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Stranded Overseas Amid Coronavirus: Don’t Panic, Take Some Key Steps!

Stranded Overseas Amid Coronavirus: Don’t Panic, Take Some Key Steps!

The world is seeing an unprecedented time. A time that is testing for everyone irrespective of social and economic differences. The corona virus crisis has hit many of us unprepared. This is especially true if you are an international student stuck in the country that you are studying in. You are far away from the comfort of home, and more importantly, the warmth of your loved ones. There is no certainty on when this crisis will end. And everything just seems like it is going to fall apart.

If you are one of those students, we hear you and know that it is difficult to keep calm. But here are some things that you should keep in mind when you are under lockdown in a foreign country. This will help you deal with the situation better.

1. Get In Touch With Your Embassy

 Firstly, get in touch with your embassy. It is important to send the message home that you are stuck and need help. Almost every country is trying to bring back all their citizens stuck abroad or ensure their safety in the country that they are in. If you are able to get in touch with your country’s embassy, then it will be easier for your government to know how to get to you when they plan a rescue operation. Even if you are not going back to your family, your embassy can help you with necessities like food, medicine and a place to stay, if you have none.

2. Check Your Visa Validity

Make sure that you check and double-check the details on your visa. If your visa is running out during the period that your country or city is under lockdown, once again, immediately shoot a mail to the embassy. Explain the situation to them and seek for an extension. Do not be nervous. These are testing times and most countries across the world are making exceptions under the circumstances.

3. Stay In Self-Isolation, ALWAYS!

Remember that the only way you can help the community fight the virus is by being in self-isolation. And by self-isolation, I mean complete self-isolation. Not even group studies or Netflix sessions. If you and your friends really want to give each other company then do so virtually via applications like Skype or Zoom. You can continue your academics with the help of professional assignment help online services. Their online assignment writer for your subject will help you to meet your academic commitments as well as understand several complex concepts without stepping out of your home. It is important for you to understand that if you get infected then you make it dangerous for your home country to take you back. So, take self-isolation seriously.

4. Practice Meditation

Apart from the very obvious physical fallout of this global pandemic, there’s also a great mental cost. It is not easy to stay away from home during such trying times. On one hand, you are under lockdown yourself and don’t know how things will plan out, while on the other, your loved ones, stuck miles away, are also facing the same thing. This constant anxiety for yourself and your loved ones can be extremely mentally taxing. It is, therefore, important to take care of your mental health. Use applications like Headspace to meditate for at least some time in the morning or evening. It will keep you calm and ensure that you don’t fall sick from the anxiety.

5. Exercise Regularly

Taking from the earlier point, your physical health is intrinsically related to your mental health. It can get very depressing to stay at home all day. But you must push yourself to do some kind of exercise while you are at home in order to keep all your happy hormones flowing in these sad times. There are a lot of home workout videos on YouTube that show you how to get in some physical activity with or without basic equipment. Choose one video of the many every morning and werk, werk, werk!

6. Stock Up, But Don’t Hoard

In these times, it important to have empathy. Especially if you are living as a guest in another country. When you are stocking up for the lockdown, remember to buy only as much as you need for, say, 3 weeks to a month. Don’t hoard for months at one go. Everyone needs access to essentials at this time. Countries, such as Italy, which is one of the worst affected, has set an example for the world by not hoarding, even during times of crisis. In all places across the world, shops for essential items like groceries or milk or gas are open. You don’t need to hoard. Just buy enough at one time to not have to come out too soon.

7. Help Out Those In Need

It is at these times that you realize that karma always comes back. So, while you hope that your loved ones are getting all the help back in your country, do your bit for the needy in the country that you are in. Since you are a student, and young, you are less susceptible to the disease than the elderly. Offer to deliver medicines from the pharmacy to the doorsteps of the elderly, help them with daily chores like walking their dogs, leave some food outside your house for strays, and more such things. If you can help the families of someone you know who is less fortunate than you, do that too.

8. Work For Others From Your Country Who Are Stuck

Even among those from your country who might be stuck in the same country as you, there might be people with varying privileges. If you know or are alerted about a migrant worker or someone similar from your country who is stuck and unable to fulfill the formalities to get in touch with your home country, help him or her out. Open your house to them for a few days, if you can, while maintaining the rules of social distancing. Remember, this is the most important time to stand up for your fellow countrymen.

As many are saying- this too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but we know that if we survive, we will come out on the other side much, much stronger. So, stay positive and try to make the most of your time alone. Happy Quarantine!

This article is mainly to make graduate students understand the major differences between copywriting and proofreading which will enable them to be more careful the next time they design a research paper and know how it functions.

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