BPD3100 Career Planning Reflection Assignment 2 Answer

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Applied Business Challenge 

Unit Code: BPD3100

Assessment 2: Career Planning Reflection

Total weighting values Audit; Capability Audit; Personal Branding (upload to VUColl) – 15% 

Word Limit:1000 words (Upload to VUColl )


You have spent time and money in completing a degree which will assist you in finding employment or moving to further study. Your undergraduate course has facilitated the development of hard (eg preparing financial reports) and soft (eg problem solving) skills. Completing a challenge project in a multi-disciplinary team may be evidence that you can execute those skills. You may also be involved in paid employment &/voluntary work. In IBC2/PD2 you prepared an ePortfolio, CV and worked on a career plan. It is time to update this to reflect your personal and academic development during the last 12 months.

The following 3 tasks will give you an opportunity to STOP and once again reflect on the values, skills and knowledge that you can promote when you apply for employment or post graduate study.

Purpose of assessment: To demonstrate the student’s ability to use self-reflection to articulate the values, skills and knowledge that they have developed throughout their undergraduate degree.

The student will submit a 1000 word ‘Career Planning Report’ that includes a Values Audit (100 words); Capability Audit (650 words); Personal Branding (250 words). This is an INDIVIDUAL assessment piece.

Task 1 – Values Audit (100 words)

  1. List and rank at least 5 personal values that influence your life choices. Explain why consideration of values is crucial to career management. Use 2 academic references to support your answer.
  2. What field of work/further study do you intend to pursue? List at least 5 hard skills you have developed via your undergraduate course and explain how they will assist you in your field of work/further study?

Task 2 –Capability Audit (650 words)

Read the 5 resources below

  1. Robles Marcel, 2012 , ‘Executive Perceptions of the Top 10 Soft Skills Needed in Today’s Workplace’, Business Communication Quarterly Vol 75, No 4, pages 453–465
  2. Karl, L 2004 ‘Articulating Skills in the Job Search’ Business Communication Quarterly Vol. 67 Issue 2, p198
  3. Australian Public Service, Fact Sheet 5 Addressing selection criteria, viewed November 16 2014
  4. 2013 Monash University, Sample Interview questions, viewed November 16 2013
  5. Graduate Capabilities in your Unit Guide BPD3100 Applied Business Challenge Using the readings and your own reflections:-

(a) Provide a written response to the 5 most common selection criteria used by employers when choosing graduates. It is essential that you provide examples to support your answers (500 words)

  • demonstrated capacity to communicate effectively
  • good organisational and administrative skills
  • proven ability to work as part of a team
  • well-developed customer service skills
  • Proven ability to manage projects.

b) Chose one skill from the list above that you need to further develop and prepare a succinct and specific action plan to address this skill gap (150 words)

Task 3-Personal Branding - ‘Elevator Pitch’ and Social Media (250 words)

The e Portfolio and personal website prepared in IBC2/PD2 was the start of your personal branding. This requires constant updating. In this task you will synthesise all the information from Task 1 & Task 2 to update or further develop your personal brand. You will prepare a

  • Graduate Elevator Pitch
  • Social Media Platform, 

(Other media platforms include Blogging Wordpress, LinkedIn publishing platform, etc.Microblogging sites,Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc,.Video & audio sites,YouTube, podcasting, SlideShareImage posting, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter).

An "Elevator Pitch" is a concise, carefully planned, and well-practiced marketing message about your professional self that your potential manager or interviewer should be able to understand in the time it would take to ride up an elevator (2 minutes or less). Prepare your pitch as a 250 word document

Which social media platforms will/do you use?

  • LinkedIn

Having prepared your elevator pitch, it is time to either create or update your LinkedIN accountTake screen shots of your LinkedIn account and include ALL PAGES in your submission in this assessment. (PLEASE DO NOT SEND A LINK TO YOUR LinkedIn ACCOUNT).

Locate 2 academic references that will assist you to prepare your pitch and personal branding and include them as part of your Harvard Reference List .

References nd, University of California, Creating An Elevator Pitch - Two Minutes or Less, University of California, viewed November 18 2014,<http://career.sa.ucsb.edu/students/job-search/creating-elevator-pitch-two-minutes-or-less>

Summary of what to hand in for this assessment.

