BSBMGT605 Provide Leadership Across The Organisation Assessment Answer

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BSBMGT605 Provide leadership across the organisation

Assessment Task 1 Instructions

Provide answers to all of the questions below:

  1. Discuss, in one paragraph, the concept of business ethics.
  2. Discuss ethical leadership and its importance in supporting organisational values.
  3. Discuss three characteristics of an ethical leader.
  4. Give, and explain, three benefits of ethical leadership.
  5. Discuss four (4) styles of leadership and the impact each of the identified styles on organisational culture
  6. Explain how a charismatic leader can assist in ensuring that a company’s vision is implemented.
  7. Discuss at least three strategies that can be used to encourage employee participation in decision-making.
  8. Discuss three strategies that a leader can use for building trust and confidence with colleagues.
  9. Explain the importance of leadership in ensuring that work health and safety legislation is met.
  10. Give five (5) reasons why it is important to follow anti-discrimination law and provide equal opportunity, giving a short explanation of each.

Assessment Task 2: Leadership projectTask summary

For this assessment task you are required in the role of the CEO of Boutique Build Australia to communicate the company’s mission and objectives through the presentation of the company’s new Strategic Plan to the Senior Management team, as well as consult with staff on the Plan and allocation of operational activities associated with the plan.

Following the meeting you are required to report on decisions made at the meeting and following the meeting, as well as investigate a workplace issue.

This task will be completed in the simulated work environment at your RTO.


  • Computer and Microsoft Office, including PowerPoint
  • Access to the internet for research
  • Strategic and Operational Plan.
  • Projector for presentation
  • Space to conduct a meeting.
  • Role-play participants (assessor and students)
  • Fatigue Management Report Template

Assessment Task 2 Instructions

Carefully read the following:

Boutique Build Australia was established in 2013. It is a boutique building company based in Sydney that specialises in the design and build of high quality designer homes for the Sydney metropolitan and surrounding areas.

A Strategic Plan has been developed for the company by an external consultant with input from the CEO and senior management. The rationale for the Strategic Plan is to set the direction for the company over the next three years, establish strategic priorities and to describe how these will be achieved and the measures (operational priorities) to achieve them.

A first important stage of implementing the Strategic Plan is to meet with the Senior Management team to plan the operational activities to be implemented to achieve the organisation’s objectives. The preliminary meeting will focus on the objectives for the upcoming year being the expansion of the company into Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast markets as described in the Strategic Plan and to discuss and allocate roles and responsibilities in relation to the expansion.

The Senior Managers who will attending the meeting will be:

  • Operations Manager (Bob Sales) Bob has been with the company since its inception. He was a former builder and therefore has an excellent understanding of the industry. His main role is to manage the day to day activities for the business, including setting and reviewing budgets and overseeing procurement.
  • Marketing Manager (Jane Smith) Jane has recently joined the company. She is responsible for all aspects of marketing, including marketing planning and marketing implementation. Jane’s strengths are in digital marketing.
  • Human Resources Manager (Deborah Terns) Deborah has been with the company for 2 years. She has worked in human resources for 10 years and her previous position was also with a construction company and she therefore has an excellent knowledge of the industry.
  • Customer Service Manager (Amar Singh) Amar has recently joined the company to manage the increasing number of sales staff. Amar previously worked with a construction company who expanded into other states and therefore has strengths in understanding how this process works.

Complete the following activities:

  1. Develop a PowerPoint presentation

The first part of the assessment task requires you to prepare for a meeting with the Senior Management team to discuss the new Strategic Plan and the company’s mission and objectives, as well as provide an opportunity for input and make decisions on operational priorities and activities for the upcoming year. This will also be an opportunity, as set out in the company’s vision, to encourage employees to contribute innovative ideas and improvements, so you should also ensure that you research techniques to encourage innovation and ideas for use in the meeting.

