BUS302 Evaluating An Entrepreneur Assessment 1 Answer

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Assessment 1

Assessment Type: Evaluating an entrepreneur - Individual Assessment – 2000 words +/- 10% report.

Purpose: This assessment is designed to allow students to critically evaluate an entrepreneur against entrepreneurship theory. This assessment relates to learning outcomes a, b, e.

Topic: Analyse an entrepreneur for their characteristics and traits, opportunity recognition, and idea development compared to entrepreneurial theory.

Task Details: Analyse a current entrepreneur from one of these countries: United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand (NZ), Japan. Critical analysis and reflection on relevant entrepreneurship theories required, not just a simple presentation of the entrepreneur’s biography.

Individual assignment, report format with headings and sub-headings, 1.5 spacing to be used. Suggested structure:

  • Cover page
    • Please indicate your full name, student ID, class day & time, and tutor’s name
  • Introduction
  • Background of the entrepreneur
    • Discuss the background of the entrepreneur (i.e. history, development, family and socio-cultural background) to see what developed his/her entrepreneurial passion/propensity and contributed to this person’s entrepreneurial pathway/success (with reflection on/application of the relevant entrepreneurship theories). Hint: stay relevant in any description to the critical analysis of your entrepreneur against entrepreneurship theory.
  • Entrepreneurial traits/characteristics
    • Discuss the characteristics/traits of the entrepreneur (with reflection on/application of the relevant entrepreneurship theories).
  • Opportunity recognition and idea development process
  • Discuss the processes of opportunity recognition and idea development (with reflection on/application of the relevant entrepreneurship theories).
  • Competitive advantages
    • Discuss the type of business developed and the competitive advantage(s) of the business compared to competitors in the market (to be supported with relevant facts/figures/research where possible, with reflection on/application of relevant theories).
  • Recommendations
    • Discuss future suggestions for the entrepreneur including different types of businesses or avenues (e.g. franchising, mergers, expanding/selling their business etc) he/she may take.
  • References

Research Requirements: Students need to support their analysis with references from the course text and a minimum of twelve (12) reliable, relevant and acceptable sources, among which at least half academic references needed; Anglia Harvard referencing style. All references used in the report MUST be in English – check with your tutor if you’re unsure of the validity or suitability of any source. Students seeking credit od above should support their analysis with a greater number of reference sources comparable to the grade they are seeking. Sources such as Wiki, scribed.com, docstore.com, etc are not considered acceptable sources and should not be used – reliance on such sources will result in a heavily reduced grade.

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