BSBINN601: Lead And Manage Organizational Change

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Question :

BSBINN601 Lead and manage organisational change 

Evidence of the ability to:

  • analyse and interpret information about the organisation’s internal and external environment and consult with stakeholders to identify requirements and opportunities for changes that support organisational objectives
  • prioritise opportunities for changes with input from managers
  • develop a change management project plan for the priority changes incorporating resource requirements, risk management and timelines
  • develop strategies to communicate or educate the changes and embed them
  • obtain approvals and agree reporting protocols with relevant managers and implement the plan including addressing barriers to change
  • review and evaluate the change management project plan and modify as needed to achieve objectives.

Knowledge Evidence

To complete the unit requirements safely and effectively, the individual must:

  • explain the change management process or cycle and strategies for communicating and embedding change
  • explain how organisational behaviour and the external environment can impact on change strategies
  • describe the components of a change management project plan
  • list potential barriers to change and explain possible strategies to address barriers.

Assessment Conditions

Assessment must be conducted in a safe environment where evidence gathered demonstrates consistent performance of typical activities experienced in the creativity and innovation and include access to:

  • workplace documentation and resources
  • office equipment, materials and software packages
  • case studies or, where available, real situations
  • interaction with others.


There are two parts in this assessment. Part A should include the analysis and Part B should include presentation with slides attached. 



Computer company Microsoft have developed some of their technologies for businesses and are now marketing their new ‘multi-touch, multi user’ Microsoft Surface device to industry clients. Your organisation is an imaginary restaurant near the Surfers Paradise beach and you are the general manager of the restaurant. Your restaurant has 200 seating capacity and specialised in seafood and grill menus. You have 20 waiters and 4 shift managers that are rostered in a week. 


In this assessment you are to complete and answer the following points in your own words.

Suggested word count: 2000 words however this is a benchmark only

  • Research the benefits and applications for this new technology online via the web address provided below.

  • Consider the impact on your restaurant wait staff, kitchen staff and the business in general, if you are to introduce this technology for dines in customers.
  • You can assume for this assessment that the new technology would be embedded within the tables in the restaurants and customers would be able to order and pay for their meals, using their credit card, without leaving their seats.
  • Why might your restaurant implement new technology such as Microsoft Surface; what benefits would they gain?
  • What resistance to this change would you expect from:
    1. The restaurant owners
    2. All employees
    3. Customers
  • Using the ‘Kotter 8-Step Change Model’ discuss some strategies your restaurant could use to reduce the conflict and uncertainty a change liked this could bring to the company.


Assume your trainer is the owner of the restaurant and your class mates as the employees of the restaurant. You may also need to assume that your employees include front staff members and kitchen staff members.

Prepare a 15 slide PowerPoint presentation to communicate and justify the change project and change management strategies you have developed to introduce the new Microsoft Surface in your restaurant to automate the whole process. As mentioned, you change project will automate not just the customer ordering and transactions but also your inventory/pantry ordering to your suppliers.

Your presentation should address the components of the Assessment Criteria table.

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Answer :

Part A

Research the benefits and applications for the new technology

The benefit of the new Surface Pro, which has been launched by Microsoft has an interactive edge over its use. The primary benefits include the use of the Microsoft Surface for interactive use by multiple users of the device. The use of technological improvements by the software giant is only limited by the imagination of the users. The businesses can also use it for connecting with the employees or can also be used to take orders or services form the customers. The revolutionary idea has several benefits which can be summarized as follows: 

