BSBLDR511 Emotional Intelligence Within Work Assessment Task 1 Answer

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Question :

Assessment 1


Develop and use emotional intelligence

Assessment Task 1 Instructions

Provide answers to all of the questions below: 

  1. Explain emotional intelligence and the importance of this characteristic at work.  
  2. Explain each of the five essential principles of emotional intelligence as defined by Daniel Goleman.
  3. Explain the key principles of the Emotional Intelligence Theory developed by Caruso and Salovey (2004). 
  4. Explain three strategies that can be used to build emotional intelligence.
  5. Explain how a manager with high emotional intelligence can assist in achieve business objectives. Provide an example to illustrate your answer. 
  6. Explain the importance of recognising cultural differences in emotional intelligence. Provide two examples example to illustrate your answer. 
  7. Explain two ways of communicating effectively with a diverse workforce with varying cultural expressions of emotions. 
  8. Explain two ways of using emotional intelligence to build effective workplace relationships.  
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Answer :

Answer 1

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence within the work, has a high turnaround of the objectives to be delivered, a better sense of control and also help in the engagement. The EQ would focus on building with the company defined the ability to keep engagement and with the committed employees (Anderson, 2015). The importance of emotional intelligence has to deliver success, which can also oblige following the emotional intelligence, that could help to make it successful. It is also how one can influence in terms of strong personal qualities that could keep a note over the perseverance, self-control along with holding it concerning the skill that could mark it along with others.

To denote it as a skill set, one has to create an emotional intelligence that would focus on self-awareness, self-regulation, includes a deep insight into the motivation, empathy along with delivering concerning social skills. To match with embracing the nuances that could help to define with a human emotion that could work parallel with the workplace that can have pragmatic benefits, to match with the better collaboration in terms of the employees along with making a happier workplace.

Answer 2

Emotional intelligence is defined as the leadership that compromises the five attributes includes self-awareness, self-management and holding with the empathic, relationship management along with having effective communication. 

1. Self-awareness

To have the desired note of the individuals that could mark it as an emotional intelligence source, one has to ensure stability, bring out a comfortable level along to deliver with the best of efforts over the own thoughts and emotions that could make it challenging concerning the impact on others. 

2. Self-regulation

It would be an important factor and also create an edge over the ability to control and manage one own impulse and emotions.   

3. Internal Motivation

This would be driven and also be making a concrete relation to the money or material rewards that would be working in terms of the beneficial characteristic. It would describe it with a better relation to the emotional intelligence and it would lead a sustained motivation, includes clear decision making and also make it align with an organization's aims (Opengart, 2015)

4. Empathy

There has to be systematic control over one own emotion, which would help to define and react in terms of the emotions concerning the relationship.

5. Social Skill 

It would be governing over the social skills and would make it a concrete being friendly. It can also help in terms of “friendliness with a defined purpose”, that could make it concerning the healthy relationships along with a desire in terms of the personal and organizational benefit.  

Answer 3

For the better manager that could have increased control over the self-awareness along with the control over others, it would help to make it a systematic about the deliverables organized by the company. Daniel Goleman's work that has been part of the 1990s on emotional intelligence (EI) and at the same time, not been able to sufficient deliver with the matching high IQ that would be technically skilled.

As per the Salovey and Mayer's emotional intelligence model, that focuses on integrating the emotional intelligence that could be formulated with the process information concerning their own emotions along with other people's ability. This would also be a challenge to create a mark concerning the thoughts and behavior and it would be focused over the five components in terms of emotional intelligence. It would hold it as per the "emotional intelligence that would create it as per the ability to control over the perceived emotions, and at the same time, it can also help to access and generate emotions that could assist emotions and emotional knowledge, that could help in delivering with the intellectual growth.

Answer 4

The three strategies that could help to deliver in terms of the utility that can channelize over an assertive style of communicating, includes technique of responding to the reactions over the reacting to conflict, includes the utilization over an active listening skills and we focus on an ability to make it motivated and practice to have a better attitude. 

Answer 5

TO focus on good emotional intelligence skills one has to also edge over a person's emotional awareness along with a strong emotional foundation that can help to deliver with good relationships. To also ensure how one possessing that can also be suited and also be a mark as per skill of emotional intelligence that could make it in terms of the close relationship, one would build with.

TO also note how there can be a systematic relation to discovering the greatest benefits that could result in terms of emotional intelligence, which would be a part of the workplace. It is also how it could work in terms of personal life, that can maintain as per the display compassion that could build over compassion in terms of the workplace that could make it morale.

Answer 6

Cultural differences have to focus on the emotional arousal level and it would also have to make progressive and would result in terms of people to motivate and make it as per the emotional intelligence. To also make it as per the certain culture that could focus on an emotional state this would make it in terms of the culture. Emotions can also be creating a cultural system that can focus over the ability to learn and also make it concrete in terms of the category and make it also results in terms of the experience in emotions cultures Such as examples, such as how Western contexts that could be equally be making it bad emotion. Another example, how to build a road map of interaction that could relate better.

Answer 7

At its core, cultural diversity is all about how one can accept and also be recorded in terms of respecting people's differences and how it can deliver with the unique. This would be parallel with the same technique adopted for communication, includes it with the audience that could scope as per the culturally diverse, it can also hold concerning the challenge that would result in terms of the differences that would be sensitive in terms of the message that can be received.

Answer 8

The other factual thing that can make it as per the good emotional intelligence skills which have to also increase and make it as per the person's emotional awareness. It would also make it in terms of how it would concretely result in the strong emotional foundation that would substantially be making a develop good relationships (Washington, 2016). Another way to concreate results in terms of possessing the skill of emotional intelligence that would substantially result in terms of a lasting bond that could make it as per the people that can also help to make it work with.