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10 Best Universities To Study MBA In Australia

10 best universities to study MBA in Australia

The most popular MBA study destination in Asia-Pacific is Australia, ahead of India, China and Singapore and also the number fourth destination in the world. 

Almost a quarter of international responses are for Australian MBA universities. And also, after the U.K and the U.S.A, Australia is the third most famous destination for international students for MBA studies. In Australia, many globally top-ranked and known business schools are located. Australia is home to several prestigious universities that are highly ranked and well-known around the world. 


International students who have enrolled themselves in full time can also work up to 20 hours a week to sustain their financial ability. International students can also opt to work in hospitality and retail. As these jobs have flexible hours, it can help them to avoid the clashes to class hours. The minimum wage one gets in Australia is $15.51 per hour. Many organizations, institutions, and government bodies help international students financially. 


Australia also tries to retain those international students graduated from the country through skilled migration program provided the students should not be sponsored by an employer in prior. 


International students also get medical assistance or help from the Australian government through an established scheme called as Overseas Health Cover, it must be applied prior to arrival to the country. Entering Australia also has some strict rules like what can be bought and what cannot be brought into the country.


There are many public and private universities in Australia, all of which offer tertiary qualifications of a high standard at par to the best institutions of the world. Though it is difficult to categorize the best amongst the best, we brought the 10 best universities to study MBA in Australia for your knowledge: 


  1. The University of Melbourne (Melbourne Business School)

International recruiters and business academics held Melbourne Business School as the number one destination for MBA in Australia. In the year 1965, this institution was awarded the best in Australia. Although it fails to rank first in Asia Pacific region and subsequently held a rank of 7th. 

  1. University of New South Wales (AGSM MBA)

In Australia, AGSM has been maintaining its position for years. While being the second best MBA College in Australia, it is the final member of top 10 MBA colleges in Asia-Pacific region.

  1. Australian National University (College of Business and Economics)

The third destination for MBA is located in the country’s capital city of Canberra. From general studies to statistics, the school has a strong inclination towards research. It has a rank of 11th in the listings of Asia-Pacific region.

  1. La Trobe University (La Trobe Business School)

The launch of a new program in the year 2012, has made the reputation of La Trobe high and also maintaining ever since then. The employment segment has also increased tremendously. The offerings were initially in Melbourne only and it’s expanding since then to other places like the State of Victoria.

  1. Monash University (Monash Business School)

This is one of the two business schools in Australia which holds AMBA accreditation. The students should have three years of experience prior to the admission. The architecture of the school is specially designed to allow students to work and study in the combination. It has the highest proportion of International students along with the highest proportion of female students in the business class.

  1. University of Queensland (UQ Business School)

In 1972, it started with just 3 staffs and the first student was enrolled from the Brisbane-based institution. That was the start and it didn’t look back ever since then. It is one of the partners with Wharton School among nine to collaborate for student exchange program in doing consultancy projects across the globe.

  1. University of Wollongong (Sydney Business School)

It offers MBA as well as some of the specialized degrees from two locations in Central Sydney and Wollongong. This school is one of those six members who are a signatory to PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education), an initiative by the UN Global Compact.

  1. Macquarie University (Macquarie Graduate School of Management)

It has been reported as the top 10’s highest GMAT score (680). It is also one among the well-established MBA colleges in Australia. This school was founded in the year 1969 and also offered in MBA in 1994 from a campus in Hong Kong. The school has raised a scholarship fund of 7 million USD recently to encourage female enrollment and which in turn aim to reduce gender imbalance in Australian MBA.

  1. RMIT University (Graduate School of Business and Law)

The university began towards the end of 19th century as working men’s college. It changes its name in 1960 and granted a university in 1992 by Elizabeth II of England. The full-time MBA here in RMIT usually takes one and half years to two years to complete. It also has executive MBA specially designed for pre experienced students. This executive MBA is an option given to students to enrol themselves in Ho Chi Minh City at RMIT Vietnam.

  1. University of Western Australia (UWA Business School)

In the year 2007, UWA Business School emerged in Western Australia’s capital city of Perth. The UWA started offering MBA from 1973 but in 2015 it started offering full time and part time MBA programs in full fledge.


Australia has produced more CEO and technology entrepreneurs who are really contributing great to the society through their work. One who gets graduated from Australian University has the higher chance of highly paid employability than any other graduates across the globe. The University has a record of highest number of millionaire alumni than any other country’s university to talk about.


Australia has the world’s second largest highest paid MBA graduates. So, you are definitely on the right track if your budget is not a constraint. So, what are you waiting for? If you are the one who is actually passionate about career, then this is the best destination to be stopped for MBA. 

Good Luck with your dreams ahead.

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