BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance Assessment Answer

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BSBMGT502 Manage people performance

written activity 

For this assessment you will need to perform the following tasks. These tasks will need to be completed and submitted in a professional, word processed, format. Each task must be 1000 words minimum in length.

Task 1

Your task is to choose 1 person who could be employed by your company and complete the following:

  1. Allocate their work load and tasks (please discuss their roles and their performance measures for at least 3 tasks)
  2. Then you are to discuss how you would assess their performance for each of the listed tasks and discuss the measures used to assess
  3. Then you are to discuss how you would manage follow up discussing all aspects from developing a performance improvement plan to termination

Task 2

For this task you must research and answer each of the following questions in your own words:

  1. Outline relevant legislative and regulatory requirements
  2. Outline relevant awards and certified agreements
  3. Explain performance measurement systems utilised within the organisation
  4. Explain unlawful dismissal rules and due process
  5. Describe staff development options and information

third party report

Supervisor Instructions:

For this assessment, the student must complete the activity. 

The practical activity is a stand-alone activity that will allow the student to display the required knowledge and skills that are essential when deciding overall competency. Please sign and date this checklist to evidence the student having completed the task.

Student Instructions:

Arrange a time to complete the activity and have your supervisor observe you undertaking the activity. You should submit the completed and signed checklist with your assessment for this 

unit of competency.

The following task must be demonstrated in conditions that are safe and replicate the workplace. Noise levels, production flow, interruptions and time variances must be typical of those experienced in the tax (financial) advice services field of work and include access to:

  • Office equipment, technology, software and consumables
  • Relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice

Your task is to manage people performance in a workplace environment over a period of time. In order to demonstrate your ability to manage performance you will be required to consistently and effectively:

  1. Consult with relevant stakeholders to identify work requirements, performance standards and agreed performance indicators
  2. Develop work plans and allocate work to achieve outcomes efficiently and within organisational and legal requirements
  3. Monitor, evaluate and provide feedback on performance and provide coaching or training, as needed
  4. Reinforce excellence in performance through recognition and continuous feedback
  5. Seek assistance from human resources specialists where appropriate
  6. Keep records and documentation in accordance with the organisational performance management system

To provide evidence of the above you are to choose one person and complete the following activities:

  1. Determine the work they are required to do
  2. Develop a work plan for the person ensuring work is allocated efficiently and in a cost effective manner
  3. Confirm the performance standards required
  4. Discuss performance standards with the person
  5. Conduct a risk analysis
  6. Design a performance management and review process for this person
  7. Discuss the performance management and review process with the person to ensure they understand
  8. Conduct a performance management activity with this person after you have monitored their performance over time
  9. Provide feedback to the person about their performance
  10. Discuss poor performance with relevant people
  11. Provide coaching and mentoring and support services as required
  12. Document the persons performance
  13. Develop a performance improvement and development plan for the person with assistance as required
  14. Provide recognition when performance is excellent
  15. Provide counselling for the person when performance does not improve and implement disciplinary processes where necessary
  16. Terminate staff as required
  17. Where these steps are not possible to demonstrate (such as terminating a person) you should provide a procedure that outlines how this process would take place.

Multiple choice Questions

Answer the following questions and submit with your assessment.

Highlight which of the following personnel must be fully trained in the performance management system so that they understand how to complete their areas of responsibility.  

(A) Managers

(B) Team members

(C) Human resource specialists

(D) All of the above

Performance monitoring is concerned with following up on team member’s work to gather information as to what they’re doing, if they have enough resources, if there are any issues and what they’re excelling at.  This can be done via which of the following methods:

(A) Checking the CCTV footage

(B) Watching what they do on the 1st of each month

(C) Analysing KPI results

(D) Asking them if they have done a good job

Johari Window, created by Luft and Ingham (1950), is used to help team members understand the value of self-disclosure, and encourage team members to give and accept feedback. The leader should look to increase which of the four areas?

(A) The Arena

(B) The Blindspot

(C) The Facade 

(D) The Unknown

Poor performance cannot be ignored.  It must be identified and communicated accordingly.  Who should be informed in order to correct poor performance and also stretch team members to work to their full potential?  

(A) Customers

(B) The entire team

(C) Management

(D) The individual team member

Coaching can take many forms. A well-documented method of coaching on the job is the GROW method.  What does GROW stand for?

(A) Goal, Realistic, Options, Way forward

(B) Goal, Reality, Options, Written

(C) Goal, Reality, Obstacles, Way forward

(D) Goal, Reward, Options, Way forward

Performance should be documented.  When a team member is terminated on the basis of their performance, these records will be used if the case is brought to the fair claims tribunal. Which of the following records should be kept?

(A) Performance review forms

(B) Coaching forms

(C) Counselling notes

(D) All of the above

The performance review is concerned with discussing performance against the responsibilities and goals set. When conducted properly performance reviews can result in real benefits to both the organisation and the team member. Which of the following guidelines should be applied when conducting performance reviews?

(A) Argue, look to find a common ground

(B) Discuss behaviour that you have not directly observed.

(C) Make the review process about remuneration. 

(D) Finish with measurable outcomes and a clear direction for the next review.

Managing poor performance is one of the biggest challenges leaders face in business today.  With increased litigation cases it is imperative that leaders get it right. Support services may be required in some cases.  Support services may include:

(A) All of the following

(B) Time with manager to help better understand desired performance standards.

(C) Human resource specialists for issues beyond management control.

(D) Professional counselling services.

A performance counselling session is conducted to help the team member understand the performance gap, reiterate the required performance standard and put a plan in place to rectify the poor performance. According to Cole (2005), counselling should follow which of the three different phases?

(A) Exploration, Understanding, Addressing

(B) Exploration, Understanding, Action

(C) Explaining, Understanding, Addressing

(D) Explaining, Understanding, Action

It is lawful for an employer to dismiss an employee if it is a genuine redundancy or if the dismissal is consistent with the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code or if the dismissal would not be considered.........?

(A) Harsh, Unintentional or Unreasonable

(B) Harsh, Unethical or Unreasonable

(C) Harsh, Unjust or Unreasonable

(D) Harsh, Understandable, Unreasonable

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