BSBADM502 Learner Instructions Written Reflection: Learners Instruction 3 Assessment Answer

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Question :

Learner Instructions 3 (Written reflection)

Performance objective

You will demonstrate the knowledge and decisions you applied to plan, prepare, conduct and follow up the meeting you planned and conducted in Assessment Tasks 1 and 2.

Assessment description

This assessment continues from Assessment Tasks 1 and 2.

You are required to write a reflection on the process you went through to plan, prepare, conduct and follow up on your meeting.


  1. Write a written reflection on how you planned, prepared, conducted and followed up on your meeting. Your reflection should discuss the following:
  2. Preparing for your meeting:
    1. Who you invited to your meeting, why you decided they were required to attend and how you reached that conclusion.
    2. The style and structure you chose for your invitation and why.
    3. What conventions you decided were appropriate for your meeting; and what organisational and legislative requirements you needed to follow.
    4. What budgetary considerations you made and how they affected the planning and conducting of your meeting.
    5. The meeting papers you chose to prepare and the distribution method you used to provide those papers to participants and why these were appropriate.
    6. Your approach to developing your action plan, including how you decided who should be responsible for which tasks and timeframes for task completion.
    7. The implementation of your action plan; if all required tasks were completed, if they were completed by the person responsible, if they were completed on time and, if not, what you did to make sure they were done.
  3. Conducting and following up your meeting:

    1. At least one problem that had to be solved during your meeting, the problem-solving technique you used and why, and how this technique assisted you in solving the problem.
    2. Your key responsibilities as chairperson for conducting the meeting.
    3. How you would assess your performance in chairing the meeting (i.e. were you an effective chairperson or are improvements needed?); how well your meeting participants worked together and what group dynamics you needed to manage.
    4. The desired outcomes of your meeting, if you achieved them, and the strategies you used to facilitate the outcome. If outcomes were not achieved, or not achieved to satisfactory standards, what you could do to improve in facilitating outcomes.
    5. The strategies you used to review the meeting minutes to ensure the information presented a true and accurate record of the discussions that occurred during the meeting. If the minutes were complete and accurate reflection of the discussions and what, if any, adjustments you made.
  4. The method in which you distributed these meeting minutes and why; where and how they should be stored; if any follow-up documentation was required and, if so, how this documentation was or will be distributed.
  5. Submit the required documents for assessment as per the specifications below. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.


You must submit:

  • a written reflection.

Your assessor will be looking for:

  • writing skills to:
    • address context, purpose and audience when creating documents
    • prepare and edit documents using appropriate structure and accurate spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • discussion of numeracy skills to plan and chair the meeting in line with required timeframes and budgets
  • discussion of ability to select the appropriate form, channel and mode of communication for your purpose
  • discussion of ability to cooperate with others and description of methods to facilitate group interaction, discussion, problem-solving and decision-making
  • discussion of ability to recognise and take responsibility for addressing predictable problems.
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Answer :

Learner Framework

Learner’s Outcome 3

In the given meeting, the entire meeting agenda was a complex task, as it included coordination and also to make the other parties understand the need(Hain, 2015). It was more about how to coordinate with the top-level management to the lower level and it was based on the given context of the setting up of the privacy policies and adherence to it.

It was necessary to implement, we need to call upon the senior management such as the Chairperson, Human resource and the other related stakeholders, who would approve the policy. Then it was also important for the lower management staff, to understand the essence of the new policy and the significance of it. It was also how to follow the procedure, adherence to the process and also be able to channelize with the given codes of conduct.

At first, it was a complex task to understand what time should be kept, what procedure should be followed, how many stakeholders would be important to be called upon and similarly the importance of following the related set parties. It was also important, how each of h management would be important while determining the privacy policy.

The aims were to follow the privacy policy a for this the budget has been allocated at the $ 20,000 and it was a tough understanding, how to allocate the fund and which cost factor should be depleted or reduced.

The style of the invitation which was chosen through an email and also attaching the meeting agenda. I was an appropriate setup and it also required a timely intervention, that would be helpful to make the organization follow the formal rules. The budgetary consideration was the set allocated amount of the $ 20,000 and it was an important task to sponsor and be able to divide the funding. The distribution method that was required was through the agenda, distribution of the meetings preparation and the action plans developed. It was important for every participant to prepare and fine-tune themselves with it. 

The approach to developing the action plan was based on the given key stakeholders, coordinating with the time, scheduling them and also be able to ensure, they are all be able to attain value-based time and deliverables (Geyer, 2015). Such as if the Human resource is not been able to understand the importance of the privacy piece, how they would be able to aim for the synchronization and would result in the better aimed set up. At the same time, as the individual, what could be the repercussion effects and what would be based on channelizing the income, related inputs and would be centric to the approach of the related parties.

Implementation would be based on the action plan that could be related to the other parties and would aim in terms of the desired protocols.  It was seen that some of the lower management people were indifferent as they were supposed to implement the plans, we're unable to absorb it, while the others were unable to relate to the desired framework of the protocols. At first, it would be created with the given framework that was unable to absorb and was unable to relate with the given plans. It was also an issue, as it was unable to adhere to the code of conduct and would be aimed at the given protocols that were difficult to manage. 

During the meeting, it was decided how to go about the implementation plans and how to ensure, all the employees would be able to fine-tune themselves to the related policies, procedures and be able to follow the decorum. All the outcomes have to be maintained with the desired set up and have to also follow with the given protocols, that could be adjusted with the satisfactory outcomes. The strategies to ensure that the meeting outcomes would be controlled, it was difficult at first, but as the meeting proceeded and the seniors shared their viewpoints, gradually the lower management was able to absorb and was able to ensure the timely deliverables. It was a difficult scenario, it could be related to the meeting outcomes and the minutes. It would be aimed at the adhered policies, procedures and would be based on the given time frames that could be centric to the approaches. It was difficult to understand, implement but once it was part of the system, with the quick approval, it was gradually made and integrated into the system. It would be based on the given scenarios that would be aimed at the given protocols, it was important to understand in the system. It would be defined concerning the meeting that could aim to identify, analyze and would be centric based on the evaluation of the current privacy policy. It is also the related venue based on the meeting commenced in the Meeting Room that would originate from the 4 pm till the end of 6.30 pm.

As an integral part of the organization, it also had a reasonable amount of time. It is also how the company would be able to attain success in delivering many projects. Need to have high client satisfaction rates and can be possible through the support and cooperation. It is important to attain a privacy policy with the given business. I need to follow the documents along with the legal review aimed at an updated policy. Based on attending the meeting (Chiu, 2015).