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What Are The Crucial Sections Of Research Paper Writing?

What are the crucial sections of Research Paper Writing?

There is an extremely delicate boundary between a Research Paper and an academic essay and merely a few of us recognize the contrast. 

Any form of essay generally focuses on presenting, supporting or arguing against a view. It may be related to answering a particular question along with certain evidence or arguments. However, a research paper is focused on representing the analytical skills of a student.  A basic Research Paper has a qualitative or quantitative method with a Research question and a hypothesis that demonstrates it with the needed output of samplings. 

Another form of a research paper is related to the comprehensive study undertaken by Ph.D. Students where the field of Research is extensive and the Degree of difficulty is offered where their page count is 50-60 greatest and it secures you a Doctorate designation before your name and in an essay, you resolve this. A Ph.D. Degree can intensify your specifications as you will be an Academic literary and a dissertation is encompassed within your institution and your workplace. 

Constructing an essay right from your plan until your hypothesis evaluation and references is a tough task but not inconceivable, good things take time but they happen to you. 

The art of producing a thesis Paper appears with simple hard work and Academic integrity as nothing comes naturally to us, keep a set of details in your mind for the purpose of precision and must adhere to a robust Academic style in creating your paper. 

The next essential thing you have to work out is slimming down your field of Research, let's say you are doing a Research paper on the negative impacts of media on children clear that a topic like this requires a set of responsibility and analysis where you will take a long-term to develop into your analysis and conclusion. This turns into an issue if you don’t have a chance of time and your readers might feel it boring and mundane and to avoid this you can instead narrow down the question into the mental issues children deal with due to Social media. 

This piece shall deal what are all the to-do things before you create your essay and what are some prevalent errors Students of this age do and how to escape it by choosing the requested help from your professors and alternative data collection methods you need to apply. It shall also look into other issues one faces while designing their Research Paper.


It is not an obscure task when you realize what you are working out and how you are doing by carrying out all your pre-planning according to what is in your mind and talking to an academician of that area of discipline will also help you produce a good output and it shall add value and good quality to your paper. 

Several students make a mistake of starting the work on a research paper from literature review section and moving ahead to data or information analysis while going back to the introduction section after completing a majority of research and writing. 


 It is necessary that your research paper moves ahead in a systematic manner where the background to the research problem, associated objectives, and research question are pre-defined along with possible limitations of the proposed research work. Approaching the research paper in a non-systematic manner hampers the validity fo results and marking up of literature and results as per the expected objectives of the study. 

These are some critical areas where you should offer most time with and work more on your Research: -

1.     Selecting a Research Problem: - commonly noticed among undergraduate Students especially in the Social Sciences School that they decide on a very naïve Research problem. The parameters you have to keep in mind must include the proximity of the problem, available of literature review, the freshness of the question and a well-planned research proposal. However, it is also good to select a topic of research study or paper depending upon the gap in the concerned field of study. 

The selection of a good topic forms the basis of selection of an appropriate research problem acting as the foundation of research objectives, literature search, and review and data collection and analysis to help find answers to pre-defined research questions. 


2.     Literature Review: - Let’s face it, most of us don’t really fancy this part of the research paper because it is complicated and time-consuming and not all of us are patient enough to sit and read through articles from Jstor and Google Scholar as it gets some restless and students to find it boring. The alternative to this is you can use the library and carry good stationery with you and read and review it accordingly. 

The format is you read the entire literature review that is in support of your argument and write an abstract of around 300-500 words where you also mention a good conclusion. It is to be noted that the literature review under a research paper does not limit itself to a summary of arguments or ideas. It needs to be presented in an analytical manner where views and counterviews on every concept and idea should be provided to reach a literature gap. 

The critical analysis and arguments act as the route to identify the gap that the research paper focus to address and fill in with the research results 


3.     A well analyzed Research Method: - There is a problem when it comes to drawing the difference between the Method and Methodology with some students. Understanding the difference between methods and methodology is of paramount importance. A method is simply a research tool, a component of research – say, for example, a qualitative method such as interviews. The methodology is the justification for using a particular research method. 

It is advised to read a lot on how to choose the correct method by taking help from your guides or from Online Research paper wing of few websites available on the Internet


4.     Your Hypothesis: - A hypothesis sums up most of your research and this is very crucial for those who have to design a research paper for the first time, so one must allocate maximum time for this section as if this goes wrong you research paper becomes invalid. This part of the research paper is what proves the validity aspect of your research problem, so take maximum help from your guides and you can skim through this easily. 

A Hypothesis is a hypothetical situation where you try proving your research problem with so it’s advised to take up more than three hypothesis for being on the safer side


5.     The Sample and Sample size: - A wise choice of samples is essential as you will be working with them you should inquire about who your potential board of trustee individuals is: what are their interests, what theses they've endorsed before, and who they've worked with previously. You need to work with panel individuals who coexist with each other yet you additionally don't need the board of trustee individuals who are not very excessively energetic about your exploration topic– you'll never wrap up! Pick an advisory group with a direct learning of your subject, not looking to change the world. 

Changing advisory group individuals anytime is for the most part, not a smart though, and will probably add a very long time to your thesis procedure. Remember this when settling on the imperative panel choices

6.     Referencing: - This is another tumultuous task in terms of a research paper and it is vital to use the correct format according to your research paper among the various referencing styles available right from MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc. The Microsoft word also has an inbuilt referencing style and that is also widely accepted in most of the universities. 

However, it is always recommended to take expert help in identifying the proper referencing style and meeting the standards of the format in an accurate format. This particular section holds key importance in research paper writing and needs to be taken care of along with the in-text citations required at every step of justifying the arguments. 

 It is necessary to approach a research paper in a systematic manner with appropriate objectives, analytical literature review and research methodology ensuring validity and reliability of results or arguments presented at the end of the paper





This article is mainly to make graduate students understand the major differences between copywriting and proofreading which will enable them to be more careful the next time they design a research paper and know how it functions.

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