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Technology Empowering Student’s Life

Technology Empowering Student’s Life

Technology is a huge part of our daily lives, especially for the youth. We might give up eating or sleeping but giving up our phones or laptops is a complete no-no deal. Completing every work with help of some of the other means of technology has become a habit for every person now. It makes our lives simpler and more proficient.

Technology saves a lot of our time and helps us make our work more efficient. We spend so much of our time using technology, but we never really stop to realize how it has affected our lives. As students, technology is our life; we cannot do anything right if we don’t take the help of technology. From classes to homework, from clearing doubts to self-study; we are surrounded by technology. 

In classes, the teacher uses the projector to teach the topic. Although it strains our eyes and makes us sleepy it helps a lot to understand the explanation. The diagrams are clearer and the actual movement of a lot of things is easy to understand. It decreases the work done by the teacher in the class too and allows time for more problems to be solved and cleared. Even if we don’t understand in class there are explanations from different professors online which helps us understand the concept thoroughly. 

For people who want to know the subject in deep can also look it up and study that material properly without a lot of trouble.

Teachers have started sending homework and notes through different sites or apps. They upload the presentation which they used to explain the concept, on the site; this helps a lot when we study by ourselves and forget something important. There are extra problems and quizzes that help with preparing for the examinations. Online fifteen minute tests are the best to go through before an exam as it is a quick way to understand how much of what we studied did we retained in our minds. 

For admissions there are online portals, so no more standing in long queues or elbowing through a huge crowd to get a glimpse of the admission list. 

Online admission portals help in applying for a lot of colleges and institutes at once. Even for admissions in universities abroad; knowing what we should prepare for and what the university offers help in preparing for the university. There are sites that help out with each and every round the university undergoes for its admissions. Example for some people getting through the examination round is easy but going through the interviews is a huge deal. 

These sites tell you how to practice for the interview or the group discussion. 

As the competition among students is increasing, passing the competitive exams is getting harder. For people who are not able to afford the proper classes specifically designed to teach for competitive exams, learning apps and online course material help a lot. For them, getting their doubts cleared in time is a very hard thing. 

Even for that, the internet has a solution.

There are open forums where people can come and ask their doubts and anybody from the entire world who knows anything about it can help the confused student out. There are video lectures by great and renowned professors about particular concepts that help in understanding the subject. We can ask the silliest questions on the internet and get the answer for it without being judged. So, for all the curious souls out there, the internet is the best place they can ever be in. 

There have been a lot of times where we received a topic or assignment to write and we have no idea how to go about it. For situations like this, there are applications that help us generate ideas, it gives us a skeleton form of what should be done and we can build on it ourselves. The internet and the social media help the students to discuss their ideas and beliefs with other people and get to know different perspectives of a given situation. 

It helps in socializing and communicating, teaching the students about people and how to deal with them. 

For students living away from their families, technology is a blessing. It is hard to adjust to a new place but through technology, you can connect with your family in seconds.  While earlier when technology was not so advanced the students had to pay to send a letter or a fax to their parents telling them about any important information and then have a long wait of weeks to receive the reply. But thanks to the technological developments we can contact our families immediately if we feel down or miss home. These are the luxuries we are lucky to have and should acknowledge its importance.

“With technology at their disposal to invent potentially far-reaching solutions, the sky’s the limit for our next generation of scientists.”

Rightly said by Ann Woo, Sr. Director of Corporate Citizenship for Samsung Electronics America that there will be no limit to what the youth can do when they have so much information at their disposal. Information is a very strong weapon and when acquired can make or break worlds. The technology, the internet has made it so painless for us to get access to information that it feels unreal. 

We can know about what was the first thing that existed in the universe to what will be the end of the universe with just a few clicks. When information is presented to us on a platter we should make the most of it. When once girls were not even allowed to study, now they are acquiring double degrees and becoming scholars. Places like South Africa, where education was the least of their priorities are now promoting the achievement of quality, relevant and inclusive education for all. 

All this is happening with the help of technological advancements.


Although no matter how much technology flourishes in the future it cannot replace direct explanations by the teachers. Technology can alleviate many problems but cannot substitute the description given by a good teacher or mentor. 

But whatever we say technology is the lifeline of today’s world.


This article is mainly to make graduate students understand the major differences between copywriting and proofreading which will enable them to be more careful the next time they design a research paper and know how it functions.

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