  • Task 1. (100 words)
    • Ranked list of at least 5 personal values that influence your life choices
    • List and explanation of 5 hard skills you will need.
  • Task 2. (650 words)
    • Example responses to 5 most common example criteria in job descriptions
    • Reflection and action plan for a skill gap
  • Task 3. (250 words )
    • Elevator pitch as words
    • Your “Linked in” social media personal branding
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Answer :

Applied Business Challenge


Task 1 – Value Audit 

The values that I hold within the high regard to develop my skill, and it has assisted me for doing well within my`5-=6dergraduate degree:

Achievement: Always aim for the high-level activity with a healthy relationship. 

Creativity: To do the best out of the wasted products or materials.

Friendship: To support every people and also to help the friends. 

Honesty: To be honest in every aspect of life.

Perfection: To perform the work with utter perfection.

The personal value is considered to be highly essential for making the career decision because it helps individuals to perform their activity most effectively and suitably (Lannin, Vogel, & Heath, 2017). Students with personal value are likely to develop a stable and suitable career. It can also be said that the individual value within the students helps them to pursue harmony in their career development process (Little, Gaier, & Spoutz, 2018)

Task 2 – Capability Audit 

The recruiters generally select the candidates with the practical communication skills as in most of the organisation it is highly essential to communicate with the customers for selling the products effectively. In the cafe house the situation is also the same, but being the chef, my primary activity is to prepare good quality food for the customers. During the recruitment process, the management team look for good cooking skill as well as innovation so that customers can get some of the best and the innovative food that they require. For example; as the chef of Cafe Sianos, I had to prepare food which attracts the teenagers as well as the young adults like the variation in pancake than making a cocktail with coffee and ice-cream. Articulating skill in searching the job eventually help the people to develop their understanding regarding the career choice and the value that they need to grow within the market (Robles, 2012). The recruiter also looks for confident candidates when they are taking interviews and performing face to face communication with the candidates. The process of getting the best candidates for the business helps the organisation to develop their value, and this could be effectively improved by analysing the skill and the ways of communication that candidate perform during the interview.

The capabilities of the graduate highly depend on their academic skills along with the working experience and knowledge that they hold from their practical activity (Smart, 2004). Being the chef, my skill is to create innovative products with the regular food item. The determination of performing the best along with the skill of perfection and honesty help me to hold the position within the organisation. It is highly essential for the candidates that they show their best performance during the interview by their communication skill and also with their biodata to capture the eye contact of the recruiters. Strategic planning for developing the value and the skill is highly essential for the students that help them to hold their position and provide some of the best profit within the market (Gulliver, Griffiths, & Christensen, 2010). Getting the position of chef within the organisation like Cafe Sianos is one of the best facility that I have gained in my life to start my career as the chef. This even help for the future development of working skill and knowledge regarding the various activities of the chef. For example; with the help of the experience of the chef in Sianos, I can easily go to another great restaurant where both the skill and the expertise have more excellent value.

The ability for managing the working activity within the organisation can be viewed from the level of confidence that a candidate hold (Boh, Yellin, Dill, & Herbsleb, 2003). The capability of the graduate student is highly suitable as they can understand the real-life situation and provide some of the best working function within the market. In most of the cases, it can be seen that the recruiter use varieties of the process to understand the knowledge of the candidates and their skill to deal with any situation within the organisation. I have developed my skill and my value with time by dealing with numerous people and also by analysing the need of the people within the restaurant business. Another selection criterion that has been followed by the recruiter is the appearance of the candidates during the interview (Lee, VanLooy, Young, & Stern, 2016). This provides a clear view of the recruiter regarding the candidates and their ability to perform a suitable job within the organisation. Being the graduate, I have effectively developed the skill that helps me to draw the attention of the recruiters.

Task 3 – Elevator Pitch 

Job: Cafe Sianos As a chef

I am a university student at Victoria University and currently working on a Cafe Sianos as the chef. I have developed my skill and knowledge regarding cooking and making innovative products with the help of waste material or the regular food item. The values that help me in every step of life are achievements than creativity, friendship, honesty, as well as perfection. According to me, it is highly essential that a chef needs to maintain perfection while preparing the food item for the customers. The working ability of people develops with their experience and practical knowledge. In my university, I have the opportunity to develop my skill as numerous teachers help in the practical activity, which eventually help me to get the job at the Cafe Sianos. In every aspect, the personal value, along with the skill and knowledge of the students help them to hold the position within the market and provide some of the best profit within the business world. To effectively develop the career, each of the students must understand their education system and maintain their value while performing activities in the real world. The skill and activity of the students help to develop their value and their understanding for maintaining the educational skill and activity for developing the career value within the market. Being the chef, it is highly essential to have a suitable working function to maintain the value within the organisation.

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