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Why So Many Students Hate Maths- Tips to Fix the Problem

Maths is considered as one of the most dreaded subjects among students globally. And this hatred and criticism for the subject has been there since long time. When a survey was done for the most disliked subject, maths was the least favorite among students. So, what makes maths the most averse subject? It would be safe to say that it is due to a mix of various reasons. Partly it is because how maths is taught in our traditional education system. Also, the aptitude of students for the subject is really low. This is mainly because the kids don’t realize or are unaware of the application on maths in real life.

Irrespective of the fact that the child is doing well in other subjects, maths is a real trouble for maximum students. Mathematical anxiety is a real thing now, for the cure of which it is important to understand real reasons behind the students’ dislike for the subject. 

How can we, as parents make the maths subject more appreciated by children? Let us first try to understand the reasons behind this fear and dislike for maths and also figure out ways to fix this problem.

The Subject Has Limited Ways to Score Marks

The students while studying eye an ultimate goal which is true for all students globally – score good marks. In this relation maths is disappointing as the answer can be either right or wrong. On the contrast, other subjects like English can be quite scoring as marks are scored individually on grammar, creativity, spelling, punctuation, and many more. 

How to help student?

In this aspect, parents and teachers can help the students by helping him to focus on the understanding of material and concepts. Teach the child that answer being either right or wrong is a positive thing. Make your child understand that if he clears his concepts regarding the subject, he can score straight high marks with correct answers. On the other side, with English you can also lose marks easily. 

Students Find the Subject Boring and Dull

Most commonly the reason behind the subject being so disliked among students is that they find the subject boring and very dull. The idea of learning about the numbers and formulas is not interesting to the kids at the least when compared to studying grammar or history as they find it easier to connect to these subjects. The lack of understanding the relevance of maths in practical life and finding it abstract is the main cause behind this. 

How to help students with this?

Showing the kids the application of maths in practical use is important to make them understand the relevance of the numbers and formulae. Parents can introduce the kids to known people who have a career in numbers to realize their use. Furthermore, taking kids for grocery shopping and other errands can introduce them to the use of maths in everyday life too.

The Subject Requires Lot of Memorization

Memorizing numerous equations and numbers can be quite daunting for students. Our mathematics assignment help experts can assist students in finding new ways to memorize important equations while offering expert assistance in the form of arithmetic assignment helptrigonometry assignment help and geometry assignment help

Help the Child by Guiding in Problem Solving

Parents must guide kids to not cram or memorize the formulae but to understand the working of these formulae and complete problem solving. If students rely only on memorization then they are unable to apply knowledge and then lag behind getting demotivated when they have to solve problems that are out of the box and require the application of concepts. 

Offering number-based brain teasers is a great way to let child develop understanding of the concepts and build problem solving skills rather than relying solely on memorizing for passing the exams. 


Self-doubting your capabilities can be quite detrimental for confidence. The children in school are as it is at a tender age of developing confidence and are finding their niche and place, the school pressure regarding performing well in maths can take its toll. The peer pressure of friends performing better than you can lower the confidence even more making the child doubt his capabilities and leading to eventual dislike for the subject. This holds true for students lacking aptitude for the maths subject especially. 

How can parents support the children and fix this problem?

The first step towards dealing with this problem is to stop making comparisons between your child and his friends regarding the marks and performance in school. This only makes the child doubt himself more and hate the subject for bad scores. 

Positive talks from parents are magical for children in general. Praise your child for positive performance and that he is trying hard. Sit with your child helping him with the homework and constantly encourage him. The correct use of words is the key here. 

Teaching Method

How a teacher teaches and how he handles the children in class has a great impact on performance of students. It is often seen that kids like a boring subject more than science because of the teacher. The way of teaching maths by the teacher if doesn’t click with the student or if it is too fast or slow paced for his abilities, the fear for the subject may arise. This leads to poor performance and increased dislike for the subject.

How to help your child in this scenario?

Communicating and discussing the situation with your child’s teacher is the first step to handle this problem. Many times the teachers are cooperative and try to mould their teaching method or pay extra attention for added support to the child. If this is not possible then parents can start teaching themselves at home for customized support according to the child’s needs. 

Maths is a very interesting and dynamic subject if understood well by the student. The practical application of the subject in everyday life are added advantage. Right aptitude can be developed for students who have deep hate for maths. Once this is handled, which is very much possible, maths can be fun and interesting.

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