BN109 Prepare Website Documentation Prior To Developing Personal Website Assessment 1 Answer

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BN109 Web and Multimedia Systems 

Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
TrimesterT2 2020
Unit CodeBN109
Unit TitleWeb and Multimedia Systems
Assessment TypeAssignment 1 (Individual)
Assessment TitleTo prepare a website documentation prior to developing a personal website to show case their talents to prospective employers
Purpose   of   the
(withULO Mapping)
Student should be able to:
  1. Analyze the structure of the Web and build web forms 
  2. Discuss the Web site development process
  3. Apply good design and coding practices to ensure the standards-compliance, presentation, and usefulness of Web and multimedia content
  4. Plan, design, produce and test a multimedia project
Total Marks80
Word limitNot applicable
· All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
· The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Times Mew Roman (Body) font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings.
· Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using IEEE referencing style.

Description of the assessment:

In this assignment, student is required to develop website. Table 1 shows the description of all the pages of the website that you need to create in this assignment. Please read table carefully and develop the website to show case your IT skills to prospective employer(s). 


Home page (index)
This page should have a logo (design your own logo), a unique tagline
(Few words to explain the uniqueness to describe the website).
Please design your unique favicon that goes with respective page title.
You may include your image and your goals you want to achieve in future.

Education (education.html)
Write a brief description of yourself on maximum academic qualification you have achieved so far. You may mention your high school education and the program you are currently enrolled.

Digital Images (collage.html)
Use this page to display collage that you will develop during your lab participations. Write brief summary of how you prepare collage. Collage and other images should have neat caption below them. Provide alternative text for every images/non-text media. See example in appendix at the end of this document.
Digital Video (video.html)Insert a video you have developed in labs using HTML video tags. 

Skills (skills.html)
Use this page to indicate skills you require to have to as an employable web developer. Embed a YouTube video relevant to skills required for a web developer. 

Contact Us (contact.html)
Use this page to display appropriate form elements to grab users’
Comments and inquiry.
Footer (Not a separate 
page but part of all the pages)
Insert the Copyright information, useful links like disclaimer, privacy policy and social media links with relevant medias.

In addition to above requirements of webpages shown in the table, go a step further to demonstrate the use of search engine optimization as outlined in the marking scheme. You can use <meta> definition to optimize the search in each page

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Web and Multimedia Systems


The specific combination of multiple forms of media refers to multimedia. Web-based multimedia is, therefore, a word used to describe the multimedia contained inside web pages (sound, video, or animation, text and images). Web-based multimedia sites, comparable to others, view necessary information by the user through embedded links. Websites for multimedia are immersive, sometimes featuring items in which the user allows interaction. Instances of this will be a video clip or game playing or pausing, and manipulating a 3D object. Web-based multimedia was primarily confined at one point, because both computers and the internet networks were too quick to accommodate it. The huge increase in device and internet connation speeds has made web-based media feasible across time, and the success of web-based multimedia is rapidly increasing. Today , the vast majority of sites display some form of multimedia. It is also included in advertising, for example, as standard website content (TV shows and pictures posted by TV networks or podcasts), informative videos of available goods sold by businesses, or as 'user-generated content,' such as videos uploaded to YouTube or images uploaded to Flickr.


