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10 Things Every productive Student Should Avoid

Every successful person achieves his goals by following certain rules and abides by them religiously. Also, there are many reasons due to which people fail at what they wish to achieve. If you want to achieve success, then it is very important that apart from understanding the tips to be successful you must be aware of the things to avoid that make people fail at tasks. 

Being productive requires inculcation of good habits and managing time wisely. In order to achieve the goals, it is advisable and wise to choose habits wisely and avoid the ones that will most probably kill your productivity. If you know the goal to achieve and the points to avoid then it is much easier to follow the detour route avoiding those pointers. Sounds great, right? So, let’s make it easier for you all and understand what you should not be doing to be more productive and stride towards the success path more confidently. Let us go forward on quest to understand the things we need to avoid keeping our productivity growing exponentially.

  1. Inadequate Planning

Imagine that you are set to reach a destination but without a map. Understand that feeling? Without a proper route map, it would be next to impossible reaching the destination through fastest route. This applies to everyday life too. If you have a plan for the day it is easier to complete your action plan effectively and on time. It is an important strategy to set the plan for your projects and tasks in advance to manage time effectively, achieving the goals and finishing the tasks within the set time frame. 

  1. Skipping Breakfast

Students might often view skipping breakfast a trivial thing that will buy you some free time at your disposal, but this practice causes more harm than good as against the notion. Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day, skipping which might impact the health, energy level and ultimately your productivity. A well-known proverb says, ‘You should eat breakfast like a king, have lunch like a common man and dinner like a popper.’

Let’s have a scientific look at this idea. While sleeping our blood sugar levels decline which causes less focusing ability and a less concentrated feeling in the morning. When you prioritize eating breakfast first thing in the morning you let your body refuel the sugar levels and bring back the focus. Productivity increases as a result of this automatically.

  1. Multitasking

The biggest enemy of productivity is multitasking. According to research, there is a dip of 40% in productivity among people who multitask and take 50% longer time to finish that task and are prone to commit more mistakes as compared to a person who isn’t a multitasker. To keep up with the productivity it is important to focus on one task at a time. 

  1. Distractions 

The digital age that we live in has provided us with numerous distractions that make it difficult for us to concentrate. The biggest such distraction is our smartphone. The best way to tackle this distraction is to keep the cellphone on silent and turn off all the notifications. This will let you concentrate and gain productivity.

  1. Forgetting to Take Regular Breaks and Rest

When we are working tirelessly and trying to achieve a goal, it becomes tempting to skip breaks or rest. You might find it counterintuitive to take a break when you are working on a roll. But as opposed to the common thinking, taking a break will increase your productivity. Without a scheduled proper break, body gets tired and this impacts your ability to focus, taking decisions and effective working. To maintain productivity, it is necessary to take breaks and give body the due rest, you can take help of essay typer service to reduce the amount of time and energy to meet academic commitments.

  1. Scheduling the More Challenging Work for Later in The Day

It is a common practice among students to complete the easiest tasks earlier in the day and leave the more challenging ones for later. Our body and mind are the most active, sharp and focused in the early hours of the day. The energy levels and then the concentration declines gradually as the day progresses. To avoid the uphill battle, it is a smart move to tackle the complicated tasks earlier and leave the easy ones for later in the day. The productivity will be at its peak this way. 

  1. Saying Yes Too Often Than Necessary

Learning to say no is very important. When you are trying to effectively manage your tasks in the day while keeping productivity at peak, saying yes to everyone and every task can be exhausting and unnecessary. Avoid unwarranted calls and meetings to save time.

  1. Trying to Do Everything Yourself

There are some tasks and projects that do not require a personal touch. For activities like these you can save time by delegating and automating various sub-tasks and jobs. Try to hand over some tasks to team members/ classmates/ group mates or outsource the job to specialized all assignment help providers. 

  1. Rushing Through the Tasks

The habit of rushing through tasks takes more time and energy than it saves. Contrary to the intended purpose? Absolutely yes. 

Rushing leads to errors and decreased accuracy which will require you to spend more time in rectifying it. Save and plan for the long run to avoid rushing at the last moment and affecting your accuracy and productivity.

  1. Not Getting Enough Sleep

The importance of having sleep cannot be stressed enough. There are a lot of studies being done in this field to make students and professionals understand the importance of a good sleep. According to a study, after an individual goes without sleep for about 18 hours at a stretch, their performance and focus would be the same as of a person who is under alcohol’s influence. Sleep deprivation leads to impaired concentration, decision making ability and productivity. This is a sure shot path towards burnout and lowered performance. 

There are a lot of things to be followed and a lot more to be avoided in order to stride on the path of productivity. Following them in the right tone will help you in achieving the goals you have set.

This article is mainly to make graduate students understand the major differences between copywriting and proofreading which will enable them to be more careful the next time they design a research paper and know how it functions.

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