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The bully algorithm 

  1. Process p calls an election when it notices that the co-ordinator is no longer responding for the its job

    - P sends an ELECTION message to all processes with higher numbers.

    - If no body responds, P wins the election and becomes a coordinator level.

    - If one of the higher-ups responds with answer, it becomes over. P's job is done at this stage.

  2. High numbered processes "bully" low numbered processes out of the election and become maintain this state until only one process remains.
  3. When a crashed process reboots, it holds an election. If it is now the highest numbered live process and it gets the wining situation, this will win.


Bully Algorithm Assignment Help Example

Bully Algorithm Assignment Help Example

  1.  The bully_election algorithm are:
  2.  Method four  keeps an election with other Method
  3.  Method five and six respond to election, telling Method four to stop
  4.  That is five and six each hold an election
  5.  Method seven does not respond to any of election
  6.  Method six highest numbered process than Method five respond to process five
  7.  Method six wins the election and become coordinator

Example: The election of coordinator p2 after the breakdown of p4 and then p3

Stage 1
Bully Algorithm Example: Stage 1
Stage 2
Bully Algorithm Example: Stage 2
Stage 3
Bully Algorithm Example: Stage 3
Stage 4
Bully Algorithm Example: Stage 4

Number of messages: bully_algorithm: (

Ring algorithm =2N // where N is the number of processes

Time delay: bully algorithm:

If broadcasting messages: 3T

If no broadcasting messages: (N+1)T

Ring algorithm: (N-1)T