BMGT2002 Managing Operations In Organization: Assessment 3b Answer

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UnitBMGT2002/BUS2002/BUS202– Managing Operations
Assessment TypeGroup Assessment
Assessment Number3b
Assessment NameGroup Presentation
Alignment with Unit and CourseUnit Learning Outcomes:
ULO 2: Explain how operations objectives and strategies fit within an organization ULO 3: Describe the many facets of the operations process (design, planning/control, and improvement) and how to manage these
ULO 4: Explain the concept of total Quality Control
ULO 5: Evaluate a practical operations management scenario
Graduate Attributes:
GA 1: Communication
GA 3: Research
GA 4: Critical Thinking GA 6: Flexibility
Assessment DescriptionYour Group Presentation (Part B) will represent the key points and insights that your group has secured in A3 Part A (3000 words Group Report) that has been submitted in week 10 Students will remain in the same group they have formed for Assessment 3 Part A (group report) and work together to prepare and make a presentation in class.

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