BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace Relationship: Staffing Problems At CoffeeVille Assignment 2 Answer

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BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace Relationships

Assessment 2: assignment


In this task, you will need to demonstrate the skills and knowledge to collect, analyse and communicate information and ideas and develop trust and confidence as a leader. You must demonstrate that you can:

  • Collect analyse and communicate information and ideas 
  • Develop trust and confidence as a leader

In this assessment task you will work in a team, taking a leadership role, to solve staffing problems at the CoffeeVille scenario business given below. You will need 3 – 4 in each group.

You will work within your team to research and analyse information, present information and gather feedback. 

For this task, you will meet members of your team to learn about issues presented by HR management for a simulated business, CoffeeVille. You will discuss the problems and hypothetical solutions in your teams and arrive at a consensus for developing actions.

Your assessor will give you time to hold the meeting and will observe you. Each person will have approximately 20 - 30 minutes to lead their section of meeting. You may need to participate in more than one meeting so that each person has the opportunity to lead the group. Note that each student will be given an opportunity to lead processes and demonstrate their competency and ability to win the trust of colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. 


1. Read the following scenario and business information on the following pages 

2. Read the CoffeeVille scenario and business information attached. Be sure you: 

(a) Read the CoffeeVille employee handbook (attached)

3. Form a team as assigned by your assessor.

4. Plan and prepare materials for your team to hold a workshop meeting:

(a) Draft an agenda

(b) Agree to tasks for team members to contribute to the workshop. Assign one problem to each team member to focus on researching.

Note: During the workshop meeting, each team member must take responsibility to lead the discussion and resolution of at least one topic. 

5. Read and analyse the CoffeeVille staff demographic and OHS incident data on the following pages. 

6. Conduct research and analysis in relation to the scenario to identify potential solutions in the case study.

7. Undertake a PEST analysis to consider risks that are political, economic, social or technical. 

8. Research the legislation, regulations and standards that apply to the scenario; for example, relating to:

(a) recruitment and induction

(b) industrial relations and employment conditions, including rights and responsibilities around flexible working arrangements

(c) health and safety

(d) equal opportunity and anti-discrimination

(e) environmental issues.

9. Participate and lead in a team workshop meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to solve the problems outlined in the scenario:

(a) Before you start, make extra copies of the Observation Checklist templates on page 10 (Appendix 3) for team members to use for their third-party observations.

(b) Lead your assigned portion of the meeting and use your initiative to raise issues and offer solutions concerning recruitment needs, unskilled or inexperienced staff. Your objective is to decide on a solution to the problem.

(c) Conduct yourself with integrity, respect and empathy to build and maintain engagement, ensuring that you communicate information and ideas in a manner that is professional and appropriate to the needs of your audience (for example, being sensitive to cultural and social diversity and any special needs), and in line with organisational requirements for behaviour 

(d) Take meeting minutes. 

(e) Agree as a team on action plans and write these up as a group.

(f) Complete meeting minutes. Each person is to complete these individually.

10. Gather feedback on your performance as leader in the meeting. Get at least two of your fellow team members to complete copies of the observation checklist (below). Submit these together with a brief reflective report on how you will adjust your interpersonal style and methods, as appropriate, for future meetings.

11. Submit all documents.

Assessment Criteria

Your assessor will be assessing you against the criteria in the attached Marking Guide.

Submission Requirements

You will need to submit the following for this assessment:

  • planning and research notes (e.g. PEST analysis)
  • a meeting agenda
  • meeting minutes and action plans
  • meeting notes
  • at least two completed observation checklists (Appendix 3 below), completed by your fellow team members.



You are a store manager of one of the CoffeeVille Melbourne stores. CoffeeVille’s HR manager has asked that you work with a few other store managers in your area to work to solve two urgent current employment risks. The HR manager has identified four inter-related problems, experienced both in your store and others in your area, related to staffing.

You will need to meet with your fellow store managers and hold a workshop meeting to brainstorm solutions to the problems by sharing information on staff duties, work performance expectations, hiring staff with understanding of diversity and cultural issues, and following social, ethical and business standards.

Problem 1: Filling shifts
There   is a shortage of staff willing to work the early morning shifts during   winter.
Stores   open at 7 am – meaning staff need to be in store at 6 am to prepare for   opening. On days where the store must fill catering orders, staff responsible   for the order must be in-store at 5 am. This means it is extremely dark and   cold until well after the store opens.
Some   staff do not have cars and need to use public transport, which is on   unreliable timetables. Staff have also expressed discomfort at waiting at   certain bus/tram stops and train stations that are poorly lit or unmanned   that early in the morning.
There   are also possible family or cultural issues at play. Other staff have   indicated their spouses have forbidden them to work at times when their   families (children and dependent relatives) need to be fed, monitored or   supervised.

Problem 2: Quality recruitment
The   company has difficulty sourcing or training skilled and experienced barista   staff.
The   area manager placed emphasis on sales skills during recruitment to keep costs   down and increase profits. As a result, very few staff are trained in making   coffee to the appropriate standard, and this has become a huge problem in   filling shifts and has contributed to falling customer satisfaction.