  • Windows Compatibility: The SurfacePro has the innate ability to run the full range of Windows services. Though it is a tablet, all of the features and programs can be run in the tablet, which is of immense user-friendliness that does not need to carry multiple devices (Microsoft 2019). The device is also not limited by the partial use of the computer programs but can offer the option of using the Surface tablet as the primary device. 
  • Direct Interaction: The users can actually use the plethora of services with their own hands, and the requirement of keyboards and mouse is redundant. The expression of the user command can be entered by the use of touch and gesture control, which the device offers. The minimalist services offer respite from the disruptive use of other accessories and also reduces the cost of the supplement devices. 
  • Multi-touch and Multi-user: The device also supports multi-touch which is required for businesses using the services as many professional or customer may work and use the device simultaneously which is the USP of the device (Tobias 2019). The multi-user option also provides the benefit of the services being used by all the professionals of the business or a bunch of customers at the same time (Menusifu 2019). 
  • Gesture control and Object Recognition: The Surface tablet also offers the state of the art gesture control or the recognition of the objects when placed near the tablet to elicit various reactions, which is predefined. It can be used by users who are not well versed in the use of technology, which improves its acceptance and application.  

The applications of this technology are dependent on the use of the benefits to the advantages of the device. They can be taken in stride, and the use of the Surface device has numerous applications in the personal and professional sphere. The professional use of the Surface can be expressed in the following ways:

  • Cafes, restaurants to take orders: The most common and traditional methods of the use of the technology is that the order placed by the consumers are done in a queue. With the use of the Surface, the consumers can easily order their menus from their tables, which can be viewed or updated by the professionals of the restaurant using the multi-user function of the tablet. 
  • Business Management: The use of the Surface tablet can be done by the management of a business or organization (Carlsbad 2019). They could use the advantage of the multi-user to constantly keep in touch with each other and delegate through it. It is a one-stop solution for communication and managing the business.

Impact on restaurant wait-staff, kitchen staff and the business in general

If the Microsoft Surface is introduced in the restaurant, the business would definitely improve, albeit with some positive or negative impact. The wait staff would not have to be subjected to the whims of the consumers, and they can provide the order on the table when the order has been placed by the consumer at their own leisure. The kitchen staff can also prepare the dishes immediately when the order has been placed without delay, which would save critical time required for service. The orderly fashion would also help the kitchen staff to keep track of the order and not miss any details which have been mentioned by the user. In general, the business would improve as the comfort of the users to place the order whenever they are ready without the nagging of the wait staff improves possible customer satisfaction. The reduced service time is also an advantage the use of Surface provides to the business. The minimal interaction of the customers with the staff of the restaurant would also remove any chances of misinterpretation, which is directly related to the primary cause of the discomfort.  

Benefits of implementation of new technologies such as Microsoft Surface

The restaurant can use the Microsoft Surface at the tables for being of use to the consumers of the restaurants. The benefits of the use of the Microsoft Surface include several facets. Some of them are:

  • The technology can be used by the consumers to place orders without leaving their seats or have to stand in queues as they have a tablet right at their table which they can use. The multi-touch feature of the device also allows the deliberation made by the consumer and deciding what to order in a collaborative manner (Ibrahim 2016). They also have the option to pay for their food by using their credit cards or other popular means of payments. This minimizes the contact of the users with the staff of the restaurant, which is often displeasing.
  • The device can also be used by the staff of the hotel to manage their work or for correspondence with other employees. The interactive design of the Surface is intuitive, which uses AI and cloud for its fast and collaborative work (Ibrahim 2016). The Surface can help the business to transform their traditional management by the inclusion of the one comprehensive system of innovation and digital transformation. 
  • The reduction in the number of employees required for the running of the restaurant also saved big time on the bills of the employees. The need for a lesser number of support and wait staff required less financial allocation on the employee salary and wages. 
  • The use of digital technology would also have detailed information which can be used by the restaurant to analyse and develop new strategies as a result of the information gathered at the terminal. This would improve the relevance of the business to the consumer, and the use of technology offers this added advantage.  

