BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness: Case Study Assessment 3 Answer

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Unit of Competency:BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness
Assessment Task3. Case Study

Task 3: Case Study

Your performance will be documented while being observed by your Trainer/Assessor. You should demonstrate skills to lead teams and to actively engage with the management of the organisation.

Instruction to the Candidate:

Read the following case study and answer all question

Case Study Scenario:

You are the leader of the customer service team for an organisation. You are responsible for ensuring that the shop is always staffed with assistants who make customers feel welcome, attend to their questions and needs knowledgably and promptly and how are able to maintain the shop’s displays at all times.

At any one time you have a team of 15 assistants with six needed per day. Due to the nature of the work you have an average turnover of one position per month.

At a recent senior management meeting the business strategic plan was developed, from which you now need to develop a performance plan for your sales team. You also need to remember the ongoing team requirements as well as those new requirements brought about by the strategic plan.

In essence, the strategic plan states that, over the next 12 months, the organisation is aiming to: Increase turnover by 30 per cent by;

  • Introducing 20 new products including a range of six health lollies that have added nutrients Build market loyalty by specifically targeting tweens as customers by:
  • Designing new packaging specifically designed to have greater appeal to the 7  12 age group
  • Introducing a club membership for tweens that gives them free gifts for purchases over specific amounts

Increase efficiencies by:

  • Increasing average customer sale from $4 per person per visit to $6 per person per visit
  • Purchasing and installing a new computerised till aimed at tracking sales by each salesperson.


Q1. Define the sales team goals for the next 12 months. Ensure that they are SMART. Q2. Define the KPIs and standards for each goals

Q3. Select one goals and create an action plan to consult the team member and identify the team members expected performance outcomes.

Q4. What strategies you will use to ensure that all team members provide their input in developing the SMART goals, and performance associated to achieve the goals.

Q5. Develop a process to resolve the issues, concerns and problems identified during the consultation process. Q6. Why is encouraging participation in the planning, decision – making and operational work aspects of the team’s work important for developing team cohesion and what roles and feedback play in doing this?

Case Study Scenario:

At Newton Global Pty Ltd. A mining resources your team of geologists have been busy creating the feasibility study into a new exploration site in north South Australia. The work has been a very large project that started 18 months ago with the team spending six months on location taking drilling samples and analysing them.

Of the six geologists and three administration staff that currently form the team, two geologists are new as is one administration person. All the others have been on the project since tis inception. Up until now the team has got on well together, seemingly communicating well and resolving any differences with minimal effort. However, you have noticed lately that there has been some trouble. The difficulties in communication seem to have started since a new geologist joined the team, management gave indications that world affairs might have a serious impact on whether the project could be funded or not and you changed some allocation of team tasks. Specially the communication issues have been:

  • The monthly progress report had a section missing and, when you questioned the authors about it. It turns out that each though that the other person has done it.
  • Two team members have made comments to you that they think that the new geologist think that they know it all and is very irritating to work with.
  • You have overhead comments from a couple of team members to the effect that there is no point doing a good job on the report as management have already written it off.
  • Comments were also made that there was no point talking to you as you always sided with management
  • The new administration person is not completing their tasks on time and seems to be overwhelmed by what they have to do. You have seen them ask the other administration staff for help once or twice but despite their efforts, they are still very slow at their work and seem reluctant to ask again. When you ask them if they
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