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Is Online Education As Good As Classroom Learning?

Is Online Education As Good As Classroom Learning?

Undoubtedly, it is noted that the online education is good similar to classroom learning in case it is not better. It could be claimed confidently because of provision of opportunities of discussed learning by classes of online education to the students that increases learning in all groups of age. Multiple surveys represents that the students prefer learning subjects simply in case they are provided with focussed guidance tuition. It is because of students, that always do not need training of all subjects; however, simply being guided with tips on a specified chapter. It has been made possible through online education and the students that could not pay attention for improvement in specific areas that might require development. By help of digital technology as well as Internet access, learning has been very easier with multiple scholars and learners agreeing that the online Education is good similar to Classroom Learning.            

In accordance with Online Learning Consortium, one of four students is enrolling itself for online course. Although this benefit, several students are concerned related to the online education as well as many of them enquire, ‘is online education as good as classroom learning?”.

Certain points would provide more clarity over benefits associated with online education on the traditional education are made follows: 

  1. Increasing pattern of the online education
  2. Special advantages of the online education for the people
  3. Comparison of online education with offline education 
  4. Providers of best service of online education 

Increasing pattern of the online education

According to latest information, 88 percent of total US residents possess appropriate access of internet unless 2017 on July. Such increase in percent of the internet users initiated at turn of millennium. Survey conduct by “Babson survey research group” reflected enrolment of students of greater than 6.7 m for the online courses. Precisely, online education was enforced in 2002. Between the years 2002 to the year 2011, enrolment of students in a considerable number for e-courses was observed. Over a time frame, students think that “online education is just as good as classroom learning”. Online education’s best part is its non-confinement to a specified group of age. Instead, people belonging to all groups of age are receiving facilities of the online learning. It is even used by people belonging to working background for upgrading their skills, which could help then in jobs. Parents also are comprehending goodness of online education similar to classroom learning. As more guardians develop confidence amongst their children related to online courses, the move forward for enrolment of young children in various e-courses as additional support for studies. Online education is being famous amongst students as well as elderly people. They, to increase their learning, are using services of online education. Previously, it was apprehended by them that “is online education as good as classroom learning or not?” Nevertheless, as time passed, people, attained more confidence over this learning mode. It is proved and is accepted globally that e-learning has been achieving sound popularity.   


Special advantages of the online education for the people

  • K 12 studentsBecause of parents’ transferable jobs, the young children are required to change schools very frequently. It leads to consistent hindrances in learning process and studies, as they are required of moving from a school to other. Because of it, they face frequent variation in patterns of study; therefore, could not focus well over studies. The children that are incapable of attending school on daily basis because of medical problems or disability too suffer from same issues. Online learning facilitates such students in continuing with their studies effectively as “online education is just as good as classroom learning.”       
  • Adult students: Certain adult students prefer pursuing job in place of continuance with studies. Therefore, for those adult students, e-learning is considered as easiest and best alternative applicable. It has been observed that the online courses provide same guidelines and calendar, which is offered by normal universities to the students. It includes writing different assignments as well as taking exams. Some of ordinary universities provide some online courses over official website. In this way, the students consider online learning as god similar to classroom learning. These universities provide quality texts, videos and audios over range of subjects. It is most useful and successful technique associated with learning because it is non-restricted to geographical boundaries. The method facilitates to all in different ways like no need of attending classes, no time restriction, affordability, easy accesses towards study material and others.  
  • Aged students: Age does not matter in learning process provided an individual is willing to attain knowledge over latest subjects or topics. Nevertheless, aged individuals find difficulties in adjusting themselves within a usual classroom setup. In such condition, online learning is best alternative applicable to aged people for pursuing their learning. They could select from range of online courses depending over their interest. Furthermore, it assists them in engaging themselves mentally. At a moment of time, aged people wondered always “is online education as good as classroom learning”. Nevertheless, rapidly, as time passed, they observed it as the ultimate channel for enhancing and upgrading their knowledge. Today, the online learning tends to be most adopted and easiest mode of learning by the aged people. It is most convenient alternative for them, because, the aged people do not require going anywhere for such classes. All they require is connection internet as well as effective electronic device for studying.              

