BMGT3001 Governance And Business Ethics: Three Part Assessment 3 Answer

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Unit Semester 2, 2021 BMGT3001 Governance and Business Ethics
Assessment TypeProject
Assessment Number3
Assessment NameThree Part Assessment
Unit Learning Outcomes AssessedLO1: Examine the contribution of an ethical schema to the good governance of the organization.
LO2: Analyse the interplay between ethical decision making & strategic thinking at organisational, professional & personal levels & understand the steps to balance them more effectively.
LO 3: Evaluate ethical dilemmas in the global environment based on the knowledge of diverse cultural and philosophical traditions that influence behavior.
LO 4: Reflect on theory and practice to develop and justify solutions for complex management problems relating to ethics and social responsibility.
Alignment with Unit and CourseUnit Learning OutcomeGraduate Attributes Assessed
ULO 3: Evaluate ethical dilemmas in the globalGA 1: Communication environment based on the knowledge of diverseGA 2: Collaboration cultural and philosophical traditions that influence GA 3: Research behavior.GA 4: Critical Thinking
ULO 4: Reflect on theory and practice toGA 5: Ethical Behavior Develop and justify solutions for complexGA 6: Flexibility management problems relating to ethics and social
Word Count:2000
Assessment Description
  • Assessment 3 will familiarize students with case studies related to local or global scenarios.
  • You will work individually to prepare a project on 2 case studies related to any current issue affecting at the local, national or global scale and give answers to two (2) questions from each case study (questions may be given in the case study or you can prepare on your own).
  • You will write an additional case study either on real personal experience or a hypothetical one and answer 2 self generated questions.

  • Must include:

  • Title Page-It should give the name of the case study and the name of the topic of ethics to which it belongs to.
  • Introduction
  • Brief description of each case study
  • Your Argument
  • Ethical Decision Making Approaches & Theories
Explain which ethical decision making approaches and theories your relied upon to reach your conclusions and why.
  • 2 Questions and answers to each case study ( For all 3)
  • Reference List
Research Requirements
  • Research required supporting discussion and analysis in report. Sources should be varied and include, but not limited to, the Textbook, Newspaper articles, Books and Journal articles.
  • A minimum of 5resources.
  • You should also use the EBSCO Databases, accessible through the Library Moodle page.
Detailed Submission RequirementsBefore submission please ensure that the submitted work satisfies the following requirements:
  • The assignment must be typewritten;
  • The assignment must follow the Harvard referencing style;
  • Word length:2000 words;
  • Font/Font size: Times New Roman (preferred) /12, regular;
  • Page numbers: yes;
  • Line Spacing: 1.5;
  • Paragraph Style: Justified.

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