What resistance to this change would you expect from:

i. The restaurant owners

I do not expect much resistance from the restaurant owners as they would be looped in for the Surface to be included in the restaurant. The benefits of the use of Surface would be explained to them prior to the instalment. Moreover, the few resistances which could arise for the end of the owners is that the success of the technology and contingency in case of technical problems. It is subject to the acceptance of the Surface by the consumers, which can be installed as a trial basis with the option of traditional orders and Surface enabled orders. This would show them the expected results of using technology. 

ii. All employees

There is a section of the employees who could resist the change as their relevance and need for the restaurant may be reduced by the use of the Surface in the restaurant. For example, the number of wait staff can be reduced, and the efficiency of the staff would be improved. However, the conflict in the restaurant may stem from a misconception that the Surface would be installed to replace them, but truly the technology is to improve the exposure of the business to foster better consumer satisfaction (Dempsey 2016). The employees may not be skilled in the use of the technology and also offer some resistance which can be solved by providing proper and requisite training to them. 

iii. Customers

The customers of today’s digital world are well versed in the use of technological gadgets in the house as well as on the professional front. So, it is perceived that there would be not much resistance from the end of the consumers. However, the resistance is not scot-free, and some of them might face difficulties in using the technologies for which technical assistance would be provided by a wait staff whenever they need. I think the consumers would be happy that they are given the privacy to order their food at their own pace and time where they are not rushed by the wait staff.

 ‘Kotter 8-Step Change Model’ strategies to reduce conflict and uncertainty 

The use of the Kotter 8-Step Change Model can be used by the restaurant to resolve uncertainties and conflict due to the change in the restaurant. They are:

  • Create Urgency: The restaurant needs to disseminate the knowledge of the problems which it is facing and explain how the use of the technology would improve the business or solve the problems which can catalyze the employees and stakeholders to veto the use of the technology.
  • Coalition: The pooling of the required skills and professionals in support of the technology would go a long way. The restaurant can arouse interest in the employees by defining how the use of the Microsoft Surface would advantageously ease their work (Tang 2019). The formation of partnerships and unions would help the restaurant to drive the change to be accepted by the entire restaurant.

Figure 1: Kotter 8-Step Change Model

(Source: Tremolada, 2019)

  • Vision for the change: The vision of the change and the aims and objectives of the use of the Microsoft Surface would educate the employees in favour of the technology. The unification of the employees to strive towards a common goal would help the restaurant to reach their expected end result much faster.
  • Communication of the vision and change: The employees should be made aware of the changes and the vision the restaurant has defined to achieve through the introduction of the Microsoft Surface in the restaurant. It is necessary to communicate the vision and the change to line up the employees behind the technological changes (Tremolada, 2019)
  • Obstacles: The obstacles like the breakdown of the Surface system must be mitigated by the use of in-house IT teams who can monitor and maintain the technology. The assessment of the uncertainties and problems must be done prior to the instalment of the technology in the restaurant. The configuration and specifics should also be determined.  
  • Short Term wins: The employees would be motivated if short term wins are set by the restaurant. The short term wins are proof that technology is working. The support for the technology will fall if the employees are of the opinion that their efforts are not being used appropriately.  
  • Build on the change: The failure of innovation can be attributed to one primary recurrence, which is the complacency. The restaurant must not stop in the short term wins and must continue to push boundaries for the use of the technology to drive up sales and business for the restaurant (Galli 2018). The change must be used as a stepping stone for further developments.  
  • Incorporate change in the company's culture: It is important for the restaurant to note that just the superficial integration of the technology in the restaurant would not create a sustainable business for it. Hence, the use of the Surface must be included to develop a company culture which is inclusive of the use of the technologies by default.

The use of the Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model can thus be used by the restaurant to develop an effective strategy for the restaurant to follow to mitigate and reap the benefits of the technologies in the future.

Part B


As the general manager of the restaurant near the Surfer’s Paradise beach, it is essential to develop a change management project plan for introducing the new multi-touch, multi-user Microsoft Surface in the restaurant to automate the whole process. The implementation of change management project plan for Microsoft Surface would not only transform customer ordering and transactions but also the inventory and pantry ordering to the suppliers. The details about the change project and change management strategies have been provided below.

Analysis of Organization’s Internal and External Environment

It is the objective of the restaurant to increase the level of customer satisfaction through high-quality service. It is also essential to increase the profit revenue of the restaurant through proper management of staff members and resources (Jogaratnam 2017). The internal and external environment have to be analysed with the help of major stakeholders to identify the requirements and opportunities for changes that support the organizational objectives.

