BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness: Written Questions Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment Outline
Unit CodeBSBTWK502
Unit NameManage Team Effectiveness

Unit of Competency: Overview

BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness

Submission Details
Unit of Competency:BSBTWK502 Manage Team Effectiveness



You are to answer the following questions on lead and manage team effectiveness. Your answers will form part of the evidence gathered for this unit.

Acceptable format for the answers of this task could be handwritten or typewritten. There is no restriction as to the length of the responses. If the space provided is not enough, you use additional papers. All work should be completed within designated timeframes.

  1. Outline some strategies that can support team cohesion, participation and performance.
  2. Explain strategies for gaining consensus.
  3. Outline strategies to ensure team members have input into planning, decision-making and operational aspects of teamwork
  4. Explain how group dynamics can support or hinder team performance.
  5. List some common positive and negative behaviours of a team leader that can affect group dynamic.
  6. Outline some strategies for improving group dynamics.
  7. Identify some skills of a team leader and explain how these skills can assist in preventing issues from arising
  8. Explain how brain storming can be used as a strategy for issue resolution.
  9. Explain how individual discussions can be used as a strategy for issue resolution.
  10. Outline a process to follow for evaluating and taking corrective action regarding problems raised by internal and external stakeholders.
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