knowledge Management initiative was and a discussion of any success metrics that were used.
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