There are a wide range of web-based mobile devices and they can be found all around the Web. Multimedia is considered to be a site that includes more than one form of media. Pages that, along with text, contain music, video, animation, and/or images fall into this category. Usually, various programs such as these are used by these sites to transmit such details to the web page user. Makers can use images and user guides based on PDFs to pass on main landmarks to audiences regarding their goods. In other instances, multimedia could be used as a learning tool where tourists can educate through tutorial videos or a news website to inform their readers via their websites using videos and broadcast recordings. When accessing their sites besides the text-based details of their tour, photographs and sound are often used by many performers. In web-based communication systems, media also plays a significant factor. With growth of internet services on the Net, individuals can now enjoy their favourite TV. It illustrates whenever they have the spare time to do so, and there is an internet service from everywhere. Along with their informative text of the episodes online, websites like Netflix and Hulu use audio, video, and often small picture icons. Regarding these multimedia applications, Internet access rate and throughput are some aspects to bear in mind. Almost all of the websites for streaming content, including news, sports, or TV. Shows, etc. for high definition viewing need a minimum broadband link speed of 500Kbs. As the concept increases and vice versa, the minimum speed requirement expands. As some service providers put a limit on the amount of information that can be handled, bandwidth plays an important role as well. Most "smart" phone network operators set a limit of 1 GB or 2 GB per month and, if this limit is violated, charge extra fees. Provided the concrete process, one hour TV. The display can be up to 200 Mb, as this can easily add up, it is prudent to pay attention to the bandwidth being consumed.


Although there is no argument that there is still a growing interest in technology education, the significant progress in recent years has been remarkable. Funding and expenditure on education is on the increasing. Maybe one wonders why. This is why we're going to discuss five of the advantages that multimedia learning brings to the classroom of the 21st century, which might lead to the recent boom in edtech.

The advantages of learning through web based multimedia:

Deeper understanding

An advantage of multimedia instruction, as per research, is that it makes fun of the ability of the mind to create ties among verbal and visual information interpretations, leading to greater understanding, which then in turn facilitates the transition of teaching to other circumstances. In modern classrooms of the 21st century, all of this is significant, because we are teaching people for a society when higher-level thought; solution solving and teamwork skills will be needed.

Improved problem solving

A substantial proportion of the human brain devotes itself to visual processing. Therefore, the imagination is activated by the use of pictures , videos and animations alongside a text. The focus and retention of students is growing. Under these conditions, students can more readily recognise and solve problems in a digital learning environment compared to the scenario where teaching is made possible only by textbooks.

Increased positive emotions

Experiencing optimistic thoughts helps community members see more possibilities. The use of multimedia throughout instruction influences the attitude of the student during the course of learning. They learn more with a good outlook and appear to be more constructive.

Access to a vast variety of information

Students are best prepared nowadays than before with laptops , tablets, smartphones and the internet to scan and locate the knowledge they need. A study showed that 95 % of students who may have internet access use it to check for data online. When access to information is as simple as today, exchanging information and engaging in class discussions are achieved in a more assured way.

Technology Used

We have use HTML and CSS for the implementation


The Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML) is the default file markup language that is meant to be shown in an internet browser. Techniques such as Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS) and scripting languages such as JavaScript can assist with this. Web browsers use a web server or storage device to accept HTML documents and turn the files into interactive web pages. HTML defines the layout of a web page semantically and indications for the presentation of the document were originally included.


Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS) is the language of a style sheet used to describe a text layout written in a markup language such as HTML. Along with HTML and JavaScript, CSS is a cornerstone technology of the World Wide Web. CSS is made to enable layout and content differentiation, including layout, colours , and fonts. This separation will performance as an indicator of material, offer greater consistency and flexibility in the design specifications specification, enable different web pages to share configuration by defining the required CSS in a separate .css file that reduces complexity and duplication in the structural content, as well as allowing the .css file to be cached to boost the page load speed between the pp file.


We have implemented a mixed multimedia application based on html 5 and css 3. We have use a schematic html elements.

Home Page:home page

Education Page:education page

Digital Images Page:digital images page

Digital Video Page:digital video page

Skills Page:skills page

Contact Us Page:contact us page


The current world is largely based on multimedia and its software. The advances in this multimedia computing give designers and staff various characteristics. The knowledge market has transformed a lot with the implementation of multimedia. Multimedia development adds tools such as sports, the internet, and data presentations in a range of formats. Multimedia areas, such as structures, technology, application support, are all used concurrently in structures that achieve the best results. And multimedia apps can be easily processed and offer the best results by resolving the disadvantages such as storage use and based sensing among information.