BUS100 Implementing A Digital Communication Strategy: Evidence Response Assessment 2 Answer

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Assessment Type: Individual assessment 1000 word (+/- 10%)

Purpose: Professional communication is based on fact. Both your boss and your tutor want correct up to date information that will enable them to make a decision. In business the decision directly relates to profit. At KOI it relates to your marks. Writers must ensure they provide the most immediate, relevant information. Otherwise misunderstandings can occur, costing money or grades. Learning how to find and provide the information required is essential to any academic or business writing professional. This assessment relates to learning outcomes b, c and d.

Assessment topic: Evidence Response: This assessment is the basis for your A3 Report as A2 provides the appropriate research.

Task details: Report Outline and Resource Analysis: Your Evidence Response relates to the topic of implementing a digital communication strategy. Choose one of the topics below as the focus for all of your assignments, A2, A3 and A4:

  1. Implementing instant messaging/group messaging, discussion forums and chatrooms in the workplace
  2. Podcasts, internal blogs/vlogs as a means to communicate to employees
  3. Using an internal intranet/social Intranet for employee interaction

This Report Outline is a plan of the report you are going to write for Assessment 3. The report outline tells the reader what to expect from the report.

This Report Outline will tell the reader:

  • The purpose of the report (what it will be about, what questions will be answered)
  • The structure of the report (what sections or parts will be included in the report)
  • The purpose of each of the different parts of the report.
  • Four research sources you will use to research information for the report, why they are relevant to the topic, and why they are credible.

Use the following outline to help structure your Report Outline:

  1. Introduction: Background of the issue in the first paragraph of four lines. The second paragraph of four lines describes the Report and its intended audience - who will read the report.
  2. Topic: Write in full A, B or C.

The research sources must be from week 5 and 6 Instructions for Readings and Media. You need to provide the following separately for each resource:

  • Name of the resource (e.g. Communication Skills for Business Professionals)
  • Type of resource (e.g. website, article, video)
  • A brief summary of each resource, justifying why it is relevant to the topic of your report.
  • Evaluate the reliability of each resource by applying the five reliability tests.
  1. Resource 1. Reliability discussion: Authority, Audience, Transparency, Objectivity and Currency.
  2. Resource 2. Reliability discussion: Authority, Audience, Transparency, Objectivity and Currency
  3. Resource 3. Reliability discussion: Authority, Audience, Transparency, Objectivity and Currency
  4. Resource 4. Reliability discussion: Authority, Audience, Transparency, Objectivity and Currency
  5. Conclusion: Answer all questions in the conclusion of the report. Outline problems or types of improvements brought about by the implementation.
  6. Recommendations: Give advice about what to do next in order to improve or solve problems.
  7. Reference List: Include references to all four sources of research in the Harvard online style.
  8. Illustrations
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