Problem 3: Health and safety risks
The   above problems have meant there hasn’t been time for experienced staff to   train the new staff, which has led to a resulting concern regarding health   and safety.
Recent   hires were poorly trained in health and safety previously, and existing   skilled staffs are overworked. Incidents and injuries, some of them serious,   are increasing.

Problem 4: Staff morale 
All   of the above problems have resulted in poor staff morale, as staff who are   stuck having to fill these shifts are tired and run-down, and feel resentful   towards the staff who refuse these shifts.
Increased   risk of injury and a perceived lack of interest and respect from management   are leading experienced staff to question their commitment to the company,   and there are whispers of staff planning to quit and find work elsewhere.

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7. PEST Analysis 

CoffeeVille encounters certain risks which can be assessed with the help of the PEST analysis. 

CoffeeVille   has to abide by the policies of sourcing of raw materials for the cafe.   Abiding the established social and environmental laws would ensure the   following of the fair trade practices.
CoffeeVille   should consider employment policies while recruiting employment and ensuring   an effective work environment. The government ensures trade diversification   and offers support for a small business which can be beneficial for the   business (Heritage, 2019).        
The   trade freedom of Canada is 86.8 which is quite low and can create flexibility   issues for CoffeeVille. The government spending is 51.3% which is low. The   tax burden is 76.8% which is high and can create pressure on the business. The   transparent judiciary would reduce corruption to a certain extent. The cost   of the labour is rising along with the operational cost, and this can create   an impact on the expenses and the profitability of the business (Heritage,   2019). The inflammatory environment can also impact on profit level of the   organisation.  
The   taste and the preferences of the customers are changing. CoffeeVille needs to   take account of this to develop new flavours and attract the customers. The   retirement of the baby booming section would imply a decrease in spending of   the old customers. The changes in the lifestyle and the population can affect   the demands of the products, and CoffeeVille needs to develop products   accordingly.      
The   employment rate in Canada has increased from 60.7% to 62.5% from 2017 to 2018   (statcan, 2019). The high employment rate implies that CoffeeVille would have   to encounter competition in recruiting the best employees. CoffeeVille has to   offer high incentives and compensation to the employees.  
The   technology in the business is developing which is creating benefits as well   as risks for the organisation. CoffeeVille needs to keep itself updated;   otherwise, it would not be able to reach out to the customers and would   encounter issues related to competition. Increasing technological advancement   implies an increased investment in the research and development which would   increase the expenditure of the organisation. CoffeeVille needs to offer free   Wi-Fi services and introduce mobile apps and social media pages for creating   and adding value to the brand (Löfsten, 2016). All this would increase the   expenses of the organisation and cover the cost CoffeeVille may have to   increase the prices of the products. CoffeeVille also needs to develop   technology for offering privacy and security to the customers; otherwise, it   can negatively affect the goodwill.

8.Legislation, regulations and standards for CoffeeVille

a) Recruitment and induction 

  1. Abiding the Global Human Rights Statement to ensure that all the selected candidates are treated with respect and dignity
  2. In the induction program, the candidates are introduced Human Rights Statement directed towards upholding the basic fundamental principles and human rights in the workplace (Wsps, 2019).  
  3. Equal Employment Opportunity Policy is another standard needs to be followed by CoffeeVille while carrying out recruitment.   

These activities will be helpful to improve staff morale at the workplace because most of the experienced staffs are finding it difficult to stay in the company as the management is not looking to all the staffs in equal manner, especially regarding the typical shifts of working. 

b) Industrial Relation and employment condition

  1. Abiding the Coffee Farmer Equity Practices for ensuring that the farmers are able to get the right payment for their business. 
  2. Developing Manufacturing Standards for the good and services to ensure that the raw coffee obtained from the suppliers are of good quality (Canada Government, 2019). 
  3. Forming the Supplier Delivery Standard would ensure supplier Diversity and keep track of all the suppliers and ensure healthy business relation with them.

c) Health and safety

  1. Health and Safety Policy would help to create a positive work environment for the employers and ensure the safety of all the employees.
  2. Abiding the Canada Labour Code Part II would help to develop strategies for preventing accidents and injury in the workplace (Wsps, 2019). As far as the current scenario is concerned, healthy and safety concerns has been raised in the organisation, especially for the experienced employees who are now questioning themselves their commitment towards the organisation as the management is not focusing on the health and safety of the employees. Use of the health and safety regulations would have been of great help in this regard to improve the employee morale at the workplace.0020

d) Equal opportunity and anti-discrimination

  1. Following the Employment Equity Act, CoffeeVille should ensure federal legislative compliance under Canada Labour Code Part II to offer equal opportunities to all the employees irrespective of gender, caste, religion, age, colour and disability (Hardt, M., Price & Srebro, 2016).     
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity policy would prevent discrimination or harassment in the workplace. 

Employees who are required to fill the typical work shifts are resentful towards the other employees as they are needed to fill these shifts irrespective of their choice. This creates a discriminator and non-equal behaviour to few employees. Use of Equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory regulations and proper implementation would have been helpful in this regard to improve the morale of all these employees, 

e) Environmental issues

1. Establishing standards of business contract for developing ethical business practices.

2. Standards for reducing the impact of waste and emission of carbon dioxide following the Canadian Environmental Protection Act 1999 (Schaltegger, Burritt & Petersen, 2017).