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How To Avoid Emotive Language In Essay Writing

How to Avoid Emotive Language in Essay Writing

Languages are essential in the mode of communication as it is only through a language the person can express his or herself. It is essential that we understand all the language techniques and must avoid some of the language techniques. 

One of the language technique that we are going to talk about is the emotive language. The deliberate choice of words that causes an emotional reaction is the emotive language. While the emotive language may be suitable for writers for blogs or stories but this technique must be avoided in academics. Emotive writing is persuasive and makes the writing subjective. Therefore, it is avoided in essay writing or formal writing. 

This article brings you how to prevent emotive language in essay writing:-

1.    Proper research –  When the topic is assigned to the students for the essay writing, then the student should do the complete study on the issue. The detailed analysis will provide more facts and points to be jot down in the essay. If the students have more of the facts for the theme, then it leaves no space for the emotive language. Therefore, one of the tips is to spend the quality time in the research on the topic from the various resources. It would be better if the student makes the outline of the essay, make the draft of the essay and then proceed with the final writing of the essay. 

2.    Focused Approach – The student should be clear of the purpose before they start writing. The emotive language occurs in the essay as soon as the student lose the focus on the topic of the essay. The emotive language can be avoided with the complete focused approach while writing an essay. The need here is to have the entire understanding of the grammar, punctuation, and style of writing. The student should be focused on the content of the essay and grammar of the writing the essay. The focus should be on the main areas of essays which opening of the essay, content with the proper research, and the conclusion of the topic.  

3.    Editing – The writing of an essay is one main task but the second primary and essential part is the editing. The student should edit the essay once they feel they have completed the essay or may ask someone to suggest the editing in the written essay. There is nothing like the work appropriately edited, so the student should read the essay written, remove the emotive language and ask for the suggestions from someone. This is the best way to complete the essay and submit to the university. The critical point here is that the editing doesn’t need to be complete as soon as the essay is written. The student should give a gap of a few hours or may edit the next day of writing the essay. This is because the editing should be done with a fresh mind. 

4.    Avoid personal Pronoun –  The use of the personal pronoun in any form of writing makes the writing subjective. Students should not make use of the personal pronoun in the essay writing. The personal pronoun in the writing style makes the writing personal and creates the image in the reader’s mind. The essay written without using personal pronoun makes the essay more objective and more academic in tone. It creates a sharp image of a student and is a more confident style of writing. A student needs to remove the personal pronoun from the essay. 

5.    Avoid Emotive phrasal words – Certain words and phrases are mainly meant for the emotive language. Students should avoid using words that create emotions. Few of the words are terrible, extremely, awfully, deeply, bad, good, shock, ridiculous, actively, absolutely, etc, And few of the phrases that create emotion are – build up, keep an eye on, go back, go down, build up, keep on, try out, look into, etc. Students should strictly avoid the usage of weak words like “dangerous,” “hot topic,” “big” and “nowadays.” 

6.    Rephrase the sentences – There might be times when the student would need to express in the emotive language then the student might rephrase the sentences with the same meaning. Rephrasing the sentence will only remove the emotive language but not the meaning. For example – “She was excited and thrilled about the Germany trip” is the emotive language but the student can rephrase and write like “she headed towards the Germany trip.” This way the student can accurately write the essay and avoid the emotive language. 


The main purpose of using the emotive language is to cause an effect on the audience. It may be suitable where the writer wants to have a particular effect on the readers. Since this is not required in the essay so the students should avoid using the emotive language in the essay. There are many reasons that the students should avoid emotive language for essay writing. One of the main reasons to avoid the emotive language is it evokes the strong emotional response like anger and the target audience misunderstood as the expectations. It creates a negative impact in the mind of the readers. 

The use of emotive language in the essay writing is just like pushing the readers to get the feedback.  The essay writing is part of academics course which is meant to check the skills of the student and scores are given only from skills and knowledge written in the essay. There is no place for the emotions in the academics and the workplace.

Essay writing should be formal writing without any personal thoughts and believes. Though there are some essay topics which might be related to personal life but the student should avoid too much use of the personal pronoun or the emotive emotions. It is not very difficult to write the essay by avoiding the emotive language only the choice of the words is required. The academic writing should not include the emotive language at all as it is required to assess the skills and knowledge.

This article is mainly to make graduate students understand the major differences between copywriting and proofreading which will enable them to be more careful the next time they design a research paper and know how it functions.

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