BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assessment Answer

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BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan

written activity 

For this task you must research each of the following topics, and write a report on your findings. Use the following questions as a guide to your research. 

  1. Describe models and methods for operational plans.
  2. Explain the role of an operational plan in achieving the organisation’s objectives.
  3. Explain at least one budgeting process used by your organisation.
  4. List the alternative approaches to developing key performance indicators to meet business objectives.
  5. Outline the legislative and regulatory context relevant to the operational plan of your organisation.
  6. Outline your organisation’s policies, practices and procedures that directly relate to the operational plan.


For this assessment you will need to perform the following tasks. These tasks will need to be completed and submitted in a professional, word processed, format. Each task must be 1000 words minimum in length.

The Pitch

The business idea is as follows;

  • You want to start up a tour business that caters for MAMILs
  • The idea is that, for a fee, you will arrange cycling tours in desirable (bucket list) locations, e.g. 
    • Tour of Tasmania in warmer months
    • In the more temperate months offer tours of wine regions such as Barossa and Clair Valleys in SA, or Margaret River Region in WA or Hunter Valley and surrounds  in NSW
    • Tropical tours in the colder months e.g. the Daintree and Port Douglas region, etc.
  • The tours will accommodate approx. 20-30 cyclists at a time and will be fully supported by your team of tour coordinators and tour support teams.
  • You will  market to MAMILs in your own capital city
  • You will equip a 6 Metre (20ft) shipping container to safely and securely transport their bicycles and equipment to the starting point for each tour and return everything to a central point back in their capital city at the end of the tour.
  • It is the responsibility of each MAMIL to drop off and pick up their gear at the central point in your capital city.
  • The duration of the tours will range from 7-14 days 
  • Preliminary research on your part indicates that MAMILs would be prepared to pay in the range of $3-5K each for a tour.
  • The model that your tours will follow is;
    • The MAMILs pay their own travel costs to get to the start point of the tour and their return home at the completion of the tour. 
    • Your tour team will provide a support vehicle to travel with the herd each day of the tour.
    • The tours will range from budget tours where the herd will stay overnight in camping and caravan parks along the way, through to more up-market tours where they will stay in hotel and or B&B style accommodation.
    • For the budget tours you propose that your support vehicle provides a BBQ breakfast and evening meal at the camps.

The way you want to set up this new business is to develop a single but successful operation that services MAMILs in your Capital City.  When you have the model running successfully you plan to franchise operations nationally and potentially internationally.  Your goal is that in five years’ time you will be managing a group of franchises and have both a good income as well as a good work/life balance.

Instructions for groups

  1. Conduct a SWOT analysis on this proposal
  2. Following the SWOT analysis make a determination on the viability of the proposed business.  Consideration for  your risk management and decide on a “Go” or “No-go” for developing this business
  3. Assuming a “Go”, now your team is to agree on a business name
  4. Now develop a Mission Statement for the business
  5. What is the Vision Statement and develop a draft Values Statement
  6. Now consider the operations and develop a preliminary Organisation Chart, indicating  the functional units of the business 
  7. Select one functional Unit and develop a draft Management Plan that describes how the Unit will be managed.
  8. List 2 Key Result Areas (KRAs) for the Unit/Team 
  9. Develop a draft Operational Plan that will achieve these 2 KRAs. Do not try and develop Operational procedures at this time because it is a very big job, however, make a list of the operations within the Unit that could require clear operating procedures
  10. List resources that you will require the implement your Operational Plan including human resources
  11. Identify any resources that you do not currently have but will be needed to achieve your goal
  12. Outline a strategy for obtaining any identified additional resources including approvals.
  13. Identify key milestones in the implementation of your Operational Plan
  14. Develop a checklist for monitoring the progress and effectiveness of your Operational Plan. Consider some monitoring factors such as;
    1. Progress
    2. Performance
    3. Budget
  15. Outline the features how you could effectively monitor and review the implementation of your Operational Plan.
  16. Develop a list of contingency plans for the operations
  17. Develop a plan to protect intellectual property

After you have completed this activity you will have to hand it in.


The following questions may be answered verbally with your assessor or you may write down your answers. Please discuss this with your assessor before you commence. Short Answers are required which is approximately 4 typed lines = 50 words, or 5 lines of handwritten text.

Your assessor will take down dot points as a minimum if you choose to answer them verbally.

Answer the following questions either verbally with your assessor or in writing.

  1. What are operational plans used to identify?
  2. What are 5 key performance indicators that relate to your industry?
  3.  When preparing a contingency plan what guidelines should you remember?
  4. What may have a detrimental impact on time if not handled correctly? 
  5. Who might you consult to obtain approval for an operational plan?
  6.  What aspects could be involved in recruiting new staff?
  7.  What is triple bottom line reporting?
  8. What is involved in monitoring and reviewing operational performance?
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