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Best Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Best Excuses for Not Doing Homework

Academic life is interesting, as well as filled with immense pressure. As life has its way, not all the students can succumb their homework on time. And to not to get into the trouble, students give many excuses to their teacher and professors for not submitting the work on time. Mostly, the same or similar excuses time and again irritates teacher, and they may harm the student. 

This article is an attempt to provide you the best excuses for not doing homework, which is as follows:-

1.    Understanding – One of the excuses you can give is that you didn’t understand the homework given and ask for guidance from the teacher to explain it once so that you can give the second thought on it. But be careful while giving this excuse as a teacher may cross-question you on your doubts, so you need to bit clever in asking your doubt. You could just read the homework and have your doubts gathered to ask the teacher. On the positive side, this may give a powerful positive impact of you on teacher and additionally you will get more time to complete your homework. 

2.    Domestic Violence – you may use the domestic fight as a lie to save your grade. You may tell the teacher that there had been a huge fight between your mom and dad, and that’s the reason that you were not able to do the homework. The benefit of using this excuse is that it will give you the sympathy from the teacher and also your parents might not be involved. Though, you should not use this most of the time or every time you are not able to do the homework. As this may call for counseling for you and your parents as well. So use this excuse very carefully and also if you think you cleverly handle the situation.  

3.    Busy with volunteer work – If you are an active student in terms of extra-curricular activities or volunteer activities, then use them for your benefit and an excuse for not doing the homework on time. The plus point for this excuse is that it is the believable one, and the teacher could not cross-question you on this. Most teachers give extra time to all the students involved in extra-curricular activities. It is highly recommended that you use this excuse carefully as the teacher might ask for the proof that you were busy in that activity. 

4.    Headache – Though there is the common reason for falling sick for not doing the assignment and has been passing on from generations to generations. But you can give a twist to this reason by using had a terrible headache last night, and you took the pill and dozed off. This might gain your sympathy from the teacher. Everyone knows that it is difficult to work when you have a headache, and the brain is a very tricky thing to handle. 

5.    Abolished homework – One of the single excuses you can use is to create a fake assignment. Then turn in the illegible or destroyed assignment which can be the proof that somehow it got destroyed and you can buy time to complete your assignment. Wrinkle and tear a paper assignment so that you can tell the teacher that it flew out the window and got run over or compressed on. You could also smear the dirt on the assignment so that it is not readable or you spill something dark on the assignment page like juice or tea. The caution to be taken write few words related to the assignment so that the teacher believes that it happened. 

6.    The backpack has stolen – Rampant crime in the school of stealing essential things of other students is well known to everyone. Use this opportunity as an excuse for not doing the homework, and no teacher in the right mind will expect you to do it again the very next day. So, this will save you from the scolding and also will give you a few more days to complete the assignment. You may need to file the missing backpack report in the school which is not exactly the bad idea. However, you should as precautionary know if the stealing is had happened; otherwise, it may land you in trouble. 

7.    Technological malfunction – When your assignment requires technical help, then you can make use of technological malfunction. Technology can go wrong anytime, and you may make use the computer crashed or internet not working or anything technology related. This will save you from the punishment, and it is also quite believable. Although, this excuse might not work if the teacher has given you the weeks’ time to do the homework as the technology can be rectified within a day or two. If the teacher has asked to email or otherwise electronically send a homework file, then you can “accidentally” send a different assignment or the “wrong” draft which means to send the assignment that could have just your name and the first part of the assignment or another assignment which you have already submitted. 

8.    Tell the truth – when all the excuses have been used for not doing the homework, its time to take out the triumph card – the truth. When you tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth then you are considered as sincere student and teacher appreciates your honesty. It is unusual, but then it will unquestionably save you from boredom punishment. Honesty is the best policy for every generation; it’s always best, to tell the truth, and be sincere. 

Before you use any of the excuses, it would be better to understand your teacher first. Some teachers believe in anything, but some strict teachers won’t find in even the genuine reason. Although, every student should try their level best to complete the homework on time. The word of caution here is that the more you use excuses, the more teacher will find it unbelievable. So, better to gear up and complete all the assignments on time and be a biddable student.

This article is mainly to make graduate students understand the major differences between copywriting and proofreading which will enable them to be more careful the next time they design a research paper and know how it functions.

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