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Part-time Jobs For Students In Australia

Part-time Jobs for Students in Australia

Being a popular destination for higher studies, a lot of students go to Australia to pursue their career dreams. 

However, while the academic programs demand a big sum of money to be paid, the accommodation, stationery, and other charges add up and make a hefty amount that as well. To help yourself, why not start studying and working together? Many students opt for jobs during their academic years to earn some extra cash to manage their expense better. Finding the right part-time job which gives you a good earning without interfering in your studies can be a tricky task too. 

Here are some suggestions for part time in Australia that are easy to find and not need much learning to do. They will not only give you the chance to earn, but also gain experience at various things.

1. Administration

A number of offices in and around the city require office assistants, front desk attendants etc. at any time of the year. Try getting a job at such places, where the work is mostly indoors and does not make you stressed out.

2. Bartending

The bar guy always catches everyone’s eye at the club! Becoming a bartender can fetch you good money and a lot of fun time too. You would require having a RSA certificate, i.e. Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate to begin your work. Don’t worry you would not have to run from desks to desks to get them as the certificates are quite easy to obtain. The usual wages are $20 to $25 for each hour, with the overtime paid too. It is a suitable job for students as the working hours are usually in the night or on weekends. Thus, you would not be lagging behind in your classes.

3. Babysitting

Quite a popular option to carry on with your studies, babysitting won’t require any skill, certificate or qualification for sure. Patience would be suggested though, as kids may get tough to handle at times. But it becomes a relaxing job once you put them to bed too!
The payment can be negotiated with the parents for your services.

4. Content writing

If you have the writing skills in you, content writing can be a great option. It would help you in your career further too as you would master the way to use words in the best way. Find a part-time for a company, blog or a website that requires content writers and is willing to take in students for part-time as well. You can also mention about your content writing job in your resume, which would be of value while you share your profile with people too.

5. Photography

It would be necessary to possess fine skills in photography to start your photography career along with your studies. Develop a portfolio to show your skills to the companies or professional photographers to give you your chance. The beginning may hit you hard as it takes time and experience to master the skill, but you can earn well once you know the art well. Students who work as part-time photographers make often make it up as a full-time career too.

6. Pizza delivery

One of the most common part-time job options, pizza delivery can be an easy job to do. The shift timings are flexible and you can choose as per your academic schedule. Payment is paid for each hour you work, and some pizza places pay for working over time too. It can be a good option to work at the pizza outlet near your college itself, as you can save time in travelling.

7. Social media managing

It is a must for any brand or organization to have an acclaimed presence online, which has made digital marketing the need of the hour. Well, why not try in a hand at that! You can try in getting hired by a company and work part-time for them or establish yourself as freelance social media manager and offer your services. 


8. Waiter

Working as a part of the serving staff for a restaurant or café is another option which is easy to find. All you got to have is a courteous behavior towards the customers. Apart from the salary offered, you can earn some extra bucks as tips too. 

9. Working at the university

There are few roles available for students in the university itself such as library staff, cafeteria staff etc. it can be a great job to work in the college premises itself and earn out of it. Keep an eye for such positions as such positions fill up as quickly as they are announced.

10. Tutoring 

If you are excellent at a subject, why not teach it to others and start earning from it? You can give in classes to school students for the subjects which you are best at. The amount depends on your skills and experience. But once your students do well and you are in demand, you can mint money easily out of it!

11. Call centre operators

This job offers a good pay, wherein you will be handling call operations at a call centre. Typically the employees work in rotational shifts, thus students can choose shift which suits them the best.

12. Secretary


Assisting someone can be a good part-time job as well. Look out for opportunities wherein employers are looking for assistants or secretaries and try winning the opportunity. Or if you know someone who needs a secretary, try your luck and offer your services.

13. Retail store assistance

Retail stores require people who are available during working hours to assist their customers. You can look for a job in suitable shifts and earn a good pocket money in such positions.

14. Blogging

Blogging is a hit thing in the market today. If you have a flair for writing and can showcase your skills or endorse products on a digital platform, try in for becoming a blogger. Pick up a genre in which you can work well such as food, travel, fashion, makeup, health etc and get straight to work. You may have to face tough initial days without money, but surely you can begin earning once you become popular.

15. Supermarket assistance

Like the retail brands, supermarkets too require people to attend customers, billing and coordinating for the products. You can work in here as a part-time job and earn a decent amount on a per hour basis.

This article is mainly to make graduate students understand the major differences between copywriting and proofreading which will enable them to be more careful the next time they design a research paper and know how it functions.

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