External Environment:

  • The Economy: As the economic condition in Surfer’s Paradise beach area is booming due to the tourists and surfers who visit the region, it is necessary to introduce Microsoft Surface in the restaurant for automating the various operations. This would help in providing high-quality customer service and attract more customers for the restaurant.
  • Competition from other Restaurants: Most of the restaurants nearby do not use digital automated technology for their business operations. Using Microsoft Surface and its automated services would allow the restaurant gain a competitive edge over other restaurants and increase the quality of service as well as revenue profit.
  • Politics and Government Policy: Due to the promotion of digital technology for business purposes, the restaurant can gain government subsidies provided by the new digital policies. This would help in increasing the profit revenue of the restaurant.
  • Customer and Suppliers: Most of the other restaurants around the area are still using the traditional queueing process for getting food and making payment. Introducing the Microsoft Surface would allow the customers, order their food from their table and also pay with their debit card without getting up. The other restaurants also make a monthly inventory count about kitchen and pantry supplies and get them from the suppliers at the end of the month which requires more time. Using the Microsoft Surface would make this process automated as well as the inventory management is done through software and suppliers are notified whenever any pantry or restaurant supply is running out. These two opportunities due to Microsoft Surface would help in providing better service to the customers.

Internal Environment:

  • Employees and Managers: Using the automated system would help the kitchen and front staff members work more efficiently and with less physical labour. Moreover, as automation would make payment and transaction digital, the restaurant would not need as many employees which would increase the profit margin of the restaurant.
  • Money and Resources: The restaurant business can save tons of monetary resources by making most of the business operations automated and thus increasing the profit revenue. However, it is necessary to invest some money first to install Microsoft Surface at various places in the restaurant.
  • Company Culture: Introducing a digital organizational culture would help in more efficient use of physical labour and high productive output in return. This would be beneficial for the overall business due to a healthy working environment.

Opportunities for Changes

There are several opportunities for changes that should be prioritised by consulting with the managers of the restaurant. They are as follows.

  • Using Microsoft Surface in every table so that customers can order their food from the table and also pay for them using their debit/credit card.
  • The Surface installed in the kitchen and pantry would automatically get updated about the food required by each table and they can be delivered to the customers.
  • When the staff members use kitchen/inventory/pantry resources, they should input them in the MS Surface which would automatically track inventory management.
  • When any of the supplies start to run out, they can be ordered manually to the suppliers over the phone or an automated system could be implemented that notifies the suppliers who can then deliver the goods.

Change Management Project Plan for Priority Changes

The change management project plan for priority changes include the incorporation of resource requirements, risk management and timelines described below.

Resource Requirements:

The resources required for change management project plan includes financial resources to install the multi-touch, multi-user Microsoft Surface in each of the restaurant tables, kitchen, pantry, storage rooms, etc. It is also necessary to hire a tech professional to form a network between the MS Surfaces so that they can operate as an automated system.

Risk Management:

When introducing MS Surface, there are some risks as well associated with it. This might range from untrained staff members unable to operate the device and hence able to comply with the changes (Uhl&Gollenia 2016). Moreover, it is necessary to provide maintenance to the automated system to prevent it from malfunctioning.


ChangesTime Required
Installing the   Microsoft Surface devices all across the restaurant1 month
Train employees about   properly using the device1-2 months
Restructure the   business model1 week
Reassign tasks to   staff members1-2 weeks
Hire IT professional   for maintenance2-3 days
Notify suppliers   about the automated inventory management system1 week

Strategies to Communicate or Educate the Changes and Embed Them

Communication is the key to implement organizational change through change management strategies. It is necessary to make psychological and sociological changes to modify group cultures. The staff members should be encouraged to establish new skill sets, knowledge about the device and gain experiences from service. A two-way communication process is necessary to get feedback from the employees and help them with their grievances (Hornstein 2015). Finally, rewarding employees for their hard work and promoting continuous learning process is essential for the business.

