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How Students Can Utilize Their Weekends

How Students Can Utilize Their Weekends
Student life

After a hectic week schedule in the college, it’s finally a weekend! The assignments, lectures, field visits and other things, that too all at the same time have drained the students. And when it’s the weekend time, it’s the time to chill out, spend time with your friends or laze all day in the bunkers. Isn’t it a similar scenario for students? Indeed, it is unless the exams are about to hit.

But what if you were given a chance to make the best use of your precious weekend and turn those days into more useful and productive days than the usual relaxing weekends?

Academic years are an important stage of a person’s life. Though a person carries some of the best memories of his school or college days, these years are the ones too which help you make your future. Each day counts in for you. If it is so, then it would be great to do something productive on your weekends too, which further make a positive impact in your life.

So, when the next weekend days are coming up, instead of your usual schedule, try out these simple and fun to do suggestions to utilize your weekend in an enhanced way.

1. Get back to your hobbies

Yes, there were a number of hobbies to tell when you were a kid. Ask a child their hobbies and it begins like singing, dancing, playing, painting, drawing and lots more! And when you grow up, rarely you would be seen doing these activities. So, one of the best things to do on a weekend would be to wake up the child inside you again, and join your favorite hobby class! Find an institute and build up your skills in your hobbies.

2. Disconnect from the world for a while

Not for an entire day and night! But spend some hours just with yourself. The busy world often takes people away from themselves. Or it happens that though we are connected with the world on social media and keep ourselves updated with the newsfeed, but not really know what we want to do next in life. Each weekend, keep all your gadgets away for some time and enjoy your own company. Think about your goals, dreams, plan your life ahead or anything else. 

Connecting with yourself indeed helps you in going forward and higher, as you would know what exactly you want to do.

3. Part-time job

You can definitely try working somewhere to add extra cash to your pocket money! There are a number of opportunities for students to work along with their studies and get paid. Look for a one where you can work on weekends so that your studies do not get affected o you don’t get too tired on weekdays. Babysitting, content writing, accounting etc can be some of the options you can try for and earn some money.

4. Spend money on experiences, not things

Create memories which strengthen your relations with your closed ones, rather than spending money in things around you. Instead of shopping, choose for a dinner with your parents and spend time making happy memories. Or have a walk with your love instead of just club hopping. It is important because when you look back later, such special moments will be the ones that helped you maintain your relationships, despite being in a hectic time schedule. 


5. Take a walk around

Walking introduces you to a city as you come across shops, pathways, hear various languages around, smell various cuisines and get to know new places. Take a walk on weekends and spend your time as a wanderer. It would not only help you spend a good time in the city but would be a good habit for your health too.

6. Read and write

If you good at reading, then read. Or if you want to bring out the writer in you, start writing on weekends. A day off work can be an excellent time to spend time in literary or writing skills because you won’t be having any workload to worry about, and can lose yourself in reading or writing. If you want to try writing, it would be much better as you will develop skills in writing, which can help you a lot in writing essays, dissertations, articles etc. Or an even better idea, you can later become a content writer or a blogger too! Also, to be good at writing, one must be good at reading first. Read books, novels, articles etc. of your interest, analyze the writing styles of various authors and bloggers. It will help you understand writing skills more and develop your own style of writing.

Or if you wish to focus solely on reading, the best thing to do is to visit a library. You can find numerous subjects to read on, and while passing time in knowledge, you would be learning new things too.

7. Wake up at the same time as other days

Yes, it is a lazy day, no college and anyone would love to just pull up the blankets high and take a long nap. Well, it gets rid of this habit and waking up at the same time as you wake up for your working days. You will have the time to do more things on your weekend then, rather than if you wake late in the morning.

8. Workout

An absolute yes! During your regular college days, you may be sleeping late in nights, rushing to the classes with a half sleepy head and then come back all tired; there may be no space for a workout during the weekdays. So, it can be a great idea to give attention to your fitness and do some exercises. You can ask your friends to come along with you for working out or take a jog together around the town. Motivating others around you will help you keep yourself triggered off too. After all, health is wealth!

9. Organize your space

Cleaning up the chores often sounds a horrid, boring task, but it is important. Since you would be on your toes during your week, your room would have piles of clothes on the bed, shoes scattered here and there, stationary all thrown on the table and even a lot more! Well, make a strict habit of cleaning your room on weekends. It is not necessary to clean up only when are searching for something, or when there is no more space left to even sit. Clean up your working space, wash your clothes and put back the things to where they belong. 

Once the job is done, you will finally realize that it feels much better to be in a cleaner room.

10. Plan your coming week

Make a rough schedule of your upcoming working days. It will be very helpful to organize yourself and manage time if you have an idea in your mind as to what to do when. Not as strict as making timetables of each hour of the day but make a plan about the tasks to complete each day. Of course, it may not be possible to follow your schedule exactly as sudden tasks keep popping up now and then, thus making it a point to have flexibility in your plans as well. 


This article is mainly to make graduate students understand the major differences between copywriting and proofreading which will enable them to be more careful the next time they design a research paper and know how it functions.

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