In order to prepare for the meeting, you will need to thoroughly review the Strategic Plan and operational priorities, and prepare for a presentation about the new Strategic Plan as part of the meeting. Your PowerPoint presentation will need to last approximately 15 minutes and use graphics, such as images and tables or graphs to add interest to the presentation, as well as providing a visual representation of data.

A further 15 minutes should be allocated to discussion of the operational priorities and activities required to achieve them.

Note that at the meeting your assessor will provide some additional ideas for operational activities which you will need to consider and discuss in accordance with the company’s goals and objectives and the risk management plans identified in the Strategic Plan.

As the staff attending the meeting come from a range of educational backgrounds and familiarity with strategic planning processes, you will need to ensure that your presentation is free of jargon and presented in clear and concise English.

Your presentation should address:

  • Meeting aims (scenario information and instructions provided to you).
  • The purpose of the Strategic Plan.
  • An outline of the organisation’s mission, vision, values and key objectives, as well as strategic priorities as outlined in the Strategic Plan.
  • Ensure you build staff commitment by explaining vision and values as a shared vision, which all staff can contribute to.
  • A discussion of market characteristics and conditions as described in the Strategic Plan, including the global economy and technological advances, as well as environmental trends in relation to construction.
  • A discussion of the company’s strategic objectives operational priorities.
  • An outline of key risks identified with regard to the Strategic Plan and at least four examples of how the company intends to manage identified risks.
  • A discussion of operational priorities for the year head and activities required.
  • Assigning of roles and responsibilities, as well as competencies based on the job role. Review the operational priorities in the Strategic Plan and identify specific operational activities and roles and responsibilities associated with the business expansion. For example, specific marketing activities that will need to occur and actions associated with the setting up of the new display centre. Identify at least ten (10) specific activities, as well as allocation of responsibilities according to the information about staff roles and competencies in the scenario information. This will need to be discussed and confirmed at the meeting.
  • Outline of all resources that will be in place for the expansion as per the Strategic Plan.
  • An outline of the expectations of the company with regard to ensuring that the objectives values and standards of the company are adopted in every day interactions with customers, suppliers and other staff (you will need to review this information in the Strategic Plan and provide specific examples of expected behaviour).

2. Prepare a draft of an email to be sent to your Operations Manager (your assessor).

When you have completed your presentation, submit it to your assessor along with the draft email.

The text of the draft email should be grammatically correct, and be written in a respectful and businesslike style.

It should inform your manager that you have completed the presentation, and that you are ready to present it at the meeting.

3. Deliver your presentation and consult with staff at a meeting.

The next part of the assessment requires you to deliver your presentation to the Senior Management team and seek input from staff on the new Strategic Plan, as well as operational activities required to achieve objectives. You will need to be ready to answer questions and discuss ideas. You will also need to encourage innovative ideas as per the techniques you researched in assessment task 1.

Use the PowerPoint presentation you developed to deliver your presentation.

During the presentation, you will be required to demonstrate interpersonal skills and build trust and confidence in your team. To do this you will need to demonstrate

  • Your ability to clearly and confidently present information
  • Your ability to encouraging questions from staff
  • Your ability to use active listening to confirm information and ideas.
  • Your flexibility and adaptability to embrace ideas through your positive response to staff suggestions.
  • Your ability to be a positive role model to other members of the team.

During the meeting, answer questions and discuss suggestions/ideas offered by staff at the end of the presentation, as this feedback will be used to update the Strategic Plan.

4. Write a follow up report on the meeting.

Following the meeting, you will be required to submit a draft of an email to be sent to the all staff reviewing the ideas discussed at the meeting and how these will inform the Strategic Plan as relevant.

Your draft email should clearly show that all ideas have been considered in decision-making and indicate whether they will be implemented or not. Your rationale for implementing or otherwise should clearly show how decisions have been made based on the risk factors identified in the Strategic Plan.

You must submit your draft of email within two days of the meeting.

Assume that it is six months later and the expansion into Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast has proved to be highly successful. However, issues are arising with workplace fatigue. At a staff meeting, it was identified that some of the staff are working very long hours during the week and are also working at weekends.

