Building Deep Learning Model Assessment Answer

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Build a Deep Learning Model for each of the following Problems. 

1. Shopper Purchase Intention:

2. CoverType

3. Bike Share (Day.csv)

 In your solution include the following

  1. All code in R or Python (Notebook required for Python, Recommended for R)
  2. Print first few rows of the training data
  3. Identify the minimum accuracy the model needs to exceed to be of value
  4. Chart of training and validation error and accuracy (or appropriate metric based on problem)
  5. The accuracy(or appropriate metric) of the best model 


  1. There are no data processing errors (data types and any pre-processing)
  2. Model is appropriate for the problem (regression, classification etc.)
  3. Metrics are appropriate for the problem
  4. Baseline is identified
  5. Best Model exceeds baseline
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