BUS300 Companys Practices And Procedures And Lack Of Ethical Business Practices Assessment 1 Answer

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Assessment 1

Assessment type: Group presentation and group report

Assessment topic: Assessment of a company's practices and procedures which highlight a lack of ethical business practices in relation to a code of conduct (internal) or a regulatory environment (external) and potential mitigation strategies that could be put in place to avoid this in future.

Task Details:

The findings of your group report (2500 words) will critically examine the following:

Question: Choose two of the ethical theories discussed in our subject from weeks 1-4 and outline how they may influence decision making within the business environment. Reflect on who could be affected (stakeholders) by unethical action and incorporate this with reference to a recent business scandal post 2007.

Sub Headings

  1. Analyse if there is a plausible counter argument to this, viewing it as ethical?
  2. Describe and reflect on what constitutes a consequentialist ethical action and a non consequentialist ethical action.
  3. Reflect on who could be affected by an unethical action in business
  4. Do some industries display a history of unethical behaviour?
  5. Why are some countries perceived to be more unethical?
  6. Is there evidence that a more robust corporate governance could avert unethical issues?
  7. What other mitigating strategies could be put in place to counter unethical business activity?

These scandals include but are not limited to the Sub Prime Scandal 2008-2009, Bernie Madoff, Nortel, Foxconn suicides 2010, 2019 shell Nigerian scandal, Turing Pharmaceuticals, Libor rate manipulation 2015, Phone hacking in the UK, FIFA 2015 scandal, BP Deepwater Horizon, VW Dieselgate, Mossack Fonseca Panama papers, Boeing 737Max, Wells Fargo, Facebook- Cambridge Analytica scandal and many more: Students will nominate a scandal by week 4 and a maximum of 3 groups will be allowed to cover the same scandal.

Note: There are more scandals in our set text for you to choose from. 

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