Staff are complaining of stress and fatigue. The long hours are as a result of the numerous projects that the company currently has. Many staff are also travelling extensively because of the interstate expansion.

The company’s safe working guidelines are as follow:

  • No one should work more than 8 hours in a day.
  • There should be at least 10 hours’ continuous break per 24-hour period.
  • A lunch break of at least 30 minutes should be taken during the working day.
  • Individuals should be aware of the hours worked and ensure they are aware of the risks. Staff time sheets for September show the following:
  • Human Resources Manager: shows 180 hours worked over a 4-week period (M to F). Break of at least 30 minutes taken each day.
  • Marketing Manager: shows 190 hours worked over a 4-week period. Shows no lunch breaks taken.
  • Operations Manager: shows 14.5 hours worked during three days of the month of September. Lunch breaks taken intermittently.
  • Administration Officer: 152 hours plus lunch breaks of 30 minutes taken.

5. Investigate workplace issues

Your Operations Manager has asked you to investigate this issue, conduct research into fatigue management and then communicate the finding to staff as a first step in addressing this issue. Use the Fatigue Management Report Template to structure your response.

Develop a short report (at least a page long) for the staff that includes:

  • An analysis of the data to show that staff have not been meeting the safe working guidelines.
  • Health and safety implications of fatigue including:
    • Problems associated with fatigue
    • Signs of fatigue
    • Risks associated with fatigue and procedures for managing the risk of fatigue.
  • Proposed strategies for managing fatigue

To conduct your research, you should identify relevant sources of information on this topic and include the sources of information that you have used in your report.

6. Prepare a draft of an email to be sent to your Operations Manager (your assessor).

When you have completed your report, submit it to your assessor along with the draft of email

The text of the draft email should be grammatically correct English, in a style that demonstrates respect. It should include a short summary of the contents of the report

Assessment Task 3: Media release project

Task summary

Students are required to develop a short media release about the Boutique Build Australia’s expansion into the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast market.

This task will be completed in the simulated work environment at your RTO.


  • Computer and Microsoft Office
  • Access to the internet for research

Assessment Task 3 Instructions

Carefully read the following:

You are to develop a short media release about Boutique Build’s expansion into the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast market. The intent of the release is to attract interest in the company and to provide a brief summary of the company and its operations.

You may use information from the Strategic Plan and your presentation in Assessment Task 2 to assist you in writing the content of the media release.

The media release is to be released to the local press in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Complete the following activities:

1. Develop a media release

Research guidelines for developing engaging media releases and that will promote a positive image.

The media release should be no more than one page (400 words) and should include a date, as well as contact details for future. This will be you as the Director and CEO of the company.

Develop your media release according to your research and to be engaging as possible and to convey a positive impression of the organization.

2. Prepare a draft of an email to be sent to your assessor.

The draft email text should summarise the contents of the attachment and refer to the media release guidelines you used to develop it.

Submit your media release from activity one along with the draft of email.

Assessment Task 4: Work goals and professional development projectTask summary

In this assessment task you will be required to research a company and job role that interests you and plan work goals for that job role. You will be required to develop a short report on the company and job role you have identified, as well as work goals for a for this role.

You are also required to develop a professional development plan for the job role you have identified and researched, as well as participate in, and report on one of the professional development opportunities you identified.

This task will be completed in the simulated work environment at your RTO.


  • Computer and Microsoft Office
  • Access to the internet for research
  • Computer and Microsoft Office
  • Professional Development Plan Template.
  • Professional development report

Assessment Task 4 Instructions

Complete the following activities:

1. Develop a work goals and plans report.

Choose a company that you would be interested in working for, as well as a job role within that company. The role you choose should be at a managerial level, such as a Marketing Manager or Human Resources Manager.

Research and access information relating to the company, including the company’s web site and a position description for the role that you are interested in within the company. Your assessor can provide you with assistance in identifying this information if you are having difficulty accessing such information.