Comparison of online education with offline education

Every aspect possesses something negative and positive such as online learning as well as offline learning techniques.

Certain advantages and disadvantages of offline educations are stated as under:

More reasonably priced
Official certification is unsure
Flexible and convenient learning
Shortage of personal communication
Emphasis is over improvement of   skills 
More independent while performance of   tasks 
More efficient curriculum
Requirement of study with   self-direction and self-commitment 

Pros of the online education are explained as under:

  • More reasonably priced – Affordability is the most important factor that is associated with online learning. Courses available over online platform are little cheap in comparison to the daily classroom studies. In this way, the students could explore online education is good similar to classroom training at very reasonable cost. A comprehensive program is offered in coder camps charging around $10000 for 9 weeks. With the online course, the amount is seldom quarter of regular fees of college, which may cost $80000 for 4 years.        
  • Flexible and convenient learning – Online education tends to be applicable to individual belonging to unanimous age groups. Students, busy with proper commitments are not concerned about it. By online education, they are free to study according to the time schedule maintained by them. There exists no specified time for a day in case of online courses. They are based on hours. Ten-twenty hours every week are required for learning and the hours are relied over topic’s intensity. It enables students in devoting much time to jobs assigned to them along with other essential work. Other considerable aspect associated with online education is the students are not in need of commuting to attend any class as they could learn from home efficiently. Online education experience is good similar to classroom learning. In facilities of online learning, tutors are available in accordance with and students’ convenience. Time could be efficiency and effectively managed in this way.      
  • Emphasis is over improvement of skills – Online courses usually are completed within short period. Through it, the online teachers tend to be capable of upgrading skills of yours, which could enhance demand of yours in market. All teachers are specialised in respective fields and could enhance experience in subjects needed to be improved. They could provide students with large information in case of requirement. There also exists an alternative for practical for helping students in refining and developing skills for better performance in jobs. Most people stated about their apprehension that is online education as good as classroom learning’. Nevertheless, subsequent to enrolment of online course the doubts they have are all cleared. In on-campus education, students are required for concentrating equally over different subjects; however, in case of online education, students could select subjects in accordance with its requirements. Students could opt for any subject for improvement of their areas of concern, if any. Even they could learn the topics that are critical in nature such as content market, SEO, digital skills and others through online courses. Other amazing factor is that the students could select the most appropriate tutor themselves. The teachers are effectively able to educate students all required skills easily by sitting at their home as well as in busy working schedule.     
  • More efficient curriculum: There exists a limitation of the on-campus learning i.e. the curriculums are irregularly updated.  Any kind of update in learning or syllabus consumes few time for reaching to students. In contrast with it, in case of online learning, update of any kind is enforced immediately. Therefore, if an individual questions “Is online education as good as classroom learning?” then, answer would be sometimes it is good as same as traditional learning. It is because online education is considered to be more updated and prompt in comparison to traditional learning       

Disadvantages of the online education are explained as under:

  • Official certification is unsure – The major concern of students is non-accreditation of certain courses by concerned authorities. In case the students not get proper certificate from accredited university in this way, is online education good similar to classroom learning? Because, it would be hard in getting specified job in that field without an authentic degree. 
  • Shortage of personal communication – There is lack of face-to-face communication amidst students and teacher. Although an alternative of the video conferencing is available, there is lack of one-to-one interaction. There exist certain providers of service of online education that not offer the video conferencing as any alternative, students could communication to tutors solely through chat. Sometimes, it is difficult for the students for understanding certain topics of subject because of shortage of the personal attention. Online education is good similar to classroom learning involving no personal attention or doubt clarification.       
  • More independent while performance of tasks– In online education, the students would be to be relied over them for performance of task, or comprehend a critical topic without much of external assistance. Online education provides the students with 24*7 availability of online teachers, which could be supplementary and not parallel to classroom interaction. Online course is helpful for students in devoting more time towards their tutors because it is quite tough in understanding the subjects. Furthermore, they do not possess fellow students for discussing topics for doubt clarification. It enhances necessity of spending ample time for studying online.      
  • Requirement of study with self-direction and self-commitment – During pursuing with offline learning, students possess help and support of co-students, teachers, discussion of career goals, assignments and others. In offline learning, student are guided at each step whereas online education is good similar to classroom learning. 

