BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness: Simulated Workplace Environment Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment Cover Sheet

Task 2: Project – Simulated Workplace Environment


You are to complete all the tasks as specified in this simulated work environment You will need to access and read the following BizOps policies and templates:

  • Organisation operational plan (Annex A)
  • Performance and development template (Annex B)

Acceptable format for the answers of this task must be typewritten. All work should be completed within designated timeframes. Your answers will form part of the evidence gathered for this unit.

Task Overview and Context:

You received an email from Nancy Tooket, Managing Director of Retail Operations.


Improving Team Effectiveness Hello,

As we move into the new financial year, we have many challenges to address in order to meet our business plan goals. One strategy I would like to implement is to improve team effectiveness at the retail outlet level.

Our current approach is to leave the management of teams in the retail outlets to the outlet managers. This will be the case, but I would like all outlet managers to go through a process of documenting the approaches, methods, strategies and plans that they will use in leading and managing the teams at the retail outlets.

This process of documentation will allow retail managers to formalise their approach to team leadership and use this documentation as a framework to evaluate their team leadership performance. It will also allow the organisation, as a whole, to learn what is working and to improve our leadership skills.

Please refer to the “Instructions to the Candidate” section that follows for an outline of the tasks you are required to do. These tasks relate to how you, as the retail outlet manager, will lead and manage the effectiveness of your teams through the implementation of our current operational plan.

Regards, Nancy Tooket

Managing Director: Retail Operations

Instructions to the Candidate

You will need to access and read the following BizOps policies and templates:

  • Organisation operational plan (Annex A as attached)
  • Performance and development template (Annex B as attached)

Complete each of the following tasks in the context of your role as a retail outlet manager of BizOps and collate all of your responses into a single document in a typewritten format.

  1. Prepare a briefing document that outlines your understanding of the team purpose, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in accordance with organisational goals, plans and objectives. This document should be appropriate to distribute to team members as a consultation process to establish a common understanding.
  2. Prepare a performance plan to establish the expected outcomes, outputs, key performance indicators (KPI) and goals for the work team.
  3. Outline what strategies you will use to support team members in meeting expected performance outcomes. These strategies should address any formal and informal learning requirements.
  4. Outline what strategies you will use to ensure team members have an input into planning, decision- making and operational aspects of their work.
  5. Outline what strategies you will use to encourage team members to participate in and to take responsibility for team activities, including communication process.
  6. BizOps currently has no policies and procedures that outline how the organisation supports or implements processes to develop and facilitate team cohesion, or to allow team members to take responsibility for their own work or assist others to perform required roles and responsibilities. Prepare a draft policy and set procedures that would achieve this. It may be relevant to utilise information that has been already been documented in completing tasks 1-5 above.
  7. BizOps currently has no formal feedback process that is documented in the performance improvement and development template. Senior managers feel this form is not appropriate as a mechanism to provide feedback to team members that encourages, values and rewards individual and team efforts and contributions. Outline what leadership techniques and strategies you would use to provide feedback and encourage, value and rewards members of your team.
  8. Outline the strategies that you would use to ensure that issues, concerns, problems identified by team members are recognised and addressed.
  9. BizOps expects its retail outlet managers to lead by example. Outline how you will ensure your contribution to the work team serves as a role model for others and enhances the organisation’s image for all stakeholders.
  10. Outline how you will facilitate communication processes with each of the stakeholders groups outlined in the current BizOps operational plan.
  11. Outline how you will facilitate a two-way flow of information on team performance issues between your team and senior management team.
  12. Outline how you will evaluate and take necessary corrective action on issued not resolved and problems raised by internal and external stakeholders.
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