Review the company’s web site and the position description for the role you have chosen. For the position that you have identified, consider what your work goals and plans for 12 months would be if you were in that position. Note down at least five work goals for the job role. Your goals must be SMART goals and must address both personal work goals, as well as overall work goals for the roles based on the position requirements

Develop a short report about the business you have identified and the work goals you have identified that includes:

  • An overview of the business that you have chosen, including the purpose of the business and where it is located.
  • An overview of the company’s goals and objectives as identified from the web site/position descriptions.
  • An overview of the position description for the job role you are interested in. Explain why you are interested in the job role and describe the key responsibilities of the job role.
  • An outline of the five personal work goals that you have identified for the position, including why these goals are relevant to the company’s goals and objectives, as well as to the job role and how these are suitable goals for a 12-month period.

2. Develop a professional development plan for the next 12 months.

Research and review at least four professional development opportunities that would be relevant to the role of you have chosen and that relate to the work goals you have identified in activity one.

Use the Professional Development Plan Template to guide you with your response to this activity.

Assume that the organisation allocates a budget of $1,500 per year per staff member for professional development, so your decisions on professional development opportunities should be based on this. Also identify at least one no cost professional development opportunity that can be completed from a person’s desk at work, for example, participating in a webinar. You will be required to participate in this opportunity and provide a report on it.

Complete the professional development plan with the details of four professional development/networking opportunities that could be attended by someone in this job role over the next 12 months.

You will be required to include a brief description of each professional development opportunity, costs and location and date/s as applicable. Send the completed plans to your assessor via email.

3. Participate in a professional development opportunity

Participate in the professional development opportunity you identified above.

Complete all sections of the professional Development Report Template provided to you. Each question in the report should be answered in approximately one paragraph.

4. Prepare a draft of an email to be sent to your assessor.

The draft email text should be in grammatically correct, polite English.

Submit the following along with the email:

  • your work goals and plans report
  • professional development plan
  • professional development report

Assessment Task 5: Ethics projectTask summary

For this assessment task, you are required to review the company’s current Code of Ethics, assess practices regarding staff use of frequent flyer points, update the Code of Ethics and advise staff of outcomes.

This task will be completed in the simulated work environment at your RTO.


  • Computer and Microsoft Office
  • Access to the internet for research
  • Code of Ethics

Assessment Task 5 Instructions

Carefully read the following:

Imagine that it is one year later and Boutique Build has expanded into the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast market as planned.

As the Operations Manager, you are responsible for a number of staff who travel regularly from Sydney to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast as part of their role. It has come to your attention recently that several staff members have been accruing frequent flyer points from business travel and using these points for their own personal travel. You are unsure if this is allowed or not and so decide to investigate the situation.

Complete the following activities:

1. Write a memo on use of frequent flyer points and the company’s code of ethics

Review the company’s code of ethics to identify current values and standards and to identify whether it addresses the issues of accruing frequent flyer points.

Identify and review codes of ethics and other documents form at least other three other companies on how they manage the issue of staff use of frequent flyer points.

Your memo should make a recommendation on whether the practice of accumulating frequent flyer points for personal use should be allowed.

2. Prepare a draft of an email to be sent to the CEO (your assessor).

The text of the draft email should be written in grammatically correct English, using a style appropriate between an Operations Manager and their CEO. It should give a short summary of the contents of the attachment.

Submit the memo you developed in activity one along with the draft email. The assessor in the role of CEO provides their response.

3. Update the Code of Ethics

Write an updated version of the company’s Code of Ethics based on your investigation and the response given to you by your CEO.

4. Prepare a draft of an email to be sent to staff (your assessor) with the updated Code of Ethics.

The draft email’s text should include a summary of the company’s position on this issue, as well as clear directions for staff with regard to the use of frequent flyer points

Ensure that you use clear and concise language so that all staff can understand the company’s position

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