Certain advantages and disadvantages associated with offline education are underlined below:

Attainment of practical   knowledge 
Fees are not affordable for everyone
Opportunity of developing   relationship with people
No job guarantee
A usual college degree attains more   value and importance 
Needed skills the job might not be   provided
Physical access towards amenities and   tools 
Travel is needed for learning

Pros of the offline education are explained as under:

  • Attainment of practical knowledge– College education provides with a actual place to study along with additional facilities such as events, things, which enable people in getting practical education for related topics as well as life. It provides with opportunity of study with students’ group, learning various aspects, making friends, participation in the curricular activities, helping or seeking help, training and industrial visits and others.    
  • Opportunity of developing relationship with people – Traditional system of learning helps a person in meeting people every day, they could be seniors, friends, professors and others. By industry visits, a person has probability of development and maintenance o relations with companies and enhances possibilities of employment in the organisations. Connection with people assists in various life spheres and continues throughout the life. Students learn the aspect at early age by tradition learning.    
  • A usual college degree attains more value and importance– A regular course degree more renowned in comparison to other learning forms. Nevertheless, different sources have proved that the online learning is one of best learning methods. Yet, offline courses’ degree is more essential and higher ranking in companies’ preference list, which is desirous of appointing fresher. It means that an individual possesses promising chances of getting jobs with regular formal degree.         
  • Physical access towards amenities and tools– All needed amenities and equipment is provided to the students for having better experience of learning. Traditional learning makes the process of learning more practical as well as assists students in comprehending various courses’ facets. Classroom lectures provide appropriate insights over topic and chances of interaction with professors for clearance of doubts. Likewise, practical sessions at laboratories represent wider understanding regarding the subject.    

Certain professions need proper course degree such as teacher, doctor, lawyer and others. In this way, the traditional learning is valued more than online learning. Nevertheless, an individual could simply get task and could excel at different other professions by online learning. For example, in case an individual is desirous of becoming SEO expert could pursue with online course as well as get job easily based over it. In this way, online learning is good similar to classroom learning.  

Cons of the offline education are explained as under:

  • Fees are not affordable for everyone – Usually, college’s fees for pursuing with normal course tends to be quite high. It is amongst considerable causes of concern for multiple students along with their parents. Bearing high fees charged in campus learning does not tend to be possible for all. For getting admission at campus, the students obtain education loan, which imposes debt of large amount of money over them. In addition to other pressures related to study, it is a surplus stress, with which a student is required to deal. The sole way of avoiding huge fees’ burden is presenting extraordinary performance and obtaining scholarships based on such performance.  
  • No job guarantee – There is no guarantee of job in offline learning irrespective of its importance in providing usual degree. Each year, a latest report or survey reflects fresh quantum of the unemployed graduates that is enhancing every year. Similarly, multiple reports have stated already a large number that represents quantum of the graduates performing jobs, which even not need bachelor’s degree. There are experts that have named the condition of the poor employment as the “underemployment”      
  • Needed skills the job might not be provided – An individual’s attainment of unanimous needed skills through usual courses are uncertain. Set-up of the traditional classroom might provide you with all amenities and equipment; however, it could not assure the students in provision of accurate collection of skills required. The main emphasis of the courses is over assistance to students in acquisition of attributes of critical thinking in general; however, it might not give realistic experience in field. It is the reason of disconnection of students with professional life and their studies. Students find difficulties in understanding issues included in tasks associated with their profession. On the contrary, an online learning helps students in achievement of relevant skills’ set over subjects that prove as more beneficial for students within their professional lifestyle.
  • Travel is needed for learning – In contrast to online learning, offline learning requires cost to be incurred in travelling; therefore, it does not assist the students in studying from places respectively. Such usual programs tend to be confined to timetable set i.e. students are required of attending classes in accordance with the timetable set. An individual might also require travelling towards distant places for daily studies. During pursuing online learning, an individual could study from any place irrespective of geographic boundaries. It could also attend classes from office or home. Furthermore, students could schedule classes in accordance with their convenience.           

