BUS 1003 Mathematics And Statistics: Case Study Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment Brief: BUS 1003 Mathematics and Statistics Trimester 2, 2021

Assessment 2: Case study

Word count / Time provided:
1000 Words
Unit Learning Outcomes:
[ULO1], [ULO2], [ULO3]

Assessment Details:

The BUS1003 assessment task 2 is worth 20% of the overall assessment in the unit. This assignment is individual work.

Timeframe and Submission:

The assessment must be uploaded no later than 11:59 pm on Sunday of Week 6 on the Canvas assessment submission link. Unless approval for an extension is given on medical grounds (supported by a medical certificate), there will be a penalty of 5% of the maximum marks per calendar day for late submission of assignments. Although you will be provided with guidance about addressing the assignment tasks, you will need to complete the tasks in your own time.

Assessment Presentation

  • Your answers must be presented in report format and be clearly labelled with the appropriate heading.
  • Your need to submit two files for this assessment: a report (word or pdf format) and an Excel file is showing your dataset and other requirements relevant to each task.
  • When asked to perform a calculation (i.e., MS Excel is not specified), you must show all working. This must include intermediate steps where relevant. Failure to do so will result in a loss of marks.
  • An Assessment Declaration is required and must be attached to the front of your assignment.
  • You need to use the Australia Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to find the required data for your report.

Case study: Water for the agriculture sector in Australia

You are required to read the following case study and write a report according to the assignment requirements:

You are one of the researchers whom the Australian Federal Government has approached to assist in developing a report that will help determine the future demand for water for the agriculture sector in Australia. For this report, the Australian Federal Government look for the below information:

Requirment 1: Megalitres per hectare water usage for selected crops and pastures such as rice, cotton, sugar cane, fruits, and nuts, vegetable, and others in Australia from 2018 to 2020.

Requirment 2: Megalitres of each type of water (irrigation, on-farm dams or tanks, rivers etc.,) used for agriculture production in Australia from 2018 to 2020.

Requirment 3: The usage of water in agriculture for NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, WA, and Tasmania in 2019-2020

As statistical analysts, you require collecting, organising, analysing, and presenting data relevant to the above requirements. Your analysis would support the Australian Federal Government to make strategic decisions to improve Australia's water situation.

Task 1: provide a brief description of Australia's water and agriculture situation and introduce why exploring water usage in the agricultural sector is essential.

Task2Prepare a table using a spreadsheet to show the data for each requirement in different sheets in the excel file. Make sure that the data in each column has been labelled.

Task 3: Choose a suitable graphical representation to illustrate the presented data for requirment1

in your report. Explain why you made this choice of graphic display.

Task 4: Use your graph to discuss the trends of water usage for different crops and pastures for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

Task 5: Calculate the mean and the standard deviation of the presented data for requirment1 for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020.

Task 6: calculate the probability of the water source in agriculture for 2019-2020 and decide which type of water could be faced with a shortage in the future and why.

Task 7compare the usage of water in agriculture for NSW, Vic, Qld, SA, WA, and Tasmania in 2019- 2020. Explain which states have the highest and lowest usage.

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