Implementation of Plan and Barriers to Change

After introducing Microsoft Surface in the restaurant, it is necessary to restructure the business model as automated digital system would require reassigning jobs to the staff members. Instead of using too many front staff members, they can be shifted to kitchen services to make the cooking service faster. Moreover, it is necessary to train the staff members on using the new device so that customer demands and transactions are operated smoothly. A staff member should be assigned to oversee the inventory management that is now automatically done by the device. It is the responsibility of the staff member to notify the suppliers for the required products that is short in the inventory.

The only barrier to change is the staff member’s inability to adapt to the changes and failing to acquire skills to use the digital device system.

Evaluation of Change Management Project Plan and Modification to Achieve Objectives

The change management project plan covers all the necessary requirements needed to implement the automated system through Microsoft Surface device. The training of staff members, modification of business model, reassigning of tasks and promoting digital organizational culture make the plan successful.

Change Management Process for Communicating Change

The process for communicating the change to the employees include providing them the following information.

  • Identification      of the change: It is essential to understand the change properly firs. In      this case restaurant management should have to explain the use of the      Microsoft software properly to the employees.
  • Introducing      the change benefit to the stakeholders:Restaurant management should have to present the benefit of the      change to the stakeholder so that the process can be done by getting      consent from all the stakeholders.
  • Effective      planning for the change: implementing the Microsoft software needs proper      planning so that the implementation can be done properly and all the      purposes can be fulfilled.
  • Managing      the resources and information: For implementing the Microsoft software it      is necessary to manage the required resources and for that restaurant      should have to communicate with the suppliers for proper supply of the      resource.
  • Creating      communicational platform: Management should have to create a proper      communication channel so that all the workers can communicate about the      change and can get the proper instruction to adopt the change.
  • Regular      monitoring, risk assessment and feedback collection: collecting feedback      will help the management of the restaurant to get the exact scenario and      also regular monitoring is required to meet the objectives of the change.
  • Celebrating      the project success: It is also an important part to celebrate the success      sand this will also help in creating a good communicational ground within      the employees and management.
  • Continuous      Evaluation of the change: it is mandatory to evaluate the change properly      so that no error can be happened.

Impact of Organizational Behaviour and External Environment on Change Strategies

Introducing a continuous learning in the organizational culture helps in implementing change strategies easily. The organizational behaviour of the restaurant is dependent on the psychology of the employees and their willingness to adapt to changes (Osland, Devine & Turner,2015). If the employees are trained effectively, implementing change strategies would be much easier. Moreover, external environment like customers and suppler attitudes also determine the success of the change strategies as well.

Component of the change management plan:

It is important to include the vital component in the change management plan such project sponsor, objectives, change rationale, stakeholders, action plan, resources, feedback.
it is important to introduce the entire project in the change management plan and in that case restaurant must need to describe the purpose of the change and introduce the project properly, apart from that clear objectives must need to be set so that employees can understand the importance of the project. Proper budgeting is also important component to sustain the project. On another hand proper action plan should have to be included so that implementation of the Microsoft surface can be done systematically. 

Potential barriers to change and explain possible strategies

In that case the barriers of the project are many but the main one is the lack of understanding of the software which will lead to the failure of the project. Beside this lack of effective communication could be the potential barriers to the change which can hamper the entire change process directly. Side by side inefficient management is another barrier that could hamper the progression of the change.

Strategies to address the barriers:

Communication: Management of the restaurant should have to communicate with the workers so that they can understand the importance of the change and can get the exact information. It is essential to create an effective change management process.

Understanding the need:  It is important for the restaurant to make the employees understand about the project effectively because without understanding it is not possible to involve the employees to the process properly.

Leading the employees: Proper leadership is needed to maintain the sustainability for the project because employees always tried to avoid the change but in order to involve the employees an efficient leader is required ho can guide the employees properly. 


It can be stated that the change management project plan can be implemented successfully of the restaurant can maintain the organizational behaviour and attitude of its employees towards change. Using open two-ended communication would also help in making the change plans and introduce Microsoft Surface for automating their entire process in the restaurant.