Best online education service providers


Today, considering an acknowledged statement i.e. online education is good similar to classroom learning its benefits are too identified by everyone. List of certain best websites, which ensure online education is good similar to classroom learning, are provided as follows:   

  • Coursera – This is most trusted and appreciated website, which provides service of online learning. The website provides with multiple courses at different subjects. The excellent thing is that course has integrated with multiple reputed universities across the world. It means that student would attain leading certification of university over completion of course from the website. It ensures that online education is good similar to classroom learning. From the data science to the musical theory, a wide variety of courses at different disciplines is applicable over website. Students might select multiple courses for free or at nominal cost over the platform. However, an essential fact is university’s certification would charge quite higher amount.        
  • Khan Academy – It is an effective and popular website of online learning, which offers a comprehensive variety of educating cost-free micro lectures. The academy is aimed at provision of best information over traditional subjects. One could learn at a length over subjects such as Humanities, Science, Math and others by help of the video along with texted study material. Prior to proceeding with advance studies at your subject, you must master knowledge of yours through usage of free lessons by the website.       
  • Udemy – Although being not free, still it is famous name in field of the online education. It is the most effective websites at online education because they sum around 800 latest courses every month. It means that there is a large range of courses for you to select, which fits your needs. The website charges fees that differ to $500 from $10 based on that course.     
  • MIT OpenCourseWare– This functions under Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This website provides multiple courses for selection. The important and realistic knowledge are offered to students over text, audio, tutorials and video.     
  • Code Academy – The website offers best courses in the coding. It provides freedom of access to everyone. By help of the gamified point system and supportive groups, the website helps students in learning coding concepts such as PHP, Ruby, Python, and others in quick speed. By end of course, the students are able to develop programming project independently.   
  • National Geographic Kids – It is the ultimate platform for the kids for learning during having fun. This website offers informal surrounding for the kids to help them learn more efficiently and effortlessly. Kids learn different academic topics through solving games and quizzes. The photographs and fun videos maintain them engaged in entire procedure of learning.       
  • University of Oxford Podcasts – Podcasts learning tends to be very effective. The website provides opportunity of learning subjects to Economics from Journalism by Podcasts. Poscasts is concerned with series of the public lectures or lectures of visiting professors, which one requires for subscribing the lectures. It offers detailed information over the topic as well as runs for longer period.     
  • General assembly – It emphasises over business, teaching designing and technology. The office over the website is relied over New York, which offers on-campus classes at various cities. They provide multiple popular lectures through live-streaming. It provides authentic feeling of actual classroom, the place where a student interacts to other students. 
  • iTunes U Free Courses – It is concerned with an application that facilitates students for learning concepts over iPad, iPod or iPhone. It tends to be quite simple in downloading and starting learning instantly. The application provides various courses over different subjects. Video tutorials and free podcasts are applicable over the platform.  Some content is applicable over paid basis. As an Apple application, it is unavailable over Windows phone, Google or Android. 
  • Alison – This website provides with free of cost online services associated with online education. Various aspects associated with business medical and technology is applicable over the website. Furthermore, they offer with various language courses. The website gives certification if completion of course which validates learning of yours and helps you at attainment job.  

It has been clarified that there are different ways by which online education is good similar to classroom learning! Such online education is preferred on offline through many elegant students.  

This article is mainly to make graduate students understand the major differences between copywriting and proofreading which will enable them to be more careful the next time they design a research paper and know how it functions.

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