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Dealing With A Bad Report Card And Motivating Your Child To Make The Next One Better

Dealing With A Bad Report Card and Motivating Your Child to Make The Next One Better

Report cards are the most dreaded thing to encounter for parents and kids alike. But when kids bring home a bad report card, they are most worried about the reaction of their parents. And as a parent you might not always know the right thing to say. It is important to look beyond the grades. Kids tend to seek approval from parents, and a poor choice of words or losing your temper out of proportion might affect the child adversely. 

When your child brings back home a disappointing report card, it is important for the parents to take a step back and take some time to process all the information before reacting. In order to know how to deal and react to a bad report card ma require some time and for you to step back to look at things from a different perspective. 

Let’s explore some tricks and tactics to handle these situations so that we navigate these unpleasant scenarios into not being stressful for parents and kids both, and also help to motivate the child to do better the next time.

Understanding the Grading System

With every report card there is a key that helps parents understand the grading system. Before you jump into conversation with your child on receiving the report card, go through the key and understand the grading system. It is seldom seen that parents are not fully aware of this system of grading and jump out of proportion in reacting to the report card, most of the times which is unnecessary. 

Every school has a different standard of rating kids in exams and making the report card. It might be very different of what the parents are used to. This makes it important for parents to understand the grading system of their child’s school before concluding anything. 

Remember, what looks like a bad grade might not be as bad as you are thinking. 

This way of action not only makes you more understanding of the situation but also have a better control over your reaction. This is important for your child to realize that you, the parent is supportive and will be there emotionally for him. This motivates the child well for the next time knowing the presence of parent emotionally and physically.

Praise the Positive Aspects

Any report card cannot be all bad. Every child has some strengths and weaknesses like all of us. Remember to praise your child of his achievements and positive results. Phrases like, ‘You did this section great’, ‘I am proud of you’, are little but meaningful positive reinforcements that will help child give his best the next time.

Make your child feel that you are looking at the whole report card, and not just the negative or poor results. 

Talk About the Poor Grades

It is important to talk to your child about his poor grades to get a better understanding of the root cause of it. But at the same time, it is equally important for you to not lose your temper. Choice of words is very important while talking to kids as they are more susceptible of getting hurt or emotionally distraught at this time. 

It is not a bad thing, but necessary to let your child understand about his poor performance. Though your child already knows that, but it is important for you as a parent to make your child realize of what is expected of him and that he must work towards it. This is to save him from future disappointments and embarrassments 

Important to Listen to Your Child

While discussing the report card make sure you listen to what your child has to say too to make the conversation both ways. Most of the times your child might come up with millions of excuses and stories about his unsatisfactory performance in exams but listening to him might give you some insights from his end too. This will also let the child feel important and heard, both of which are important to motivate the child to perform better the next time. 

Listening to your child will give you a chance to know the real cause behind the poor report card. It might be that he is too tired to study and lacks focus or is embarrassed to clear out his doubts and ask for help. There may be a need of professional assignment writing help. All this is important to understand to provide better guide to your child towards better performance and motivate him.

Create A Game Plan Together

After you and the child have discussed the performance and realized the problem areas and the cause of poor report card, the next step is to chalk out a plan together that works for your child. It is important to set realistic goals for your child and help the child brainstorm on ways to perform better in the next exams. A professional assignment assistance online service can help you to prepare a practical action plan.

Set a study routine with your child with extra emphasis on weaker sections. Parents must ensure to help the child with studying the poor performance subjects. Some extra support will definitely motivate your child.

Don’t Forget Some Break Time

‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’. An old proverb that is true in this context. A little break or play time is important for the child in between the study routine. A monotonous study schedule may make the child lose his focus. A short break from studies will help him relax and return back to studies with a new zeal and focus. 

While grades are important, it is necessary for parents to look beyond the traditional marks and emphasize on the quality learning. When parents take too much stress over the marks it passes over to the kids making them lose their confidence. Parents must motivate their children to do better the next time and simultaneously praise their strong performance areas. This motivates the child like nothing else and inspires him to do better in next exams and perform better. 

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