BSBADM502 Plan And Prepare For A Meeting: Learner Instructions 1 Assessment Answer

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Question :

BSBADM502 Learner Instructions 1 (Plan and prepare for a meeting)

Performance objective

You will demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for a meeting in accordance with organisational requirements.

Assessment description

For this assessment you are required to plan and prepare for a meeting to be conducted for a simulated workplace, the Adept Owl Games Company.

Note: The work completed for this assessment task provides the basis for completing Assessment Tasks 2 and 3. Ensure you keep an electronic and/or hard copy of this completed assessment for future use.


  1. Read the Adept Owl Games Company simulated business information provided by your assessor.
  2. Meet with your facilitator/assessor to identify a topic for your meeting.
  3. Using the information and Adept Owl organisational chart provided by your assessor, identify your meeting participants and the individuals in your learning group who will fill the roles of these meeting participants.
  4. Determine the meeting requirements by completing the Meeting Requirements Form in Appendix 1, making sure you select a meeting style and format appropriate to your meeting’s purpose and participants.

As part of completing this template, ensure that you include identification and description of the following as they apply to your meeting:

  1. organisational requirements
  2. applicable conventions
  3. legal and ethical requirements.
  4. Use the Meeting Preparation Action Plan template in Appendix 2 to detail the tasks required to make the meeting arrangements you have identified in Appendix 1 and who is responsible for completing them.

Note: You will need to complete these activities in Assessment Task 2 before you can conduct your meeting.

  1. Prepare the required meeting documentation, as per Adept Owl organisational requirements, using templates where required. The documentation will need to include:
    1. a meeting invitation to notify required participants of your meeting, including reason for chosen format
    2. a meeting agenda
    3. a meeting minutes template.
  2. Prepare the required meeting papers (at least one) and select an appropriate method to distribute these to meeting participants.
  3. Send meeting documentation and papers, as appropriate, to required meeting participants (the individuals in your learning group as per their assigned roles).
  4. Submit the required documents for assessment as per the specifications below. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.


You must submit:

  • a completed Meeting Requirements Form (Appendix 1)
  • a completed Meeting Preparation Action Plan (Appendix 2)
  • a meeting invitation
  • a meeting agenda
  • a meeting minutes template
  • at least one meeting paper required for your meeting.

Your assessor will be looking for evidence of:

  • reading skills to identify and interpret information from organisational documentation
  • writing skills to address context, purpose and audience when creating documents and communications
  • numeracy skills to recognise and interpret numerical information related to timeframes and budgets
  • ability to recognise and respond to organisational policies and procedures and legislative requirements
  • ability to select the appropriate method of communication for your purpose
  • ability to apply formal processes when planning complex tasks and to produce plans with logically sequenced steps and an awareness of time constraints.
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Answer :

Learner Framework

Learner Task 1

Meeting Invitation

Adept Owl Games Company

30th  November 2019

Dear All,

I, Aban Rezek, IT officer, that would be defined to be called Ruth Crabbe (GM operations) along with the given  Bae Ahn-Bartle (HR Manager), that would be based on the purpose of review along with forming the privacy policy aimed at the company. It would be defined concerning the meeting that could aim to identify, analyze and would be centric based on the evaluation of the current privacy policy. It is also the related venue based on the meeting commenced in the Meeting Room that would originate from the 4 pm till the end of 6.30 pm.

As an integral part of the organization, it also had a reasonable amount of time. It is also how the company would be able to attain success in delivering many projects. Need to have high client satisfaction rates and can be possible through the support and cooperation. It is important to attain a privacy policy with the given business. I need to follow the documents along with the legal review aimed at an updated policy. Based on attending the meeting.

To identify that would be based on the loophole that would be based on the privacy policy and aimed at the same. Meeting agenda would be -:

AgendaMeeting Room10 mins
Welcome and introduction

Meeting Room15 mins

Meeting Room20 mins
Date of next meeting

Meeting Room30 mins
Statement of the meeting's purposeMeeting Room10 mins

Meeting Room15 mins
Minutes of the previous meeting

Meeting Room20 mins
General business

Meeting Room30 mins
Major agenda items                    Meeting Room30 mins

Ensure timely arrival and also be aware of the valid discussion on the effectiveness concerning the privacy policy. Need to ensure adherence to the necessary documents and manuals.

Adept Owl Games Company

Meeting Agenda

Meeting TopicReview the current privacy policy
ChairmanXX YYY
Date22 December 2019
Time4 pm
LocationMeeting Room

AgendaIntroduction of policy10 mins
Welcome and introduction

Orientation of participants15 mins

Policy documents20 mins
Date of next meeting

Next date and time30 mins
Statement of the meeting's purposeTopic to be discussed10 mins

Findings and evaluation15 mins
Minutes of the previous meeting

Major points20 mins
General business

Discussion of the given business scenario30 mins
Major agenda items                    Learnings from previous outcomes and the related discussion30 mins

Issue To Be Addressed

To ensure, how there would be multi-player participation along with the significant commanding a system of connections along with having the sense of the communications, organizations and includes the given private data from customers.  There has to be a given sense of the records for the accounts inside gaming channels that could be related to the online networking sites (Banks, 2018).

Needs to ensure timely adherence to the pursuing high numbers along being able to deliver per the signature of maximum games, includes the secrecy concerns need to have a reconsideration. Ensure a web activity, includes how data is gathered, needs to abide by the distributed and utilized business aimed to be considered sincerely.

To relate with the private data that could identify the related infringement of the customer policies, information and there has to be a control over what can be considered and taken out.